18 Best Coffee Shops in Prescott

Bear & Dragon Cafe & Restaurant Coffee Shops • $
334 S Montezuma St, Prescott

Customers` Favorites

Mexican Rose Latte
English Breakfast
Traveler Panini
Full Breakfast
Scones & Gravy
Avocado Toast
Fire Drake

“Wonderful lunch today! Very accommodating with gluten free options. Fast friendly service! We all loved it.“

4.8 Superb158 Reviews
BlackGold Espresso Coffee Shops • $
715 Miller Valley Rd, Prescott

“Best gourmet coffee in Prescott, AZ!“

5 Superb68 Reviews
The Century Lounge Coffee Shops • $
129 N Cortez St, Prescott

Customers` Favorites

Ham & Cheddar

“This unique little "almost invisible" coffee shop has great coffee, friendly service and lovely lovely atmosphere. They say they're working on offering food (hope that happens). Right now it has fresh croissants etc...they'll "oven heat" (not microwave) them if you like.“

4.9 Superb51 Reviews
Superb Food Company Food Trucks • $$
4700 North Still Well Pkwy, Prescott Valley

Customers` Favorites

Black Angus Burger
Billionaire Bacon
Avocado Toast

“Great food and service had the fried fish and salad. All was well made and very tasty. The service is perfect as well. The views were terrific. All in all a great dining experience. Will be back because there is no nicer place to eat in all of Prescott.“

4.8 Superb62 Reviews
Method Coffee Coffee Shops • $
3180 Willow Creek Rd, Prescott

Customers` Favorites

Bagels with Cream Cheese or Butter
Salted Caramel Brownies
Carmal Coffee and Hat
Breakfast Sandwiches
Blended Mocha
Coffee Beans
Drip Coffee

“Okay so I’ll try to keep this one short BUT this place is amazing. Every single employee treats me like family and I go in daily. They remember my name and my drink and chit chat it up with me about the most positive things. If you’re looking for a new coffee joint or if you’re new in town, then do yourself a favor and get this barista experience. Without question the favorite part of my morning. Thank you to you ladies for working so hard and making me the best latte I’ve ever had every morning. ….Matt Renaud“

4.6 Superb78 Reviews
Wild Iris Coffee House Coffee Shops • $
124 S Granite St, Prescott

Customers` Favorites

Bagel with Cream Cheese
Breakfast Sandwich
Root Beer Float
Mocha Latte
Coffee Cake

“Amagansett Press highly recommended your better than excellent, roasted goodness. Have great day“

4.7 Superb53 Reviews
Third Shot Coffee Coffee Shops • $
3106 Gateway Blvd #400, Prescott

Customers` Favorites

Avocado Toast with Bacon Italian Cream Soda with Cream
Breakfast Sandwich Made Fresh to Order
Avocado Toast with Eggs Medium Soft
Vanilla and Caramel Latte
Bagel Breakfast Sandwich
Avocado Breakfast Toast
Strawberries & Creme
Gluten Free Muffins
Quiche of the Day
Three Egg Omelete

“Outstanding customer service. Lattes are awesome, you can ask for it in a mug vice plastic cup for the dine-in experience. Best ALL NATURAL Açaí bowls in tri-city area!“

4.6 Superb65 Reviews
Merchant Coffee Coffee Shops • $
218 N Granite St, Prescott

Customers` Favorites

Black Coffee with Heavy Cream on the Side
French Press

“You know when you take the first sip of a latte and you know it’s legit? Where it tastes so right that you almost feel pretentious? Well, Merchant Coffee nails it without the snobbishness of big city coffee shops.“

4.7 Superb46 Reviews
The Porch Coffee Shops • $
226 N Montezuma St, Prescott

Customers` Favorites

Porch Breakfast Sandwich
Bagel with Cream Cheese
Breakfast Bagel
Avocado Toast
Brewed Coffee
Pour Over

