Ice Cream Shops in Rockport

“Good stuff! This is your classic spot for a cool treat by the beach. I got vibes that it's a very local spot, since the employees seemed to know some of the customers, but of course a tourist location as well. The gelato was solid, but nothing I'd go out of my way for. I enjoyed the chunks of cookie in the gelato, but I wish the gelato itself had a bit more of that classic smooth consistency. Decent spot!”

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“Rich, creamy ice cream, perfect for a hot day in Rockport!! I sampled the cookie dough ice cream, and was pleasantly surprised with the soft texture, and the (large) amount of cookie dough in it!! The store itself is SMALL, plan to be cramped inside while ordering (limited seating too).”

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“Dairy Train is a quaint little ice cream shop located right near the Rockport commuter rail stop. It got instant bonus points in my book for its bright pink-and-purple exterior (I'm a s***** for color!). Overall, this is a standard ice cream shop (and that is not a bad thing!). The butter crunch hard serve hit the spot and my husband enjoyed his super-chocolatey flavor choice as well. Portion sizes weren't huge, but I don't mind that (I don't need a literal gallon of ice cream when I order a small - but maybe that's just me). What I wasn't as excited by were the prices - I know that prices are up everywhere these days, but the cost struck me as higher than other similar ice cream spots that I've gone to in the area. I can't justify giving it less than four stars (because hey - delicious ice cream done right is one of my favorite things *and* this place is adorable!). But the slightly higher-than-expected price tag keeps it from quite creeping into 5-star territory. Side note: If I rode the commuter rail to and from Rockport every day, I would be very tempted to hit this place up literally every day...”

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