16 Best Ice Cream Shops in Des Moines

“This place is awesome. The ice cream is wonderful, and the huge menu of flavors and options keeps us coming back to try more.It's like the small neighborhood ice cream stores from when I was a kid.My personal favorite the Dream Twist. It's great in both cones and shakes.”

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“This place is absolutely good. I always get their classic frozen custard scoops, the price is about 5$ for two nice big scoops and personally I don’t think I have ever seen an ice cream that does not melt quickly like DQ. And the ice cream itself has enough flavor that you don’t need topping nor syrup. Worth the trip.”

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“El Michoacano Taquería has delicious food. The burritos are nicely packed and flavorful. The empanadas rellenas are one of a kind in Cental Iowa. The atmosphere is welcoming and warm. Seating is limited and there can be a wait, but strongly suggest you eat in. There is no table service so one needs to order at the cash register then wait for food. The aguas frescas are amazing and they have a big variety to choose from.Vegetarian options: Many optionsKid-friendliness: Yes!Parking: Parking is limited”

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“Such Old School coolness! My friend and I had cherry cokes with actual Coca-Cola syrup! The tuna melt was AWESOME and for dessert...peppermint ice cream sandwich!! Oh, and two frosted giant donuts for later of course. ? Pleasant atmosphere, interesting and adorable staff, old pharmacy bottles, memorabilia and nostalgia. Great fun.”

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“This was well worth the hassle of road construction in Des Moines when we visited. The staff as friendly and informative, the place inside was huge but not crowded with items, and there is a small seating area. The wall of information about the history of the place was fun to read, too.”

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“I went there and I got red velvet and peach bourbon ice cream. The red velvet was the best ice cream I have had personally. The nuggets are what brought me in and they did not disappoint too. The patio was a nice place to relax and look at amazing and well taken care of flowers! Along with all of the cat decorations. I am a little sad there wasn’t a real cat there, but overall you can’t find better ice cream!”

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“So much to try - ice cream, Mexican popsicles (paletas), and many flavors of beverage (horchata, nuts, etc.) And all the Mexican street/fast food you can imagine. Be a kid again and take the family. Family owned business. Staff is friendly, recommended.”

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“Wonderful customer service! I placed an order online. When I called to confirm if something was gluten-free, they were super friendly and helpful. The vegan grilled cheese with chickpea patty was so good. I needed some comfort food, it hit the spot. The blue smoothie was so healthy and delicious. Thanks guys for an awesome experience!Dietary restrictions: Awesome options for vegan and gluten-free.”

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“The ice cream is your standard soft serve. Nothing spectacular, which is why I give it three stars. This place could be something extraordinary, if they made their own ice cream and had lots of flavors. Pre-covid, they offered indoor seating, which is now closed, but they provide enough patio seating instead. There's almost always a line, but it moves at a decent pace. They are always well-staffed, and the folks there are friendly. The prices are reasonable, and they are very dog friendly!!! The drive thru can be an annoyance, and always spills out onto Beaver Ave, causing traffic headaches. The parking lot is tight and only offers a handful of spaces. Trying to turn left out of the lot is the biggest pain. We're lucky to live close by, so we can just walk. The building is very nostalgic, and after a sleepy driver knocked down their neon sign, the kind neighbors in the dentist office next door allowed them to erect the old sign on their property, when the city refused to allow them to put it back where it originally was (new zoning laws). A perfect representation of the kind, neighborly neighborhood of Beaverdale.”

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“We got the Taro and Thai milk teas with regular black pearl boba. I’m not sure if it was because we placed our order later in the day, near closing time, but the boba tasted a bit old and grainy. The teas were good, but the boba was gooey and kept causing the straws to get plugged. Some people like their boba like this but I prefer mine to be a bit harder and chewier. The cups were cute though! We will probably try again earlier in the day and see if it’s different!”

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“One of my favorite places in HPOP. Family owned, everyone who works there is so nice! Lots of tasty treats and large portions! Very fun and colorful, have always had a good experience. Highly suggest the elote chorreado, mangonada, and fruit cups! Very small place, so can be a little overwhelmed when they are busy- always worth the wait.”

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“Best coffee shop in Des Moines. A small batch roaster that offers an outstanding variety of arabica beans; house blends and varietals both ground and whole bean that are roasted to perfection. Sandwiches, soups, ice cream and teas are among their menu items. Great atmosphere to do homework or business on your laptop if you're alone or to meet friends for coffee or lunch. Free Wi-Fi. Worth a visit.”

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“Love getting delicious ice cream here with money I don't spend on my Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan. Though last time I heard an old man grunting in the bathroom, I asked them if they were okay & they just said ''yes of course, this is just a great place for you know what.''”

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“What would summer be like without Dairy Queen this little walk up Dairy Queen has been here for a long time and hopefully its air for a long time more me and my daughter and the dog Britain had ice cream the other day it was just a bit of nostalgia.”

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“Growing up my mom bought cottage cheese, but not AE brand. Thought I didn't like it, but tasted AE Dairy's...wow my whole world has changed. Who knew there was a such a big difference in taste. Now I use it to add protein to all my dishes. Don't get me started on the dips.. so delish!! Sometimes for lunch all I need is a bag of chips and my dip. (in fact that is what spurred this review :-)”

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“This is one of my favorite places to go in my town and while I was on a trip I came to this location and the yogurt was so good and the service was amazing. My server Khallee was so attentive and helped me so much. I love her she was so sweet. Thank you for all the help!! ❤️❤️???? ”

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