Taco Bell in Miami

Taco Bell - 6740 SW 8th St

Rating: 4.3

6740 SW 8th St, Miami FL 33144
(305) 261-4772

the attendant was very knowledgeable and I'm very happy one fast food place has a good person to relay to the people. kudos to this taco bell food was awesome

Taco Bell - 11200 SW 8th St

Rating: 4.2

11200 SW 8th St, Miami FL 33174
(305) 348-0088

Great #7 :)

Taco Bell - 966 SW 8th St

Rating: 4.2

966 SW 8th St, Miami FL 33130
(305) 854-3331

Went a while back the staff were nice and friendly food was also great

Taco Bell - 7350 SW 117th Ave

Rating: 4

7350 SW 117th Ave, Miami FL 33183
(305) 271-7222

I always like my crunchy tacos!!!

Taco Bell - 4185 SW 147th Ave

Rating: 4

4185 SW 147th Ave, Miami FL 33185
(305) 225-8955

Good food and always good service

Taco Bell - 13720 SW 8th St

Rating: 4

13720 SW 8th St, Miami FL 33184
(305) 553-2307

I'm really not a fan but if I have to eat it I always go with the chalupa. They pretty good.

Taco Bell - 15201 SW 104th St

Rating: 4

15201 SW 104th St, Miami FL 33196
(305) 408-0858

Not a big taco bell fan but ill go for the nacho supreme any day

Taco Bell - 13550 SW 152nd St

Rating: 4

13550 SW 152nd St, Miami FL 33177
(305) 254-6141

The food is amazing but not really the service exept the last I went the cashier was nice

Taco Bell - 630 NE 79th St

Rating: 4

630 NE 79th St, Miami FL 33138
(305) 751-7458

I love taco bell.. frnly staff,quick service and the food looks good enough to post.. I recommend all taco and baritto lover to think outside the bun....

Taco Bell - 12001 SW 129th Ct

Rating: 4

12001 SW 129th Ct, Miami FL 33186
(305) 235-9429

I have been going to this location for months but for every four orders I placed one would be completley wrong. But still great service and they help fix the situatuon! So thats great

Taco Bell - 8363 W Flagler St

Rating: 3.9

8363 W Flagler St, Miami FL 33144
(305) 267-1356

This place has been open for as long as i can remember. You can get kfc tavo bell and pizza hut personal pizzas here. But if your coming here your not just grabing a meal you are mixing and matching. I get a pepperoni personal pizza a side of mac n cheese from kfc and a taco. You 420 friendly? This restaurant gonna be your...read more

Taco Bell - 2935 SW 32nd Ave

Rating: 3.9

2935 SW 32nd Ave, Miami FL 33133
(305) 447-0397

Great service. The only location that doesn't mess up my order.

Taco Bell - 14790 SW 56th St

Rating: 3.9

14790 SW 56th St, Miami FL 33185
(305) 383-2663

They always make my order right and they are polite!

Taco Bell - 10725 NW 41st St

Rating: 3.8

10725 NW 41st St, Miami FL 33178
(305) 629-8342

Fresh Thai food. Authentic flavors..

Taco Bell - 13710 SW 88th St

Rating: 3.8

13710 SW 88th St, Miami FL 33186
(305) 382-1858

Amazing drive thru service every time. There's one guy in particular that needs an immediate raise.

Taco Bell - 599 NE 167th St

Rating: 3.8

599 NE 167th St, Miami FL 33162
(305) 655-3115

I've been ordering at this location multiple times. The service is always good as well as the food. The 5 for 5 is a life saver!

Taco Bell - 3750 NW 79th Ave

Rating: 3.8

3750 NW 79th Ave, Miami FL 33166
(305) 593-9039

Everything was delicious. People was super friendly.

Taco Bell - 1350 NW 87th Ave

Rating: 3.8

1350 NW 87th Ave, Miami FL 33122
(305) 418-4723

Best variety and freshness (and lowest cost] than any other place in town purveyors of "Mexican" food!!

Taco Bell - 7745 SW 40th St

Rating: 3.8

7745 SW 40th St, Miami FL 33155
(305) 267-9393

This is a pretty solid location, okay service, food is always great and fresh. A great stop-by after a shopping trip at Target. The lines usually go by fast and everything just seems to work fine. One of my favorite locations !

Taco Bell - 15295 S Dixie Hwy

Rating: 3.7

15295 S Dixie Hwy, Miami FL 33157
(305) 233-2827

I did a postmates order. All Staff was very patient and friendly as the order had over 20 specialized items. The food seemed fresj. The staff was great!

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