Healthy Thai Food

Healthy Thai Food

Traditionally prepared Thai food is rather healthy thanks to the use of spices and fresh herbs to add flavor. However some Thai dishes have sugar, oil or even MSG added in. Knowing which Thai food dishes are healthiest before dining out at a Thai restaurant is your best bet for eating healthy Thai food.

When it comes to rolls, spring rolls are fried so steer clear. If you're hoping to start with a roll at a Thai restaurant, go for the summer roll. It's not fried.

As you're reading the menu, if you see anything that says "Pla," then skip it. That means it is fried. There are many better options for you like Pad Thai, which is one of the most popular Thai dishes of all time. It's low in saturated fat too, making it an excellent and filling choice.

Another great choice is the satay. It's grilled meat on a stick that's coated in a peanut sauce. It's a low-fat option that really satisfies because it is infused with flavor.

Any of the curry options are also considered healthy Thai food. Just be sure that you choose a lean protein such as chicken or shrimp. Watch out for the rice you eat with it though. Keep it simple and avoid fried rice or any of the fancy options like coconut rice.

As for beverages, watch out for that Thai iced tea. True that it's amazingly delicious, it's also loaded with sugar. Your best bet is to drink a black tea with no added sugar, or stick to plain water.

While tofu is usually a good option, in Thai restaurants you must be careful when ordering it. If it is fried, it will soak up the oil. Check before you order to see if it is sautéed or you may find yourself ingesting more calories than you had hoped.

All in all, Thai food is a healthy option. Why not go out for healthy Thai food tonight?

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