Chicken Shops in Lancaster, CA

Crown Chicken & grill American • $
1042 E Ave. J, Lancaster

Customers` Favorites

Swai Fish over Rice with Side Salad & Drink
Chicken and Gyro Platter
Jamaican Beef Patties
Philly Cheesesteak
Mashed Potatoes
Chicken Strips
Banana Pudding
Chicken Wings
Potato Wedges
Fried Chicken

“Crown Chicken & Grill is a popular restaurant known for its delicious chicken and lamb over rice, served with extra white sauce and a side of BBQ or secret house sauce. The food is highly praised for its quality, and the staff, including the chef who hails from Philadelphia, are commended for their friendly service. Philly cheesesteak is another standout dish, and customers look forward to trying the Gyro on future visits.“

4.8 Superb144 Reviews
Sassy Bird Chicken • $
706 W Lancaster Blvd #101, Lancaster

Customers` Favorites

Loaded Fries with Cole Slaw Sassy Af Chicken with Extra Pickles
Sassy Bowl with Mac&Cheese Fries Chicken
Buffalo Lemon Pepper Loaded Tots
Loaded Fries & Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Sandwich and Fries
Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Honey Chicken Tenders
Loaded Half and Half
Breakfast Burrito
Seasoned Fries

“Sassy Bird is the go-to place for hot chicken lovers. The Sassy AF is perfect for those who enjoy spice with lots of flavor. The Mac and cheese bowl is a must-try, and don't forget the house brined pickles. Customers appreciate the friendly staff and customizable heat levels. Whether you like it hot or mild, Sassy Bird promises immaculate food and top-notch service.“

4.5 Superb147 Reviews
Dave's Hot Chicken Chicken • $
43633 10th St W Unit 103, Lancaster

Customers` Favorites

Cauli Daves 4 1 Cauli Slider with Fries
Cauli Dave's 2 2 Cauli Sliders w Fries
6 Piece Cauliflower Tender Bites
Dave's 1 - 2 Tenders with Fries
Sliders with Fries with Cheese
Tender & 1 Slider with Fries
Dave's 2 2 Sliders w Fries
Side of Cheese Sauce
Side of Dave's Sauce
2 Sliders with Fries

“Dave's Hot Chicken serves good grub, perfect for take-out or dine-in. The menu features hot chicken and vegetarian options like cauliflower bites and sandwiches. Orders are quickly prepared and packed with condiments and napkins. The restaurant is clean, and service is quick. Be prepared for loud music, and note that prices can be steep, with two plates costing around $40. Parking is plentiful, especially later in the day.“

3.9 Good80 Reviews
El Pollo Loco Mexican • $
44402 Vly Central Wy, Lancaster

Customers` Favorites

Combo Pollo Arroz Frijoles Y Churros
Double Chicken Tostada Salad
Double Chicken Avocado Salad
Taco Complete Family Combo
Creamy Cilantro Dressing
Chicken Avocado Burrito
Chips & Guacamole Large
Avocado Tacos Al Carbon
Original Pollo Bowl
Double Chicken Bowl

“El Pollo Loco serves spot-on food, with generous portions of protein. The service is consistently excellent, including the drive-thru, and the staff is friendly and helpful. However, be aware of potential upselling attempts at the register. Despite some mistakes, this location is worth a visit, with a particularly sweet and diligent staff member keeping the tables clean.“

3.7 Good78 Reviews
El Pollo Loco Mexican • $
42839 10th St W, Lancaster

Customers` Favorites

Double Chicken Avocado Salad
Double Chicken Tostada Salad
Pollo Loco Quesadilla Combo
Classic Chicken Burrito
Chicken Avocado Taco
Pollo Loco Tostadas
1 2 Chicken Meal
Meal for Two
BRC Burrito

“El Pollo Loco is a popular Mexican-inspired restaurant known for its delicious grilled chicken and variety of Mexican-style dishes. The service is generally praised as attentive and helpful, though some customers have expressed disappointment with portion sizes, particularly in the pollo bowl. The menu offers a range of options, including tacos, burritos, and the signature pollo bowls, all made with fresh ingredients. While the food quality is consistently good, the restaurant has faced some criticism for its use of plastic bags for sides, which some customers view as an inconvenient and environmentally-unfriendly practice.“

3.5 Good72 Reviews