34 Best Food Trucks in West Palm Beach

Pupusas La Perrona Food Truck Food Trucks • $
4545 Forest Hill Blvd #1, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

Pinchos De Carne Con Papas Fritas
Pincho de Pollo Con Papas Fritas
Pupusa de Frijol Y Queso
Arepa Con Queso Y Carne
Pupusa de Loroco Y Queso
Pupusa de Pollo Y Queso
Pupusa Revuelta Loroco
Pupusa De Chicharron
Empanadas de Carne
Hamburguesa Perrona

“Pupusas La Perrona Food Truck offers a delicious and fresh dining experience. The owner is friendly and helpful. Popular dishes include pupusas revueltas, tacos de asada, and loaded fries. Don't miss the shrimp and loroco pupusa, a standout favorite. Expect a 10-15 minute wait for fresh, hot pupusas.“

5 Superb99 Reviews
Taqueria Miguel Food Trucks • $
4610 Broadway, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

Side French Fries
Chicken Tostadas
Nachos Extra
Lengua Nachos
Carne Asada

“Taqueria Miguel's burritos are enormous, serving up two meals' worth of flavor. The steak burrito is a standout, and the chicken and carnitas options are also crowd-pleasers. The tacos, including the tacos de asada and lengua, are packed with meat and boast authentic, expertly seasoned flavors. Friendly service and great personalities make this spot a must-visit, with 100% recommendation from satisfied customers.“

4.9 Superb34 Reviews
Woody's Burgers Catering & Events Food Trucks • $
5600 Georgia Ave, West Palm Beach

“Woody's Burgers Catering & Events offers a comfortable and pleasant experience, serving tasty entrées with fresh and healthy vegetables. The catering services are efficient, with friendly and honest staff ensuring a smooth event. The team is passionate about creating a great experience and great food for their clients, going above and beyond to make each event special.“

4.6 Superb18 Reviews
Silver Spork Mobile Eatery Food Trucks • $$
425 Kanuga Dr, West Palm Beach

“Silver Spork Mobile Eatery is a restaurant that offers delicious and creative meals, satisfying customers with its taste and convenience. The online ordering system allows for easy ordering and timely food pick-up. The staff is known for their friendly service, often remembering customer's orders and providing excellent customer service. Popular dishes include the Asian glazed pork belly, fig goat cheese burger, mahi Asian sandwich, and Parmesan truffle fries. The restaurant's ability to produce high-quality dishes in a small kitchen setup is commendable. It is a popular choice for those frequenting breweries and food trucks, with a menu that offers a variety of options to choose from.“

5 Superb5 Reviews
Hallelujah's Kitchen Haitian • $
4601 Forest Hill Blvd, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

Side of Mac-Nificient Mac and Cheese
Side of Black Rice Diri Jon Jon
Simple Pork Griot Simple
Side of Savory Plantains
Fried Chicken Feast
Perfect Pork Platter
Tasty Turkey Meal
Precious Patties
Pineapple Jupina
Angelic Wings

“Hallelujah's Kitchen is a Haitian restaurant that offers delicious food and excellent customer service. The menu is well-detailed and not overwhelming, making online ordering easy. The Tasty Turkey, Fried Chicken Feast, and Precious Patties are highly recommended dishes. The restaurant goes above and beyond to accommodate customers, as seen when they helped arrange a delivery through Uber due to unforeseen circumstances. The food is described as perfect and beautifully plated, with generous portion sizes and reasonable prices. The mac and cheese is particularly highlighted as a must-try item. Customers appreciate the attention to detail, such as including sauces and dressings in the bag with the food. Overall, Hallelujah's Kitchen is praised for its delicious Haitian cuisine and top-notch service, making it a favorite for those looking for a new dining experience.“

4.9 Superb94 Reviews
Tacos Y Antojitos Emanuel Food Trucks • $
4015 Broadway, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

