El Maguey


901 E Nifong Blvd, Columbia
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Hands down the most authentic Mexican food and flavorful restaurant in Como. Take it from a Mexican American that grew up in southern California and I'm a great cook as well, I know Mexican food. I don't know about the snobby people that left bad reviews that didn't grow up with Mexican food. Go to Taco Bell instead! I've tried a few places in Como and this is by far the best place! The food is great, the service is awesome, prices are good as well. Great atmosphere for everyone.
I had ordered something that had grilled chicken while I ask for no peppers and no onion there were not any pepper but there were onions in it and I was not happy about that and on top of that the grilled chicken was so dried out! And also the salsa for the chips is so nasty but anyway I called them because I ordered from GrubHub since I was at work and they refused to give me a new order or even give me my money back because they said my order was fine I will never ever order...read full review

We're looking for good Mexican restaurant, and we happened stumble on this restaurant. The food is bland. The taco meat was dry and no taste. The Carnitas were mushy and flavorless. Only like was the beans, but even then they were also kinda mushy. Checkout takes awhile regardless how busy it is. Overall, I rather go to Jose's Jalapenos then this.

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