Taco Bell in Columbus

Taco Bell - 2111 E Livingston Ave

Rating: 4.3

2111 E Livingston Ave, Columbus OH 43209
(614) 231-0755

This Taco Bell used to be the worst Taco Bell on this side of town but after the remodel and under new management as far as franchise it's great. The employees appear to actually like their job and it shows in the food and service. I love near the Obetz location and rather drive to this location just because it seems...read more

Taco Bell - 200 N Wilson Rd

Rating: 4

200 N Wilson Rd, Columbus OH 43204
(614) 272-1045

I go mostly for the steak lagrange scrambler and I have them add bacon & the Cinnabon mini donuts are to die for!!!! My burrito is so loaded I have to save 1/2 of it and then I eat the rest for lunch. You can't beat that two meals for the price of one!!!!! The lady manager always has my order right and there is hardly...read more

Taco Bell - 4517 Kenny Rd

Rating: 4

4517 Kenny Rd, Columbus OH 43220
(614) 442-8255

Good food, great people

Taco Bell - 650 Georgesville Road

Rating: 4

650 Georgesville Road, Columbus OH 43228
(614) 351-4947

I was amazed at how fast they were able to get me through the drive thru. I have never been to a taco bell that was able to get me through the drive thru so fast. I have had better tasting taco bell, but it still wasn't too bad.

Taco Bell - 1312 W 5th Ave

Rating: 4

1312 W 5th Ave, Columbus OH 43212
(614) 486-8891

As far as I'm concerned, this is the absolute best Taco Bell on the face of this planet. They hook up you up super fat with the sauces. Are super kind and helpful when it comes to ordering (made suggestions for my lady's vegetarian Crunchwrap which she loved). Great attitude and I love when the cashier says "have...read more

Taco Bell - 8440 N High St

Rating: 3.9

8440 N High St, Columbus OH 43235
(614) 431-1424

This Taco Bell was Awesome. It Totally Stands Alone From The Other Taco Bell's I have been to. I was greeted right away with a hello & a smile. I had a large order, everything I order was repeated back to me, when I got my food everything was correct & DELICIOUS. I was there at 11am Saturday 3/9/19. Keep Up The Service...read more

Taco Bell - 2553 N High St

Rating: 3.9

2553 N High St, Columbus OH 43202
(614) 261-8193

This is the only location I go to when I want something. Had a bit of a wait but they gave me complimentary food for the wait which took me by surprise, but it was great. The ladies who were at the window were really nice and it was overall a good experience.

Taco Bell - 3834 Morse Rd

Rating: 3.8

3834 Morse Rd, Columbus OH 43219
(614) 478-4596

love the box deals always around $5!

Taco Bell - 3402 Cleveland Ave

Rating: 3.8

3402 Cleveland Ave, Columbus OH 43224
(614) 261-7433

remember...you don't buy taco bell...you rent taco bell! but, until the BG's set in...they serve good food from here. it could be the area or the age of the staff but service was definitely in line with one of those two options....but the food was good and they were fast to serve it.

Taco Bell - 5449 W Broad St

Rating: 3.8

5449 W Broad St, Columbus OH 43228
(614) 922-0318

Great place to eat! Awesome food, great staff!

Taco Bell - 2777 Billingsley Rd

Rating: 3.6

2777 Billingsley Rd, Columbus OH 43235
(614) 791-1777

Great food. Nice clean restaurant.

Taco Bell - 2225 E Dublin Granville Rd

Rating: 3.6

2225 E Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus OH 43229
(614) 895-7667

Black lady who took my order was the sweetest, kindest, very patient and helpful! My food was good! Overall, satisfied with my late food run, definitely worth it, especially in the toilet that morning.

Taco Bell - 7960 Worthington Galena Rd

Rating: 3.6

7960 Worthington Galena Rd, Columbus OH 43085
(614) 847-5881

On average I go here once a week. Sometimes they miss things on my order. Otherwise the food is good and the staff is friendly.

Taco Bell - 1557 W Broad St

Rating: 3.5

1557 W Broad St, Columbus OH 43222
(614) 276-0334

Not bad one of the better Taco Bells but always looks like it's closed no outside light on most of the time.

Taco Bell - 3605 S High St

Rating: 3.5

3605 S High St, Columbus OH 43207
(614) 497-8211

Fast friendly and nice workers very clean as well

Taco Bell - 4770 Sawmill Rd

Rating: 3.4

4770 Sawmill Rd, Columbus OH 43235
(614) 798-8332

The food is always fresh at this location and the employees are friendly.

Taco Bell - 1429 Polaris Pkwy

Rating: 3.3

1429 Polaris Pkwy, Columbus OH 43240
(614) 985-4859

Card/computer issues often. Never get my order wrong and its always hot.

Taco Bell - 1717 Morse Rd

Rating: 3.3

1717 Morse Rd, Columbus OH 43229
(614) 447-3010

Great facility. Food is as expected, but a bit sloppy on presentation. The staff are friendly, but a bit disshevled. Also a bit slower than expected. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Cleanliness is above average. Restrooms were clean and well stocked. Limited accessibility was well maintained and available at ever...read more

Taco Bell - 1339 Harrisburg Pike

Rating: 3.3

1339 Harrisburg Pike, Columbus OH 43223
(614) 276-4585

System seemed to be down but they got the line through pretty fast.

Taco Bell - 2421 S Hamilton Rd

Rating: 3.3

2421 S Hamilton Rd, Columbus OH 43232
(614) 866-6999

Taco bell is my favorite fast food choice by far ..... i love that ish ! At this location they always hook it up and it's fresh and on time . Can't go wrong

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