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5607 W 86th St, Indianapolis
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Reviews for Arby's

Highly underrated fast food place in this area! I feel awful for them because I'm sure the medians on 86th Street deter traffic here. Just tough it out, trust me! I've never had a rude employee here (in fact they're usually as friendly as a Chic Fil A worker), and the lobby is extremely clean. My boyfriend and I love coming here for lunch because they never mess up our order and it's just run so well. I definitely recommend!

First time Iâ??ve been to this location. Went through the drive thru and ordered a water and a sprite. The woman in the drive thru told me to â??go to a gas station if I want water.â? Then turned to a fellow employee and said this is going to get old in the summer. Unreal to be blatantly rude to customers, regardless of the order.

I know there has to be things to do besides being back in the kitchen area on your phones. Saturday night at 815. Walk in and no employees. After looking around a bit saw three young ladies in the kitchen in the corner and more then one was on her cell phone. We had to make our presents known by making noise to get their attention. Food was typical Arbys. There were paper ketchup cups on all the sauce dispensers so we weren't sure if they had cleaned them for the night, full review

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About Arby's

They have the meats you want to eat! Arby's has long been famed for serving up fast meaty sandwiches that go way beyond burgers to give you sliced meats piled high on buns, chicken sandwiches, and perhaps most famed of all - Curly Fries! Grab some Horsey Sauce and you're golden! Beef N'Cheddar has never been better. Make sure you get a Jamocha shake too. There's nothing else like it anywhere! To delight your meaty senses, head to Arby's now!