Taco Bell in Miami

Taco Bell - 11200 SW 8th St

Rating: 4.3

11200 SW 8th St, Miami FL 33174
(305) 348-0088

Great #7 :)

Taco Bell - 6740 SW 8th St

Rating: 4.2

6740 SW 8th St, Miami FL 33144
(305) 261-4772

It was good, late night drive through

Taco Bell - 966 SW 8th St

Rating: 4.2

966 SW 8th St, Miami FL 33130
(305) 854-3331

I love the food and I go every sadurday but more than once have go and encounter a rude cashier name joselis, than I can not even ask question like today sat 27 where like many sadurday I go and buy but the different is the rude person when I ask about a product and she didn't answer my queation insted she was rude.

Taco Bell - 13550 SW 152nd St

Rating: 4

13550 SW 152nd St, Miami FL 33177
(305) 254-6141

The order was correct, pretty quick and our tacos and burritos were actually full! The meat was great and the lettuce was fresh, nothing was stale, even the soda was good.

Taco Bell - 12001 SW 129th Ct

Rating: 4

12001 SW 129th Ct, Miami FL 33186
(305) 235-9429

Taco Bell is always our go to, when we are hungry, late at night, after having too ma u drinks. I love it because you can veganize so many things on the menu, bonus. The other bonus is everything is so inexpensive. Which is a double edged sword, because then you order way too much food!!!!

Taco Bell - 13720 SW 8th St

Rating: 4

13720 SW 8th St, Miami FL 33184
(305) 553-2307

Peter the store manager and the rest of the crew here does an absolutely fantastic job every single time thank you for everything you do

Taco Bell - 8363 W Flagler St

Rating: 3.9

8363 W Flagler St, Miami FL 33144
(305) 267-1356

They have great services at this location.also served KFC and pizza hut.

Taco Bell - 630 NE 79th St

Rating: 3.9

630 NE 79th St, Miami FL 33138
(305) 751-7458

It is a nice Mexican fast-food restaurant! I recommend the power burrito! Yum!😊😋

Taco Bell - 2935 SW 32nd Ave

Rating: 3.9

2935 SW 32nd Ave, Miami FL 33133
(305) 447-0397

Brand New branch, super clean, no so crowded, good food.

Taco Bell - 18885 NW 2nd Ave

Rating: 3.8

18885 NW 2nd Ave, Miami FL 33169
(305) 493-4369

Fast service and they always get my order correct. Very Friendly staff, good job ladies.

Taco Bell - 10725 NW 41st St

Rating: 3.8

10725 NW 41st St, Miami FL 33178
(305) 629-8342

Good location right by a school

Taco Bell - 15201 SW 104th St

Rating: 3.8

15201 SW 104th St, Miami FL 33196
(305) 408-0858

Always going for their fast food, nice friendly people, clean and relaxed environment, the food is fresh and mimimim wait time experience.

Taco Bell - 7350 SW 117th Ave

Rating: 3.8

7350 SW 117th Ave, Miami FL 33183
(305) 271-7222

Drive thru could be faster. Food could be Fuller or filled better...just lucky it's open late And cheap.... KFC is next to this location...so there are options guys. Step your game up

Taco Bell - 13710 SW 88th St

Rating: 3.8

13710 SW 88th St, Miami FL 33186
(305) 382-1858

Used the offer from Tmobile Tuesdays to order a free hard taco on one for pickup away a Taco Bell near where I was and I ordered it to be made 15 minutes later. Everything worked out perfectly.

Taco Bell - 599 NE 167th St

Rating: 3.8

599 NE 167th St, Miami FL 33162
(305) 655-3115

Taco bell is my favorite fast food restaurant, and now with the nacho cheese fries is the bomb you guys killed with the fries awesome two thumbs up👍👍.

Taco Bell - 7745 SW 40th St

Rating: 3.8

7745 SW 40th St, Miami FL 33155
(305) 267-9393

Went to the drive thru and was helped by daisy and as always she was polite young lady and a smile....when I was about to leave I've mentioned why don't you be a regional manager?...she replied "I don't want the head ach"...very funny......BUT I would like for the company to offer the position for the lady since I've seen...read more

Taco Bell - 1350 NW 87th Ave

Rating: 3.8

1350 NW 87th Ave, Miami FL 33122
(305) 418-4723

I love how they remolded the restuarant. I have always like the service.

Taco Bell - 4185 SW 147th Ave

Rating: 3.7

4185 SW 147th Ave, Miami FL 33185
(305) 225-8955

Mobile App ordering is on point and employees are friendly and efficient. Easy to navigate in and out of.

Taco Bell - 6310 S Dixie Hwy

Rating: 3.7

6310 S Dixie Hwy, Miami FL 33143
(305) 663-9064

Great food, excellent service, taco bell would be proud!

Taco Bell - 15295 S Dixie Hwy

Rating: 3.7

15295 S Dixie Hwy, Miami FL 33157
(305) 233-2827

Service was a little sure. Food was good tho

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