Quesadilla De Carne Asada
All Tacos and Tostadas
Street Tacos

“Tacos Y Antojitos Emanuel serves authentic Guatemalan-Mexican cuisine in a comfortable environment. The soups and tacos, with their unique touch, are highly recommended. The friendly and kind staff provide excellent service. This taco truck, despite being in a sketchy area, attracts a loyal crowd with its insanely delicious and authentic tacos, bursting with flavor. The carne asada, al pastor, and chorizo tacos are a must-try, paired with the spicy and flavorful verde sauce. The chicken plates and guacamole are also excellent. Overall, it's an absolute must-go-to for a truly authentic and flavorful experience.“

4.2 Good38 Reviews
Smackin J's Chicken Wings • $
1033 Congress Ave, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

Philly Steak Chicken Fries
Double Cheeseburger
Chicken & Waffles
Chicken Wings
Chili Cheese
Loaded Fries
1 Waffle

“Smackin J's food truck offers delicious chicken and waffles, flavorful burgers, and crispy fries. The friendly guy working there provides great service, even letting customers try different sauces. Despite being underrated, the spot is open late and has a covered canopy with tables for dining. Whether it's the tasty seasoning on the chicken or the quality of the food after a car ride, customers are sure to enjoy their meal and come back for more.“

4.9 Superb43 Reviews
Curbside Gourmet Food Trucks • $$$
3951 N Haverhill Rd, West Palm Beach

“Curbside Gourmet is a catering company and food truck that exceeds expectations. They provide exceptional service, going above and beyond to ensure a successful event. Their fully staffed catering team is professional, energetic, and attentive, leaving no dirty dishes behind. The food is great, with options like cheese burgers and comfort fries, as well as vegan and gluten-free choices. They are kid-friendly and have a limited number of parking spots. Curbside Gourmet is highly recommended for weddings and other events, providing an extra layer of awesomeness to any venue.“

4.1 Good14 Reviews
252 S Military Trl, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

Cuban Pizza

“QUE VUELTA PIZZERIA offers delicious pizzas, wonderful spaghettis, and bread with suckling pig. The pleasant environment and friendly staff make you feel like family. Don't miss the added shakes to the menu, including the unique Mamet fruit flavor. A must-visit for a delightful dining experience.“

4.9 Superb34 Reviews
La Perla Tapatia Food Truck Mexican • $
2298 S Military Trl, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

French Fries
Torta Pastor
With Fries

“La Perla Tapatia Food Truck serves amazing and authentic Mexican food with delicious options like shrimp burritos, carne asada burritos, and al pastor tacos. The friendly staff prepares fresh burritos while you wait, and caters to dietary restrictions. The food is restaurant-worthy, with great sauces and generous portions, making it a must-visit spot.“

4.9 Superb30 Reviews
Taqueria Saborcito Chapin Guatemalan • $
1029 N Congress Ave, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Quesadilla Pollo

“Tasty authentic tasting food truck. He offers vegan options too!“

5 Superb21 Reviews
Big Tex Bbq Food Truck Barbecue • $
13100 Northlake Blvd, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

BBQ Chopped Chicken Sandwich
Clint Eastwood Sandwich
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Amoked Mac & Cheese
House Pitate Salad
BBQ Whole Chicken
Half Rack of Ribs
Side Charro Beans
Brisket Sandwich
Ejalapeno Popper

“Big Tex Bbq Food Truck serves authentic, lovingly cooked BBQ with a friendly neighborhood vibe. The brisket sandwich is a must-try, and don't forget to add Smoked Mac and cheese, coleslaw, and BBQ sauce on top. The Duke, a popular item, features fresh hot grilled meat with sweet or spicy BBQ sauce and slaw. Ribs and bacon-wrapped jalapenos are also hits, with a slight note on the saucy vinegar flavor.“

4.7 Superb48 Reviews
Sabor Ponce food truck Puerto Rican • $
2535 N Military Trl, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

Puerto Rican Yellow Rice Pigeon Peas Chicken Gizzards Salad
Arroz Con Gandules Chicharron De Pollo Tostones O Maduro
Tripleta Sandwich
Frita Y Tostones
Carne Frita

