13 Best Juice Bars & Smoothies in Fontana

16843 Valley Blvd Suite F, Fontana

Customers` Favorites

Molcajete Cielo Mar Y Tierra
Tacos Gobernador
Chicken Fajitas
Mulita Chorizo
Taco Pollo

“La Tapatia Taqueria Y Mariscos is a gem found on Google with a 4.9 rating. The Shrimp burrito and Shrimp tacos were flavorful and served generously. Known for their authentic Mexican dishes like tacos gobernado and birria, this spot in Fontana stands out with fresh and delicious food. With friendly staff and a variety of options like menudo and burritos, it's highly recommended for a tasty Mexican meal.“

4.8 Superb57 Reviews
It's Boba Time Fontana Bubble Tea • $
15032 Summit Ave #450, Fontana

Customers` Favorites

Coconut Strawberry Smoothie
Strawberry Bowl Shaved Ice
Original Acai Bowl
Taro Cookies Shake
Unicorn Crepe

“It's Boba Time Fontana is a popular spot for boba lovers, offering an extensive drink menu and non-boba beverages. The shop also serves delicious desserts, including fruit bowls, French macarons, crepe cakes, and cheesecakes. The staff are courteous, friendly, and attentive, ensuring quick service. With decent prices, this tiny shop in a Fontana strip mall is a gem worth trying, especially for its perfectly cooked boba. Online ordering is recommended to avoid waiting in the small store.“

4.7 Superb67 Reviews
Kane Juice & Tea Bubble Tea • $
17122 Slover Ave K-117, Fontana

Customers` Favorites

Sugarcane and Kumquat Fresh Juicers
Strawberry Trail Lea W
Ham & Cheese Croissant
Sweet Red Bean Taiyaki
Strawberry Smoothies
Strawberry Delight
Mighty Kane
Extra Lift
Mango Bits
Tazzy Thai

“Kane Juice & Tea is a popular spot for a refreshing drink or a unique dining experience. Their menu boasts a variety of options, including the Strawberry Delight smoothie and the Cream cheese and Red bean Taiyaki. Sugar cane enthusiasts will appreciate their freshly squeezed sugar cane juice, which is made to order. The shop also offers a range of boba drinks and specialty teas, such as the CocoOlogy and Dango Mango tea. The modern and clean atmosphere is enhanced by informative signs highlighting the health benefits of their drinks. While service may be slow during peak hours, the staff is happy to offer recommendations and ensure a satisfying experience. With fantastic prices, Kane Juice & Tea is a great stop for anyone craving a sweet treat or a healthy drink option.“

4.4 Superb78 Reviews
Juice It Up! Juice
14405 Baseline Ave #410, Fontana

“Juice It Up! offers a variety of plant-based drinks, smoothies, and blended juices packed with juicy goodness. The employees are helpful and nice, and the place is clean and busy. Customers can order ahead online and pick up, and customize their drinks by adding or removing items. The menu also includes healthy fruit bowls and snacks. While some customers have experienced issues with orders, the drinks, such as the Detoxifier, are effective and delicious. The small seating area inside has a bathroom, but no drive-thru option is available.“

4 Good30 Reviews
Donut Hut Donut Shops • $
9723 Sierra Ave., Fontana

Customers` Favorites

Turkey and Cheese with Bacon

“Donut Hut offers a wonderful dining experience with a wide variety of fresh and delicious donuts, pastries, and other treats. The bagel sandwich is described as perfect and delicious, while the donuts have a hint of coconut flavor that is very enjoyable. The milk tea with boba is also praised for its classic preparation. The staff is reported to be friendly and helpful, and the store is described as authentic, with claw machines and a cozy atmosphere. The early opening hours at 5:30 am make it a convenient option for those in need of a quick grab-and-go breakfast.“

4.9 Superb20 Reviews
La Tricolor Market Juice Bars And Smoothies • $
16724 Merrill Ave, Fontana

“La Tricolor Market is a unique eatery that offers a fusion of supermarket and restaurant. It has its own parking lot, making it convenient for customers. The staff is friendly and welcoming. The menu features a variety of dishes, including tortas de asada, tacos, quesadillas, and hamburgers. The food is flavorful, with meats cooked to perfection. The restaurant also offers a selection of aguas frescas, including agua de piña and Jamaica. With a cozy atmosphere and delicious food, La Tricolor Market is a great spot for a meal out.“

