Restaurants near Altavista

Scoops Ice Cream 504 Pittsylvania Ave, Altavista Ice Cream Shop • $
504 Pittsylvania Ave, Altavista

Customers` Favorites

Bowl of Pinto Beans & Cornbread
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Loaded Potato

“Scoops Ice Cream offers great service and delicious food like pinto beans & cornbread, chicken sandwich, and BBQ nachos. The Hershey’s ice cream and Cream cheese delight desserts are to die for. The blue panda ice cream and coffee toffee swirl are absolutely delicious. The friendly staff and cozy family atmosphere make it a welcoming retreat. Don't miss the fresh and hot cup of coffee. Tabitha and the staff are top-notch. A must-try spot for a delightful treat!”

4.9 Superb29 Reviews
Dairy Freeze 910 Main St, Altavista Hamburger • $
910 Main St, Altavista

Customers` Favorites

Onion Rings
Hot Fudge Sundae
Hot Dog
Bacon Cheeseburger LTM
Vanilla Waffle Cone
Banana Split Cup
Rings and Fries
Chicken Bites
Grill Cheese

“Dairy Freeze is a nostalgic and kid-friendly restaurant that offers a variety of delicious food and ice cream options. The burgers, onion rings, and BLT are highly praised, and the vanilla milkshake is a customer favorite. Customers can enjoy their meals at the outside tables or in their vehicles, with fast and friendly service. The restaurant is reasonably priced, wheelchair accessible, and accommodates various dietary needs.”

4.6 Superb55 Reviews
El Cerrito 1297 Main St, Altavista Mexican • $
1297 Main St, Altavista

Customers` Favorites

Chips and Salsa
Cheese Dip
Taco Salad
Enchiladas Supremas

“El Cerrito is a restaurant known for its delicious American-Mexican food and wonderful service. The staff is friendly and attentive, always ready to accommodate customers' requests. A popular dish is the Arroz con Pollo, which can be customized with various add-ons. The restaurant is kid-friendly and wheelchair accessible, with a large parking lot. The drinks, including their sweet tea, are also highly regarded. While there was a mention of a drop in service during one visit, the general consensus is that El Cerrito is a great dining option.”

4.5 Superb56 Reviews
Perky's Restaurant 802 Wards Rd, Altavista Steak House • $$
802 Wards Rd, Altavista

Customers` Favorites

Petite Filet
Grilled Shrimp
House Salad
French Fries Mashed Potatoes Green Beans
Cajun Crawfish
Cut Pork Chops
Seafood Platter

“Perky's Restaurant is a place where friends and families can enjoy a fantastic meal in a classic diner atmosphere. The restaurant is known for its delicious ribeye steak, which is perfectly seasoned and cooked. Other popular dishes include grilled shrimp, salmon, and petit filet. Vegetarian options are available, such as salads or pasta without meat. The staff is friendly and attentive, providing quality service in a bustling and well-coordinated environment. The restaurant can get busy, so it is recommended to make a reservation in advance. In addition to the delicious food, the restaurant also offers vegetable options with meat seasoning, and a variety of burgers during the week. Don't forget to save room for dessert! The restaurant has an attached lot for parking. Overall, Perky's Restaurant is a great dining experience that is worth returning to.”

4.5 Superb56 Reviews
Main Street Cafe & Coffee 600 Main St, Altavista Sandwich Shop • $
600 Main St, Altavista

Customers` Favorites

Sub Chicken Salad
Southwest Wrap
Banana Pudding
Fruit Salad
The Ruben

“Main Street Cafe & Coffee is a charming restaurant located in a beautifully restored bank building. Known for its delicious homemade treats, such as banana pudding made with real cream, and excellent coffee. The cafe offers a short breakfast menu, but staff are happy to customize to suit individual tastes. The lunch menu is extensive and served in a upscale atmosphere. With easy parking options and friendly staff, including Manager Brenda Mays, this cafe is a must-visit destination. Additionally, they offer gluten-free options and a gift shop.”