“Sabor Ponce food truck offers an excellent taste of Puerto Rican cuisine in West Palm Beach. The food is made by Puerto Ricans and is the best the reviewer has tasted in the area. While some dishes could use a bit more seasoning, overall, the alcapurria and other menu items are fantastic. The staff provides top-notch service, making a connection with all customers. The atmosphere is casual, with a couple of outdoor tables available. The menu includes must-try items like the alcapurria, sorullos, triplet sandwich, and the popular mofongo. The food is served hot and fresh, and the owner, who is bilingual, is eager to help customers navigate the menu. With ample parking available, this food truck is a great spot to enjoy authentic Puerto Rican flavors at a reasonable price.“

4.8 Superb25 Reviews
Tacos y Antojitos Emanuel Restaurant Mexican • $
5075B Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

Fajitas Combinadas Shrimp Chicken and Beef
Carne Asada Quesadilla Supreme
Beef Fajitas with Sides
Tostada De Carne Asada
Carne Asada Taco
Burrito Supreme
Tacos Al Pastor
Chips w Salsa
Taco Tuesday
Steak Taco

“Tacos y Antojitos Emanuel Restaurant offers delicious and beautifully presented dishes, including tacos with homemade sauces and tortillas. Customers praise the fantastic green sauce, but some suggest improvements, such as adding more beans to the burritos and baking the chiles before serving.“

4.6 Superb89 Reviews
Fat Boy Sauceless Ribs & More Caterers •
2301 N Tamarind Ave Suite #G2, West Palm Beach

“Fat Boy Sauceless Ribs & More offers a welcoming atmosphere for both adults and children to enjoy a hearty meal. The restaurant, run by a husband and wife team, is known for its delicious barbecue and large portion sizes. Customers can expect friendly service and a clean environment. The smoke from the barbecue can be smelled from a distance, enticing passersby to come in for a bite to eat. The food is so satisfying that customers might find themselves taking leftovers home for a later snack.“

4.8 Superb20 Reviews
SDR Cuban Flavor Pizza Takeaway •
1153 N Military Trl, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

Ham Jamón

“SDR Cuban Flavor is a cozy restaurant that offers excellent service and delicious food. The pizzas are a highlight, with abundant dough and flavorful ingredients. Other popular dishes include the fish, steak, suckling pig, and Cuban sandwich. The coffee is also a must-try. With a good location and ample parking, it's a great spot for families with kids.“

5 Superb11 Reviews
El Calabozo Tacos • $
177 Manchester Ln, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

Fried Shrimp Quesadilla
Chicken Quesadilla
Cheese Quesadilla
Steak Quesadilla
Crispy Chicken
Kim Jong Un
The Escobar
Frank Lucas
Al Capone

“Love the environment, grabbed some food and went inside the house which seemed almost like a speak easy, loved the art def a hidden gem a ifykyk type of thing… music was good vibes were awesome everyone was friendly l.. very creative establishment… my favorite was the Al Capone!! And absolutely obsessed with the coconut shrimp tacos!!“

5 Superb10 Reviews
Granny Bea's Food Court • $$
175 N Military Trl, West Palm Beach

“Granny Bea's offers delicious and flavorful food, with a highlight on its peanuts, which are a 10/10. The food truck provides catering services and has a strong reputation for customer service. Located on 175 N Military Trail, Granny Bea's has been praised for its packed full of flavor dishes, making it a popular choice for events and daily meals.“

5 Superb9 Reviews
4601 Forest Hill Blvd, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

Chips Con Guacamole
Huaraches Mixtos
Tacos Al Carbon
Tacos Dorados

“Taqueria Olinalteca #1 offers fresh and delicious Mexican dishes, such as Nachos al Pastor, Al Pastor tacos, and Huaraches. Their meat dishes have a satisfactory flavor, although some may find the portion size per taco to be a bit small. The juice options, including melon and tamarindo, are highly recommended. This restaurant is known for its excellent service and tasty food, making it a great option for dining with family or ordering for delivery.“

