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First of all RUDE! The girl in the drive through at this location was so rude while taking the order and then we pull up to the window and she's on Snapchat, not paying attention to who is about to pull up and get their food. 2 min later she realizes we are at the window waiting and she has this horrible attitude. I know it's fast food but damn, do your job with some respect or don't show up at all.

I believe in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt but this jack in the box is terrible! They take forever in the drive through at its 4:14 and slow. No cars in the parking lot and Im waiting forever with one car in front of me. Im now in front of the window and theres a girl standing on the other side of the window texting someone and ignoring me. Then the young guy handing me my food gave me the wrong fries but I told him they took a very long time to get my order and shes...read full review

When it comes to Jack no in the Box, my opinion is very biased. My have loved Jack in the Box since childhood. The only objective thing that folks might find helpful is to consider that as far as fast-food goes, Jack in the Box has a larger variety of food options. Things like egg-rolls, teriyaki rice bowls, stuffed jalepenos, chili dogs, etc. Options that most other burger places don't have.

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Popular Items

Stuffed Jalapeños$3.14
Where most see jalapeños, Jack sees opportunity. To bread ‘em and fill ‘em with melted cheeses. Yes, plural. And, if things get too hot, there’s tasty buttermilk ranch dipping sauce to cool down. Mmhmm. Jack’s got your back. And your stomach.
Jack's Spicy Chicken (Entrée)$5.26
You know Jack’s Spicy Chicken® is delicious when Jack—the man himself—puts his name on it. Every bite of this tasty heat wave means spicy crispy all-white meat chicken with fresh sliced tomato, lettuce and real mayonnaise all on a buttery bakery bun. Yeah, your stomach owes Jack a thank you card.
Sourdough Jack (Entrée)$5.37
You claim you’re not hungry, but that’s before you read about a 100% beef patty topped with bacon, tomato, Swiss-style cheese, real mayonnaise, and ketchup—all on toasted sourdough bread. One more time for emphasis. Toasted. Sourdough. Bread. See? Now you’re hungry.
Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger (Entrée)$5.92
How do you make an Ultimate Cheeseburger—with two beef patties, American and Swiss-style cheese, real mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, all on a buttery bakery bun—even more ultimate? You add three slices of bacon. You read that correctly. Three. Whoever coined “three’s a crowd” has obviously never had this burger.
Double Jack (Entrée)$5.46
This isn’t just a burger. This is a Declaration of Delicious. Two juicy, 100% beef patties with American cheese, fresh sliced tomatoes, hand leafed lettuce, and real mayonnaise—all on a buttery bakery bun. Yeah, Great Britain wishes they could get their hands on this amazing piece of America.

Featured Items

Sauced & Loaded Fries - Cheddar Bacon$3
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About Jack in the Box

Get classic burgers and sandwiches fast at Jack in the Box. The Buttery Jack has your back. But if you're not feeling very burgerific today, then maybe that Monster Taco is calling your name. Sides and milkshakes add even more munch to your lunch. And if you're on the go in the morning, pop by for breakfast with the Breakfast Jack to fuel up right. Jack in the Box is the fastest way to get good food to go!