Harrison Street Cafe

402 N Harrison St, Richmond
(804) 359-8060

Recent Reviews

Eric L.

Wow! We just had the Mezza plate take-out for dinner and it was truly exceptional. It came with tabouli, hummus, falafel balls, baba ghanoush, and sliced seitan. It also came with a pita and tahini and yogurt sauces. Every single item including the sauces were the best tasting versions we have had. Thank you Harrison street for offering this menu special for meatless monday. Wow, wow, wow. Words don't do it justice.

David G.

As a vegan, I love this place! The chipotle zeppelin sandwich is to die for--that's honestly what I get every time. Friends have gotten different things and enjoyed them too.

Erin H.

During the school year I basically live at Harrison St Café. It's in the heart of VCU and not to far a walk from Virginia Union. Plus no matter how busy they are, the service is always great. The small building is normally packed full of customers awaiting good food and great coffee. Normally I get one of their breakfast bagel sandwiches with egg and cheese along with a dirty chai, then go sit down to do my homework. The only probablem with this place is I can't always rely on the WiFi working. Although, as far as I'm concerned that's a small price to pay for everything else they have to offer.

Cecilia Scott

I’ll be back! The gyro I had on my first visit was impressively delicious and filling

Leslie Beard

One of my fave places to eat in Richmond, ever. Their breakfast burritos complete my life, and the variety of what they offer is the best for vegans and veges, and my friends who aren't plant-based love this spot.

Gardner Phillips

Good place has been there a long time. I try to order something different each time I go. The last visit the sandwich was off. Beer batter tofu. The beer batter was not flaky or light it was crunchy ,and dark tasting . Not burnt just dark if that can be used to describe a taste . I will go back , but not order that sandwich again

Jennea Dorsey-Gordley

I got a ‘Power Salad’ that was not at all powerful. For $8.95 I should have been satisfied at the very least. The tempeh bacon was very wet and clay like I’m texture and not flavorful at all. My daughter and I ordered a Roobios Tea and I think that it should be in a 12oz cup, not a 16oz cup. Way too much water for one teabag. Went up to the front to tell the cashier of my experience, and all she said was...”so sorry” and that’s it!

Kayla X.

So, I am here after my morning run grabbing my same 'ole small black coffee. I dig Harrison st. because they are simple. With a self serve black coffee bar using RVA's Rostovs coffee beans it only cost $2.09 with tax. The lofted open air atmosphere has a neat way of including customers into a community vibe while also allowing space for the introvert to seclude underneath the low ceiling or in the nook of the 4 corners. Harrison has inhabited this old gutted out house for as long as I can remember. They offer a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options. If you like the artistic hip vcu campus goer that is alternative and eclectic then you'll love this place. I do.

Richard Schumaker, Jr.

I've been here a couple of times and my go-to is DEFINITELY the vegan french toast and home fries. I don't know what they are doing to the french toast, but it is amazing and very filling. I would go here specifically for that and their other baked goodies!

Steve A.

The food tastes really good!! The service is also quick and courteous. We had burritos, the chipotle tempeh sub, and a scramble...all really good. The only reason it got 4 stars instead of 5 is the lack of customization of menu items.

Heather French

Awesome vegan food. Will definitely be returning.

Tyler Tresslar

The food is great, coffee is great, it's all just a bit pricey.

Anne H.

Overall it's a "check the box" place and not on the list to return to. Food was okay and lacked a lot of spice/flavor. We had the gyro and the beer battered tofu steak sandwich. Ruffle type chips with the gyro and a macaroni salad side with the burger. The food seemed and tasted fresh Staff wasn't too enthusiastic - we were greeted with "its self serve seating". No hello or welcome. One had to go pick up drinks but food was delivered to the table - and you had to clean up your own dishes.

Georgianna G.

Good food! Was awfully busy, very hard to find seating for more than two people. Fast and friendly service!

Holly C.

I've eaten here a few times and have had their tea while listening to music and working on school work since it's conveniently right on VCU's campus. I highly recommend this place, especially if you're a vegan, veggitsrian, or someone who just enjoys meatless food sometimes!!! The food is tasty and the atmosphere is nice. With that being said, finding a charger port is kinda difficult and sometimes the employees aren't very welcoming... (Though the food industry can be kinda tough so maybe they were just having a bad day?) Anyways, I've had the BBQ tofu burger and I've had the tofu scramble! Both awesome dishes!

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