3.8 Good29 Reviews
Taqueria Mi Patria tacos callejeros Tacos • $
4556 Cresthaven Blvd, West Palm Beach

“Taqueria Mi Patria tacos callejeros is the best food truck around, offering delicious Class A tacos made in a traditional way that will make you want to come back for more. The place provides excellent and fast service, with a wide variety of tasty options like cakes, tacos, and quesadillas. With a unique and exclusive seasoning, this spot is perfect for anyone looking for authentic and flavorful Mexican food. Whether you're a daily customer or planning a home event, Taqueria Mi Patria is highly recommended for its quality and satisfying dishes.“

4.7 Superb12 Reviews
Taqueria Mexicana El Paisa Mexican • $
6400 S Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites


“Taqueria Mexicana El Paisa is a highly-recommended spot for delicious Mexican cuisine. Known for its exceptional service and mouth-watering dishes, this restaurant has gained a loyal following. Its tacos are a standout, particularly the chorizo options with grilled onions and green salsa. The establishment is also praised for its kid-friendly atmosphere and generous portions. With long lines a possibility, it's no wonder this spot is a local favorite.“

4.6 Superb17 Reviews
Sweet Hearts Bakery Bakery • $
4679 Brook Dr, West Palm Beach

“Sweet Hearts Bakery is a delightful destination for treats. The bakery excels at accommodating special orders with food allergies. Their cookies are delicious and visually appealing. The coconut cake is a must-try, with an otherworldly quality that leaves a lasting impression. The food truck is a fun and colorful addition, serving up massive and scrumptious ice cream portions with friendly service.“

5 Superb5 Reviews
C-K tacos Tacos •
901 Belvedere Rd, West Palm Beach
5 Superb4 Reviews
Angie's Epicurean | City Place | West Palm Beach Ice Cream Shop • $
700 S Rosemary Ave, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

Strawberry Ice Cream
Chocolate Ice Cream
Pistachio Ice Cream

“Angie's Epicurean | The Square offers a delightful selection of gelato flavors, including vegan options made with alternative milks like cashew milk. The location is beautiful, but parking can be a challenge. The ice cream flavors are delicious, and the presentation with gorgeous toppings is impeccable. The staff is helpful, kind, and sweet, especially with children. While it may be a bit pricey, it is definitely worth a visit for a sweet treat.“

4.4 Superb78 Reviews
Cielito Lindo Antojeria Mexicana Mexican • $
2040 Indian Rd, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

Lata Soda Coca Cola Sprite Pepsi

“Cielito Lindo Antojeria Mexicana is a restaurant known for its delicious Mexican food, particularly the birria tacos which are praised for their perfect guajillo flavor and brothy consomme. The flautas and sopes are also popular choices among customers. The restaurant offers outdoor seating and a cozy indoor area for dining. The service is noted for its speed, friendliness, and attention to detail. The workers are described as lovely and attentive. The huaraches and quesabirria tacos are highly recommended. The restaurant is located in Orlando and is a great option for a quick bite after work or a relaxing meal.“

4.4 Superb39 Reviews
Taqueria La Bendicion Taco Truck Mexican • $
1475 S Military Trl, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

Carnitas Fried Pork
Tacos Con Todo
Lengua Taco

“Taqueria La Bendicion Taco Truck offers an exceptional dining experience, serving some of the best street tacos in the area. The pastor and asada tacos are praised for their amazing flavors, complemented by the restaurant's delectable red hot sauce. The sopes de barbacoa and nachos al pastor are also highly recommended, with fresh and tasty dough and well-seasoned meats. The restaurant provides a nice shaded area for customers to enjoy their meals, and the staff is described as efficient and helpful. With a variety of refreshing flavored waters, such as melon, horchata, and pineapple, Taqueria La Bendicion Taco Truck is a true blessing for Mexican food enthusiasts.“

4.4 Superb30 Reviews
Taqueria Sinaloense Tacos • $
4418 Edward Rd #4498, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

Tacos De Carne Asada Y Pastor Y Adovado
Tacos De Asada

“Taqueria Sinaloense serves super delicious food that's worth a stop. This spot offers the best tacos in Palm Beach county, converting even the most loyal customers from other eateries. Their Torta de Cabeza is a fan favorite, and cash is the preferred payment method.“