“We loved the environment and the drinks were great!❤️☕️“

4.6 Superb57 Reviews
Bistro St. Michael Coffee & Tea • $
100 S Montezuma St, Prescott

Customers` Favorites

Eggs Benedict with Bernaise Sauce
Buttermilk Pancake Breakfast
Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Traditional Breakfast
New Southwest Burger
Chicken Fried Steak
Breakfast Potatoes
Brisket Sandwich
Lettuce Wraps
Fish Tacos

“Staff is great and personable. Drink and food are good as well“

4.4 Superb129 Reviews
The Moon Café Coffee Shops • $$
424 6th St, Prescott

“Great organization & fantastic leaders helping our kids and community :)“

4.6 Superb21 Reviews
Frannie's Cones and Coffee Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt • $
104 W Gurley St, Prescott

Customers` Favorites

12 Oz Latte

“Amazing customer service!“

4.3 Superb51 Reviews
Dinner Bell Cafe Cafe • $
321 W Gurley St, Prescott

Customers` Favorites

French Toast Combo with One Egg and Bacon Try It with Our Cinnamon Roll French Toast No Extra Charge
Chicken Fried Steak with Country Gravy
Famous Homemade Cinnamon Roll
Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs
Hash Browns or Home Fries
Traditional Breakfast
French Toast Breakfast
Mickey Mouse Pancake
Buckwheat Waffle
Eggs Benedict

“Classic diner in the heart of downtown Prescott, a block west of the courthouse. They're under new ownership, so seeing what changes will be high on my list. As of now (May 2024) they have retained Prescott Coffee Roasters as their coffee supplier - the ONLY local coffee roastery. If you come in and you see the glass pots gone, consider that the best possible sign of hope for the new owners. (Glass pots on "warmers" destroy good coffee in about 10 mins.)Our food was decent. Our server was great.“

4.2 Good98 Reviews
BoSa Donuts Donut Shops • $
1210 Gail Gardner Way Suite 102, Prescott

Customers` Favorites

Sausage Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich
Vanilla Sprinkles Cake Donut
Vanilla Frosting Cake Donut
Ham & Cheese Croissant
Blended Drinks 16 Oz
Chocolat Cream Fill
Coconut Devil Food
Cinnamon Roll
Boston Cream
Dozen Mixed

“This was the friendliest and cleanest donut shop I've visited. I have become a frequent customer lol I highly recommend the taro smoothie and the roast beef sandwich on a croissant. The food tastes and looks fresh. My favorites donuts are the cinnamon crumb, boston cream, and maple bar. The staff is also very friendly and patient with me when I place large orders. I will definitely keep coming back !!“

4.3 Superb44 Reviews
Dutch Bros Coffee Coffee Shops • $
3169 Willow Creek Rd, Prescott

Customers` Favorites

Hawaiian Rebel with Soft Top & Dinsosaur Egg with Soft Top
Caramel Pumpkin Brûlée Freeze
Poppin’ Boba Fire Lizard Rebel
Chocolate Crunch Freeze
Snickerdoodle Frost
Birthday Cake
Og Gummy Bear
Golden Eagle
Shark Attack

“Love the service! Great people ❤️“

4.2 Good79 Reviews
Firehouse Coffee Roasters Coffee & Tea • $
2556 Melville Rd, Prescott

“Some of the best roasted coffee I have found in Arizona“

5 Superb8 Reviews
Starbucks Coffee Shops • $
450 White Spar Rd, Prescott

“Great place to shop and to work“

4.6 Superb9 Reviews
PrintWithMe Print Kiosk at Wild Iris Coffee House Coffee Shops • $$
124 S Granite St E, Prescott

“The outside seating area was cute and tucked away from the road. The inside was pretty busy and also had a lot of seating! I liked looking at the small items they were selling too. I liked the drink that I got, which was supposed to be a cold brew with regular cream and SF vanilla. I I'm pretty sure they gave me a vanilla whipped cream or something because it was so creamy and luscious! It was tasty but surprising. My spouse got the pistachio matcha and it was $8. It wasn't amazing for the cost. The blueberry muffin was good. Overall, I'd recommend and would try it again. I wished the sign when ordering was bigger and listed what was in the drinks. Same for their baked goods, as I could tell what some of them were.“

4.1 Good27 Reviews