4.5 Superb52 Reviews
Joe Bean's Express Espresso 1290 Main St, Altavista Coffee & Tea • $
1290 Main St, Altavista

Customers` Favorites

Espresso Shots

“Joe Bean's Express Espresso is a great place for coffee lovers. The staff is welcoming and efficient, with a convenient double drive-thru. Though there may be occasional mix-ups with orders, they are quick to fix any mistakes and provide excellent service. Customers appreciate the gluten-free options and the delicious items on the menu. It's a family-friendly spot with a kids menu that little ones enjoy.”

4.6 Superb27 Reviews
Chef's Drive-In 1101 Main St, Altavista American • $
1101 Main St, Altavista

Customers` Favorites

Onion Rings
Bacon Cheeseburger
Chicken Sandwich
Sausage Gravy on Biscuit
Bacon and Egg Biscuit
Ham & Cheese Biscuit
Double Cheeseburger
Cheeseburger Fries

“Chef's Drive-In is a popular restaurant that serves flavorful and juicy hamburgers, as well as a delicious breakfast menu featuring huge and tasty biscuits. The parking lot can get busy on Sundays, but has ample space for trailers during the week. Kids are welcome and enjoy the food. The restaurant also offers milkshakes and crinkle fries, making it a must-stop for a satisfying meal.”

4.4 Superb50 Reviews
Cousin Boogy’s 1040 Main St, Altavista American • $
1040 Main St, Altavista

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Sandwich
Mushroom Onion Burger
Combo Sandwich
Shrimp Basket
Oyster Basket
Cheese Steak
Burger Only
Fish Basket

“Cousin Boogy's is a popular spot for a satisfying meal. The menu offers a variety of options, including burgers, hot dogs, quesadillas, and more. Portion sizes are generous, and the food is consistently good. The prices are reasonable, making it a great value. The restaurant is clean and has a cozy atmosphere, complete with a cute bear at the entrance. Whether you're in the mood for a burger or seafood, Cousin Boogy's is a great choice.”

4.4 Superb42 Reviews
Taste Of Italy 105 Clarion Rd, Altavista Italian • $
105 Clarion Rd, Altavista

Customers` Favorites

Hawaiian Pizza
White Broccoli Pizza
Chicken Parmigiana
Meat Lovers Pizza with Mushrooms It Was Legit
Seafood Pescatore
Onion Rings
Cheese Pizza
Zucchini Sticks
Cheese Steak Wrap
Mozzarella Sticks

“Taste of Italy is a restaurant located near Danville that offers delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere. The owner, Tony, is known to be a hardworking and caring person, who takes good care of his staff and customers. He is a dedicated father and has been through tough times, but his character remains unquestionable. The kitchen is run by Sam, who does an excellent job preparing meals that are better than most found in Danville. The menu includes a highly recommended pizza, which is said to taste like the ones from Philadelphia. The staff is friendly and treats customers like family, making each visit a pleasant experience. The restaurant has a great atmosphere, and the staff is attentive, often starting to prepare customers' favorite orders as soon as they walk in. The restaurant values its customers and appreciates their business, making sure to remember their names and preferences. Taste of Italy is a recommended dining destination for those who value quality food and a welcoming atmosphere.”

4.2 Good55 Reviews
Main Street Buffet 1014 Main St, Altavista Buffet • $
1014 Main St, Altavista

“Main Street Buffet is a local favorite, known for its well-cooked and attended meals. The meat selections, including roast beef, fried chicken, and fried fish, are standouts, being well-seasoned and fully cooked. The side items are standard for a buffet, but the rice pudding can be a bit dry. The dining space is cozy and can get loud due to open conversations. The restaurant offers a wide variety of fresh and delicious food, constantly bringing out hot and fresh items such as fried chicken and catfish. The building is old-fashioned and unique, giving it a small-town charm. The customer service is fantastic, with staff providing quick and friendly service. The buffet offers more than thirty vegetable options and is wheelchair accessible. It has plenty of parking spaces and is suitable for kids, with many food options available for them.”

