Taco Bell - 500 8th Ave

Mexican, Fast Food

500 8th Ave, New York
(646) 476-7444



Reviews for Taco Bell

There was a homeless man placing his head on the trash bin sleeping there, another one talking to himself and looking at the customers with evil eyes, and they employees didn't have much hygiene, nor able to clean the store, it reeked of a bad odor and none of the employees were helpful, I love Taco Bell but I'm glad I'm not going there again. Mid management at its finest.

Messed up with the order.. Ordered chalupa and gave me soft taco. It was still ok though but i was looking forward to the chalupa as it is my fave amongst everything TB offers.. You don't expect your customers to open the wrap infront of you , Not to mention it was a to-go! you don't also expect me to come back for a $2 something exchange.

Please don't tell anyone. We have a secret crush. It's the $5 chalupa box. There's 1 chalupa, 1 hard shelled taco, and 1 burrito in it. And they are yummy and cheap. The box deal has been discontinued down south, so we were pleasantly surprised to find it on 8th Ave in NYC. Yes, I'm sure if I have many of these, my secret will be out... My cardiologist will surely see... I doubt they are good for you. But life is about more than eating right all the time. My secret's revealed....read full review

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