Fast Food Restaurants in Lyndhurst

“This place stunned me. I can't even beging to describe my experience. I saw a video about this place on Tik Tok and I had to try it. Since its my birthday on Wednesday, my dad took me out for dinner there. We walked in and the place smelled amazing! Everything looked extremely clean and well kept. Customer service was amazing, the nice man who took our order was super nice. I got the Fried Catfish and Shrimp Pasta and the OMG Stoner Fries, Dad god the Best Damn Cheese steak. We waited about 20 minutes which wasn't bad for the amount of food we got. Breakfast lunch and dinner for tomorrow too. Overall experience is a 20/10. Love everything about it.”

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“I had to stop in and partake in Cincinnati’s famous Skyline Chili. This location is out in the Cleveland area and it was a wonderful time.I saw the tiny door out front and was perplexed when I stepped back into this sizable diner style restaurant that runs deep back into the building. Bar seating sold me on the ambiance and we decided to eat at the stools.Trying the chili for the first time was unique, it wasn’t like I was expecting, instead it was sweet and had a sort of cinnamon flavor to it. I liked it though, just different than most other chilis I’ve tried. They also piled on the cheese, which got me super-excited. I love cheese on my chili.I never tried a 3, 4, or 5-Way before, so the noodles was a new spin, but you know what? I liked it. It was definitely a concept I’d love to have again. It’s just a shame I won’t get to visit often since I’m not from Ohio.If you’re stopping through, don’t pass up Skyline. When in Ohio, it’s a must do for visitors.”

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“Hello, was in earlier today. Was reading through previous comments and saw an inaccurate statement made by an elderly gentleman today. The worker was very patient with him and offered him choices of which bread he would like and additionally pulled out the Monterrey cheddar bread for him to view. His patience was not timely and decided to flip out on her and leave the location with the words “I’ll just find a different subway where I can see the bread”. She responded with an, “okay sir, have a good time”. I believe this was an inaccurate statement by this gentleman as I had very friendly service and was in and out quick. Food was fresh and my sub looked amazing. Very clean attention to detail. Will be back, one of the best subways In the area!”

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