4.1 Good42 Reviews


Subway 1000-B Main St, Altavista Sandwich Shop • $
1000-B Main St, Altavista

Customers` Favorites


“Our team and I came here for lunch while working on a local project, and although they were incredibly busy, the service was fast, great, and the food was fresh and really good as wellDefinitely recommend this location for the service, the food and the overall experienceVery clean as well!”

5 Superb2 Reviews
China Wok 1301 Main St, Altavista Chinese • $
1301 Main St, Altavista

Customers` Favorites

Shrimp Fried Rice
Teriyaki Chicken
Sesame Chicken
Egg Drop Soup
Boneless Bar-B-Q Spare Rib
Chicken with Cashew Nuts
Roast Pork Egg Roll
Beef with Broccoli

“China Wok offers a range of Chinese-American dishes, including vegetable spring rolls, beef fried rice, and egg rolls. The egg rolls are particularly notable, with reviewers praising their freshness and large size. The restaurant also serves General Tso's and shrimp fried rice, with some customers enjoying the combination. While the quality of the food is not always exceptional, the prices are very affordable, making it a convenient option for those looking for a quick and budget-friendly meal.”

4 Good39 Reviews
Hardee’s 1022 Main St, Altavista Fast Food • $
1022 Main St, Altavista

Customers` Favorites

Bacon Egg & Cheese Biscuit
Bacon Double Cheeseburger
Loaded Omelet Biscuit
Sausage Biscuit Combo
Sándwich de Pollo
2 for 5 Breakfast
Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Fingers
Soft Drink

“Hardee's is a popular restaurant for travelers and workers alike. The breakfast food, particularly the fluffy biscuits and well-cooked hash rounds, receives high praise. The milkshakes and fries are also enjoyed for their great taste. However, some customers find that the burgers can be lacking in toppings and overly dressed with mayonnaise. Overall, Hardee's offers a mix of tasty options for diners.”

3.5 Good41 Reviews
The Tuscan Italian Grill 2600 Dearing Ford Rd, Altavista Italian • $
2600 Dearing Ford Rd, Altavista

Customers` Favorites

Pizza on the Buffet
Caesar Salad
Baked Ziti
Pizza Bread
Buffet Sample
Chicken Parmigiana
Steak and Cheese Pizza and Crab Stuffed Mushroom
Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Broccoli as a Side

“The Tuscan Italian Grill offers a delightful dining experience with a diverse menu and exceptional customer service. The restaurant features a buffet with a variety of hot, fresh options, including cheese pizza, spaghetti, and a great salad selection. The owner is known for his warm hospitality, greeting customers personally. With its wheelchair accessibility and convenient parking, The Tuscan Italian Grill is a local gem worth visiting for a quick, yummy, and affordable lunch.”

3.5 Good62 Reviews
El Cazador 911 Main St, Altavista Mexican • $
911 Main St, Altavista

Customers` Favorites

Carne Asada
Chips and Salsa
One Burrito One Enchilada and One Quesadilla
One Burrito One Enghilada and One Taco
Texanas Fajitas for Two
Grilled Chicken
Salsa and Chips

“El Cazador offers fine Hispanic cuisine with authentic flavors. The shrimp diablo has a nice heat to it, and the prices provide great value. The renovated atmosphere enhances the dining experience, although some find the noise level a bit high. While portion sizes may seem smaller, the efficient and courteous service makes up for it.”

3.2 Average36 Reviews
Taco Bell 165 Clarion Rd, Altavista Fast Food • $
165 Clarion Rd, Altavista

Customers` Favorites

Naked Chicken Chalupa Box
Cheesy Gordita Crunch
Crunchy Taco Supreme
Soft Taco Supreme
Chalupa Supreme
Cinnamon Twists
Nachos Supreme
Soft Taco

“Taco Bell offers a delightful dining experience with its delicious food and impressive service. Customers praise the restaurant's attention to preparation, accurate orders, and fast delivery. The meals are consistently hot, fresh, and flavorful, leaving diners highly satisfied with their Taco Bell experience.”

