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Up until my visit last year, this was hands down my favorite Chatime in the US. Amazing and addictive teas made fresh. All of the positive reviews you see come from that era, but it's obvious the original owner sold or lost the business. Now a shell of what used to exist persists with poor service, disgusting teas, and they're using the name as a disguise. They're dragging the poor name of Chatime through the mud. I should have realized when I walked into a completely full review

Their tea is pricy... I have had much better in more expensive Southern California for the same price. I like it, but it's average at a high price. It is family owned however and I like that they have LOTS of board games you can grab and play at your table... a great concept I had thought of wondering why no one had done this. I would come here again, main thing is the prices.

Great place to get some boba and study. They have table games ready for you to play if you want to do a game date. This is my 2nd time coming here and I decided to order their Chinese Burrito. It was an amazing choice. I will definitely order again. I love how they have more than just boba and it's authentic. Two thumbs up ð?? ð??

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