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21001 N Tatum Blvd, Phoenix
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Watch out for over charging here! These guys are either shady, untrained or just oblivious. I came in ordered a small side($4) and a medium entree($8). I saw from the little screen on the top of the register that she had charged a large entree ($8), I couldn’t see what else she charged me, but I went over my order and explained that she had charged me wrong, she fixed the large and made charged me for the medium instead. So I pay, and the total still seems high but I pay full review

I am Fan #1 of Panda Express and could eat it everyday if that didn't mean extra time working out. I like the consistency of going here because it's always going to taste the same. Except this location. I have been a few times and each time the fried rice is burnt and dry. At some point its not a mistake and becomes poor cooking, etc. Unfortunately, its just not worth it to go back.

Teriyaki Ghost Chicken - this place's specialty. Translation - they ran out of it. One of the most popular items. Inexcusable on a Saturday dinner rush. The establishment was understaffed. The young lady scooping my food acted like she was completely uninvested in quality customer service, but an expert in rote behavior/serving script. The food tasted poor/over cooked. Everything about Panda is the "up-sell." Seriously, is the franchise hurting for dough? full review

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Cream Cheese Rangoon$1.95
Chicken Egg Roll$1.95
Veggie Spring Roll$1.95

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About Panda Express

Drive-thru Chinese food? Yes, there is a God! Panda Express gives you a taste of American Chinese food fast, with fresh stir-fried choices of General Tso's Chicken, Beijing Beef, fried rice, egg rolls and more. Come sit down or if you're in a hurry, zip through the drive-thru to get Chinese food delivered to you through a window. If you want Chinese food and you want it fast, Panda Express makes the connection from East to West in no time at all.