2.9 Average52 Reviews
McDonald's 404 Main St, Altavista Fast Food • $
404 Main St, Altavista

Customers` Favorites

Sausage Biscuit
Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Quarter Pounder Hamburger
McDonald's Big Mac
Hot Caramel Sundae
Chicken Mcgriddle
Sausage Burrito
Double Big Mac

“McDonald's offers a consistent fast food experience, known for satisfying hunger but also inducing guilt. A drive-up location, it has a parking lot with plenty of space and is wheelchair accessible. While the breakfast biscuits are generally enjoyable, their recent price increase to $8.00, except for the sausage biscuit, may deter some customers. The staff, particularly a polite young girl, maintain a friendly attitude despite potential customer rudeness. However, indoor service may not be a priority. Overall, kids seem to enjoy McDonald's, making it a decent option for families.”

2.8 Average62 Reviews


Wendy's 167 Clarion Rd, Altavista Fast Food • $
167 Clarion Rd, Altavista

Customers` Favorites

Taco Salad
French Fries
Sausage Egg & Swiss Croissant
Wendy's Fresh-Made Salads
Wendy’S Baked Potatoes
Classic Chicken Sandwich
Spicy Chicken Sandwich
6 PC Chicken Nuggets
Jr Cheeseburger

“Wendy's is a casual dining spot that serves good and fresh food quickly. The restaurant maintains cleanliness in the bathroom and dining room. While service can be inconsistent, friendly staff and a calm atmosphere make up for it. The menu features classic options like the burger, with some limitations on specialty items like Dreamsicle Frostys.”

2.6 Average71 Reviews
The Colonial Restaurant 8790 Wards Rd, Rustburg Family • $
8790 Wards Rd, Rustburg - 11.07 miles

Customers` Favorites

Rice Pudding
Fried Catfish
Sausage Gravy
King Burger
Chicken Livers
Steak and Eggs
Seafood Platter

“The Colonial Restaurant, known for its recent renovations, offers a spacious and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant is highly regarded for its food, service, and cleanliness. Specialties include the mouth-watering fried catfish, perfectly fried and best enjoyed with Texas Pete. While the mac and cheese is described as mediocre, the pancakes are a must-try for breakfast. The pork chops and potato salad received mixed reviews. Despite minor inconsistencies, the Colonial Restaurant is recommended for its excellent service, tasty food, and welcoming ambiance.”

4.7 Superb129 Reviews
Orchid's Baked Goods 2715 Buford Hwy, Duluth Gluten-Free • $
2715 Buford Hwy, Duluth - 7.02 miles

“Orchid's Baked Goods offers a diverse selection of vegetarian and gluten-free options, making it an ideal destination for those with dietary restrictions. The business owner is friendly and kind, providing excellent service. The bakery also caters to special orders, offering delicious vegan and gluten-free treats that are sure to delight.”

4.5 Superb26 Reviews
Goldy's Country Restaurant 7351 Wards Rd, Rustburg American
7351 Wards Rd, Rustburg - 9.9 miles

Customers` Favorites

Sausage Patties

“Goldy's Country Restaurant offers a delightful dining experience. The atmosphere is perfect for casual, relaxed meals. The food is consistently hot, fresh, and delicious, with standout dishes like vegetable soup, sandwiches, grilled trout, and ribeye steak. Friendly and attentive servers, like Sharon, ensure a pleasant dining experience. With fresh coffee and full drink glasses, Goldy's is a recommended stop for travelers and locals alike.”

4.4 Superb37 Reviews
Yamazato 221 Main St, Hurt Japanese • $
221 Main St, Hurt - 1.08 miles

Customers` Favorites

Hibachi Teriyaki Chicken
Hibachi Grilled Chicken
Hibachi Jumbo Shrimp
Mixed Vegetable
Crab Rangoon

“Yamazato, a local restaurant, offers a diverse menu that caters to various tastes. While some customers have reported a disappointing experience with the steak and cheese egg roll, the majority of reviews praise the restaurant's delicious offerings, generous portions, and quick service. Customers highlight the great hibachi, affordable prices, and the absence of MSG, which is appreciated by those who are health-conscious. The restaurant's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident, as it continues to be a popular choice for both dine-in and takeout experiences.”

4.3 Superb32 Reviews