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These are the best donuts around!!! Fresh, hot off the press and great variety to choose from because you special order each and every one and it's made for you before your eyes! Pumpkin is our fall favorite and they're amazing. The coffee is fresh brewed and full bodied. I had the lighthouse blend and my husband, riptide toast. Both were delightful. We'll be back!

Bacon and Blueberry! I feel like that is all that needs to be said about this wonderful place... but since I love this combination so much I'll elaborate. First the dough/batter used to make the donuts is delicious, although the donut seems small the dough is thicc. The blueberry icing a magical, sweet experience and the bacon just takes it to a whole other level. Hands down the best combination I have ever had.

The donuts are fine. They stopped providing water for customers. I had three kids and they refused to give us any water! And when the workers gave us our donuts they just went in the back and I had to call them back out to get plates and ask for the water they refused. Ridiculous.

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Can't decide which donuts to build? Have our team create an assortment just for you!
Seasonal Assortment$16.25
Dive into summer with our limited-time seasonal assortment! The Popsicle Assortment features flavors reminiscent of your favorite ice cream combinations including:\r • Strawberry Icing w/ Graham Cracker Crumbs & Vanilla Drizzle\r • Vanilla Icing w/ Chocolate Drizzle\r • Blueberry Icing w/ Raspberry Drizzle\r • Orange Icing w/ Vanilla Drizzle\r • Glazed w/ Patriotic Sprinkles \r • Chocolate Icing \r • Key Lime Icing w/ Graham Cracker Crumbs\r • Lemon Icing\r • Orange Icing w/ Lemon Drizzle\r • Vanilla Icing w/ Oreo Crumbles & Chocolate Drizzle\r • Strawberry Icing w/ Marshmallow Drizzle\r • Chocolate Icing w/ Chopped Peanuts & Marshmallow Drizzle
Random Assortment$16.25
Topper's choice! Choose the Random Assortment for a box customized exclusively by our donut toppers.
Duck Dozen$16.25
Indulge in a dozen filled with creative combinations! This assortment includes: \r • Blueberry w/ Powdered Sugar\r • Lemon Icing w/ Raspberry Drizzle\r • Peanut Butter Icing w/ Chocolate Drizzle\r • Chocolate icing w/ Vanilla Drizzle\r • Maple Icing w/ Chopped Bacon\r • Chocolate Icing w/ Rainbow Sprinkles\r • Powdered Sugar \r • Strawberry Icing w/ Powdered Sugar\r • Cinnamon Sugar w/ Vanilla Icing\r • Vanilla Icing w/ Oreo Crumbles \r • Chocolate Icing w/ Graham Cracker Crumbs & Marshmallow Drizzle\r • Vanilla Icing w/ Hot Fudge Drizzle
OBX Originals$16.25
Enjoy the orginal beach treat! This assortment includes all of the toppings and icings we began with when we opened our first store in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, including: \r • Glazed w/ Chocolate Sprinkles\r • Strawberry Icing\r • Bare\r • Vanilla Icing\r • Glazed\r • Chocolate Icing w/ Rainbow Sprinkles\r • Powdered Sugar\r • Chocolate Icing w/ Peanuts\r • Cinnamon Sugar\r • Vanilla Icing w/ Shredded Coconut\r • Chocolate Icing\r • Strawberry Icing w/ Rainbow Sprinkles

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Build Your Own
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