Best Seafood Cities in the USA

If you like seafood then you know that the only way to truly enjoy it is to have it fresh. Finding fresh seafood isn't too hard though if you know where to go. Here are some of the best cities in America to get the freshest seafood you've ever had.

Key West, Florida

While much of Florida is coastal and excellent seafood can be found throughout the entire state, Key West really knows how to do it. That's largely due to it being one of the deep sea fishing capitals of the world. It has plenty of fantastic places to taste fresh catches. Don't miss out on fresh cracked conch here. It's sublime.

Boston, Massachusetts

It's one of America's oldest cities so it knows how to deliver on the freshest seafood. Known for oysters and clams in particular, it is a seafood spot all seafood lovers must visit at least once in their lives.

Portland, Maine

This city has been around since the early days of America too and has been doing fresh seafood right since 1632. Nowadays, it continues its tradition of serving some of the freshest seafood in the country. One of the most popular items is of course Maine lobster. Very few things can top the exquisiteness of tasting it fresh.

Seattle, Washington

Even if you've never been here, you've likely heard of Pike Place Fish Market. It's one of the oldest fish markets in the country. Coming here for seafood is like a rite of passage for anyone that loves to eat fresh seafood. All along this area, you'll find countless places to feast on fresh and delicious seafood.

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