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It was early in the morning. I hardly ever go to McDonald's. When I pulled through to the order screen. I was asked what I wanted. I asked for just a moment while I looked at the menu. Then with no time at all asked by a different person. With a way more attitude and demanding demeanor what I wanted. I just blurted some random number. This is one of many reasons why I won't eat at McDonald's again.

Lezlie is Awesome! She greets you when u come in w a big welcoming smile. Today I guess they're celebrating their new remodeling which I must say I dont like it. But I guess w time changes are good. I love coming here w my kids. Coffee and place is so comfy.

The fact that, she wants to give me cold, hard cookies is disrespectful. I kindly ask for her to change them and she said "thats all we have to bad" so I asked for her manager and she said just wait on line one. The chicken nuggets are hard as well, I am not going to complain because I have to leave.Their customer service is bad. I dont know if it was because im hispanic but they need to step it up and stop disrispecting people like that.

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About McDonald's

Big Mac, Filet o'Fish, Quarter Pounder, French Fries. Chicken McNuggets. Get the classics from the fast food place that started it all. Get on the Value Menu for cheap eats any time. And now that breakfast is on the menu all day, what's to stop you from having those hotcakes or an Egg McMuffin for lunch? Nothing, that's what! Don't forget a smooth milkshake or famous McDonald's apple pie to really do it up right.