4.8 Superb20 Reviews
Juice It Up! Juice • $
15068 Summit Ave Suite 530, Fontana

“Juice It Up! offers excellent service and delicious smoothies. Customers appreciate the hardworking staff like Isabel and Samantha, who provide great customer service. The establishment is clean and timings are great, but some customers mention the lack of accessible restrooms. The Zone juice and Ever Green smoothie are popular choices that never disappoint. Smoothies are always on point, making it a go-to spot for a refreshing drink or acai bowl.“

3.6 Good16 Reviews
Juice It Up! Juice • $
16155 Sierra Lakes Pkwy Suite 130, Fontana

“Juice It Up! is a 5-star establishment that exceeds expectations. The staff is friendly and helpful, with employees showing good teamwork. The store is well-maintained and exceptionally clean. The Honey Comb Wafer is a tasty favorite, while the Peanut Butter Horchata flavor is a standout. Quick and accurate order preparation ensures a pleasant experience.“

3.4 Good29 Reviews
Rock solid Nutrition Bar • $$
15085 Merrill Ave, Fontana

“Rock Solid Nutrition is a welcoming restaurant run by a husband and wife team. The menu features delicious chocolate chip protein/coffee smoothies, protein waffles with honey, strawberries, and bananas, as well as protein shakes and iced caramel macchiatos. Customers praise the reasonable prices, clean environment, and friendly conversation.“

5 Superb11 Reviews
TeaLove Fontana Bubble Tea • $
9810 Sierra Ave #A, Fontana

Customers` Favorites

Passion Fruit Green Tea w Lychee & Aiyu Jelly
Creme Brulee Coffee
Lavender Milk Tea
Rainbow Jelly
Lychee Jelly
Honey Tea

“TeaLove Fontana is a popular spot for boba lovers, offering a wide variety of drinks in different sizes, from small to jumbo. The menu features unique and colorful drinks, with customizable sweetness levels, ranging from 0 to 110 percent. Favorites include the Jazime Honey Green Tea with Lychee jelly and the creme brûlée drink with boba. The friendly and patient staff provide a welcoming atmosphere, making it a great spot to treat yourself or meet with friends and family. While some may find the flavors not as potent as other boba places, TeaLove Fontana's drinks are still enjoyable and worth a visit.“

3.9 Good53 Reviews
Nekter Juice Bar Juice • $$
15270 Summit Ave, Fontana

Customers` Favorites

Whey Better Protein Bar - Cookie Dough
3.3 Good40 Reviews
Nekter Juice Bar Juice • $
16421 Sierra Lakes Pkwy, Fontana

Customers` Favorites

PB&J Chia Parfait Made to Order
Acai Superfood Bowl Updated
Acai Superfood Bowl
Almond Butter Bowl
Peanut Butter Bowl
Acai Mango Bowl
AB Health Nut
Orange Crush

“Nekter Juice Bar offers a great experience with friendly staff and tasty food options. The energy shots are a must-try, leaving customers feeling good throughout the day. The Acia bowls and shakes are excellent, and the location is kept clean and tidy. The staff, like Fatima, work hard to ensure customers have a pleasant visit, even offering kids games for entertainment. While there may be occasional hiccups with orders, the overall quality of the products and service makes it a place worth returning to.“

3.3 Good45 Reviews
El Gallo Giro Mexican • $
10161 Sierra Ave., Fontana

Customers` Favorites

4- Burrito Box Chiles Rellenos de Queso
Fresh Out the Oven
Double Carne Asada
Torta De Milanesa
Torta De Pollo
Rice and Beans
Torta Cubana
Agua de Fresa
Carnitas Taco

“El Gallo Giro offers a variety of food options, including menudo and pozole that are highly recommended. The pozole is flavorful and delicious, needing minimal add-ins to enhance the taste. However, some customers find the service in need of improvement, with loud music and chewy carne asada being areas of concern. Despite the bustling atmosphere, the proximity and quality of dishes make it a worthwhile visit.“

3.7 Good200 Reviews