7 Best Coffee Shops in Dickson

Cuppa Sunshine Coffee and Tea Coffee Shops • $
2753 TN-46, Dickson

Customers` Favorites

Substitute White Coffee
Ragin’ Italian Soda
Hot Chocolate Freeze
Caramel Banana Bread
Iced Caramel Latte
Assorted Muffins
Flavor Syrups
Brewed Coffee
Milk Options

“Cuppa Sunshine Coffee and Tea in Nashville offers top-notch frozen coffee and black cold brew at reasonable prices. The friendly staff, including the nice girls, make every visit enjoyable. Located in Dickson, it's a go-to spot for great coffee. With a drive-thru option and caffeine-free choices for kids, it's a popular choice in Middle TN. Don't hesitate to stop by and support this family-run gem!“

4.9 Superb66 Reviews
Moon Draped Coffee Shops • $
202 N Mulberry St Suite C, Dickson

Customers` Favorites

Chocolate Hazelnut Pastry
Iced Latte

“Moon Draped is a hidden gem, offering the best desserts and espresso drinks in Dickson. Customers love the morning sausage balls and variety of sweet treats like cheesecake and peach cobbler. The cute coffee shop and bakery has super friendly staff, making it a must-visit spot for coffee and treats.“

5 Superb54 Reviews
Pumphery & Beard Coffee Company Coffee Shops • $
134 N Main St, Dickson

Customers` Favorites

Scrambled Egg Bowl with Smoked Salmon and Avocado
Smoked Salmon Biscuit
Breakfast Burrito
Hash Potatoes
Avocado Toast
Drip Coffee
Honey Breve

“Pumphery & Beard Coffee Company is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. With its amazing atmosphere, it's a regular stop for many. The pleasant experience and warm welcome make it an ideal spot for kid-free days or family outings. Enjoy their delicious offerings, like the build your own egg bowl, and treat yourself to a great time.“

4.2 Good57 Reviews
Just Love Coffee Cafe - Dickson, TN Coffee Shops • $
702 E College St Suite 100, Dickson

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Salad Sandwich Platter
Chicken and Berry Waffles
White Chocolate Tiramisu
Bo Blueberry Waffle
Chicken and Waffles
Stuffed Nutella
Scrambled Eggs
Toffee Coffee
Avocado Toast

“Just Love Coffee Cafe in Dickson, TN offers great food, a clean and comfortable atmosphere, and fast and friendly service. Their coffee, including the ChaCha, is delicious and expertly prepared. The cafe is kid-friendly, with patient and welcoming staff. With a good selection of breakfast and lunch options, this cozy spot is a must-try.“

3.8 Good84 Reviews
Dunkin' Coffee Shops • $
105 Mathis Dr, Dickson

Customers` Favorites

Assorted Half Dozen or Dozen Donuts
Plain Stuffed Bagel Minis
Hazelnut Iced Coffee
Glazed Doughnut
Iced Macchiato
Hash Browns
Iced Latte
K-Cup Pods

“Dunkin' provides fast and friendly service, with workers who seem to enjoy their jobs. The food is usually fine, but some customers have experienced issues with stale bottled soda. On the other hand, the iced coffee is often spot on, and the breakfast items, like the bacon, egg, and white cheddar tortilla, can be a hit or miss. Despite some inconsistencies, the service is always great, making it a worthwhile visit.“

3.7 Good51 Reviews
House Blend Cafe • $
124 N Main St, Dickson

Customers` Favorites

Reeses Peanut Butter Coffee with Whipped Cream
Vienna Latte and Blueberry Scone
Broccoli Cheese Soup Large Bowls
Orange Cranberry Walnut Muffins
Grown Up Grilled Cheese
White Chocolate
Tuna Sandwich
Caramel Cream
Santa Fe Wrap
Caramel Mocha

“House Blend in Dickson is a favorite coffee, lunch, and gift shop. They offer keto-friendly options and a cozy atmosphere in the historic downtown area. The coffee is delicious, and the staff is friendly and accommodating. The shop is kid-friendly, with free Wi-Fi and nearby bookstores. It is wheelchair accessible with a gently sloped ramp and spacious restrooms. Customers love the perfect Americano with an extra shot and tasty Avocado toast with scrambled egg and sharp cheddar cheese.“

4.4 Superb53 Reviews
Speedy Cafe Coffee Shops • $
506 TN-46, Dickson

“Wait time should be considered if you are wanting really quick food. I've had a few things from here and they have been at least good to great. It was kind of slow at least once. I enjoyed seeing the pictures with details about the foods and smoothies and such.

Vegetarian options: Smoothies are available and very good

Dietary restrictions: I think the menu did a good job of letting you know what to expect in each item so you can decide for yourself if it is okay for you.

Parking: There is free parking with limited spaces.“

4.5 Superb2 Reviews