4.4 Superb19 Reviews
Papi's Restaurant on wheels (Soul Food) Catering Soul Food • $
1263 S Military Trl Ste #3, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

Rib & Chicken Dinner

“Papi's Restaurant on Wheels is a soul food catering service that serves delicious and mouth-watering dishes. Their menu includes a Rib and Chicken dinner, which is a must-try, and incredible sides such as mac and cheese and baked beans.“

4.3 Superb15 Reviews
Third's BBQ Barbecue • $$$
1501 N Australian Ave, West Palm Beach

“Third's BBQ is a must-visit spot for BBQ enthusiasts. Their slow-cooked brisket is perfectly tender, and the collard greens are a delicious side dish. The BBQ sauce is also a highlight, with a rich and flavorful taste. The ribs are another standout, smoked to perfection with hints of oak and a tender, fall-off-the-bone texture. The chicken dinner is a crowd-pleaser, served with creamy mac and cheese and baked beans. The rib dinner is also a winner, with smoked-to-perfection meat paired with potato salad. With flavorful, expertly prepared food and a welcoming atmosphere, Third's BBQ is a great spot for a satisfying meal.“

4.3 Superb6 Reviews
Nette’s Fresh Fritay & Grille Food Trucks • $
1195 N Military Trl, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

Complete Meal Fried Griot-Pork
Complete Meal Stewed Chicken
Griot Burrito Complete Meal
Side Pikliz
Side Rice
3 Average14 Reviews
Foster’s BBQ Barbecue • $
2620 N Australian Ave, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

Full Plate of Rib Tips
Rib or Rib Tip Sandwich
Chicken Sandwich
Mac and Cheese
Sausage Dinner
Smoked Sausage
Brisket Dinner
Rib Sandwich
Baked Beans

“Foster's BBQ is a down-to-earth BBQ spot nestled off Australian & 25th St. that offers an authentic Southern dining experience. The menu is straightforward, focusing on the essentials – a smoker, a trailer, and flawless BBQ classics. The brisket is a standout, falling apart perfectly, while the collard greens are nothing short of amazing. This spot is praised for its genuine, soul-satisfying flavors and hearty portions that hit the spot every time. Though it may not offer a polished dining setting, Foster's is the go-to destination for anyone craving top-notch, authentic Southern BBQ. The BBQ sauce also receives high marks, completing the experience. Overall, Foster's is a hidden gem that delivers on the promise of delicious, straightforward BBQ.“

4.2 Good42 Reviews
Island Boyz Conch Shack Caterers • $$
598 Prospect Road, Oakland Park

“They have potential. I tried the conch fritters and they were pretty large and they give you a lot for what you pay.. however they were mostly bread and lacked flavor, like it was missing seasonings and herbs. Next time I may try the salmon bites dinner.“

3.9 Good7 Reviews
Pizzeria “Asere Que Bola “ Pizza Takeaway • $
970 S Military Trl, West Palm Beach

Customers` Favorites

Espagueti a La Napolitana Neapolitan Spaghetti
Pizza De Vegetales Vegetable Pizza
Pizza Con Cebolla Onion Pizza
Pizza Hawaiana Hawaiian Pizza
Pizza De Jamón Ham Pizza
Pizza Mixta Mixed Pizza
Pizza Con Piña
Pizza de Queso
Pizza Chorizo
4 Good32 Reviews
Okeechobee Prime Barbecue, Inc. Caterers • $$$
1959 Wabasso Dr, West Palm Beach

“Okeechobee Prime Barbecue, Inc. is a popular spot for barbecue lovers. Their weekend BBQ truck offers a variety of delicious options, including the Angus Burger, which is juicy and smoky, and the Smoked Mac and Cheese, which is cheesy and full of bacon and jalapeños. The brisket is a standout, with one reviewer calling it the "best sliced brisket ever had." The pork belly is also a must-try, with a crispy exterior and juicy interior. The friendly staff, including Alex and Luis, provide excellent service. The outdoor seating area is a great spot to enjoy your meal.“

3.8 Good17 Reviews