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892 Riverside Dr, Macon
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The morning shift employee at the counter was fast and friendly but as the shift changed the staff became completely disorganized. I had to wait for the three people who came in after me and all of the drive thru customers to get their orders first before I got mine. Then I returned to the line to place a new order and was rudely ignored while the cashier took orders from customers who were in line behind me. I will never go to THAT Krystal again.

Food is a 5. Tons of food for almost no money. Customer service late night sucks. First of all they told me to pull up to the window (even after I explained Iâ??m not from around there and have no idea whatâ??s on their menu) and then asked me what I wanted. After that, the food took forever to get to my hands. Daytime is probably better.

It could have just been this particular shift but holy moly were they disorganized. Food took forever to get to us in the restaurant, I saw 3 guys standing at the counter trying to get drink refills for almost 10 minutes and I waited at the counter myself for half of that but then gave up and went to eat my meal. I was able to get my drink as I was leaving but sweet lord it was the most disorganized thing i've seen in quite a while.

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About Krystal

Start your morning off right with a breakfast at Krystal. Try the Sunriser, a sausage patty, scrambled eggs and melted American cheese on a steamed Krystal bun. Or how about biscuits and gravy? If you've got time to sit down, you can enjoy the Sausage Gravy Biscuit Plate, complete with your choice of beverage. But if time is a factor, Krystal's got your covered with the Sausage Gravy Scrambler, a cup filled with scrambled eggs and topped with sausage gravy and a biscuit for pure on-the-go breakfast perfection. Stop by for lunch or dinner and choose a Famous Krystal, Cheese Krystal, Bacon Cheese Krystal, or the Krystal Chik. For big appetites, you can get a sackful of 12, or a steamer pack of 24. Combo meals give you fries and a drink to round out your meal. Every dog has its day, and pups do too. Krystal's pups will make your day complete. These little hot dogs come in big flavors from Cheese Pup to Chili Cheese Pup. There's even a Corn Pup! Try the Side items like chili, chili cheese fries, and grits will warm you up. Plus, Krystal has Kryspers, totally addictive hashbrown strips. Some days, you just need something sweet to carry you through. Krystal gets it. They have real milkshakes in strawberry, vanilla or chocolate that will cheer you up. And if a milkshake doesn't do it, the perfectly portable apple turnovers will.