Ice Cream Shops near Old Hickory

Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Shop • $
Coolview Commons, 14835 Lebanon Rd, Old Hickory

“Today I went to pick up a Polar Pizza for my son's birthday. I was terribly disappointed that they had built it on the wrong crust. They offered the entire order to me for free! I was so delighted that they took full responsibility and did this. That is a well managed business! I will definitely be back there.“

3.8 Good5 Reviews
Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams Ice Cream Shop • $$
1892 Eastland Ave, Nashville - 7.13 miles

Customers` Favorites

Buttercrisp Waffle Cones
Chocolate Ice Cream
Wildberry Lavender
Peanut Butter Chip
Brambleberry Crisp
Brown Butter
Butter Cake

“I always request a stop at Jeni's when I'm in a city with a scoop shop, and it never disappoints. We stopped in today and they had four cosmic-themed flavors to celebrate the solar eclipse on April 8th. The shop even had stars hanging from the ceiling, a star-themed playlist playing in the background, and free eclipse glasses to boot. Branding was on point! I had a few samples, the kind lady behind the ice cream case said I could have as many as I wanted and if there hadn't been a line behind me I probably would've spent another 20min sampling everything. I'm a sucker for specials and got three of the eclipse flavors- Supermoon, Nebula Berry, and Cosmic Bloom- in a waffle bowl ofc bc this is literally the only ice cream shop where I won't deny myself the waffles. Nebula Berry and Cosmic Bloom packed a fruity flavorful punch. Supermoon had floral notes paired with a cereal milk flavor. It's a treat every time.“

4.8 Superb107 Reviews
Rolled 4 Ever Ice Cream Ice Cream Shop • $
1120 4th Ave N Suite #102, Nashville - 9.57 miles

Customers` Favorites

Cake by the Pound Ice Cream
Strawberry Ice Cream Poo
Monster Attack

“I loved this place! Me and my father came here and really enjoyed it. We went to the Smyrna TN location. Ladies were very friendly and interactive, place was clean and pretty. Food was awesome! I just hope they advertise better in the future so they can stay open, We will definitely come back! The story of this place is awesome, if you want to eat good icecream and support women, definitely come here!!“

4.7 Superb123 Reviews
Mattheessen's - Ice Cream, Cookies, Fudge Dessert • $
123 2nd Ave N fl 1, Nashville - 9.7 miles

Customers` Favorites

Peanut Butter Fudge Cookie Macarons and Other Cookie in Display Window
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie in the Front and a Macaroon in the Back
Chocolate Chip Cookie with Nuts
Peanut Butter Cookie Topped
Peanut Butter Cookie
Cookies and Ice-Cream
Brownie Explosion
Cookie Monster
Triple Scoop
Key Lime Pie

“Matheessen's cookies are most definitely the only reason you'll find me on Broadway, and their closing time is a great excuse to leave the bars early. Some of the best cookies out there and definitely the best I have had in Nashville!“

4.7 Superb112 Reviews
Baam Burger Hamburger • $
223 4th Ave N, Nashville - 9.77 miles

Customers` Favorites

Spicy Deluxe Chicken Burger
Baam Burger and Onion Rings
Double Cheeseburger Combo
Cheese Burger and Fries
Baam Burger and Fries
Double Cheese Burger
Chicken Sandwich
Hand-Cut Fries
Beef Burger
Fire Burger

“Came in on a Thursday evening, around 7pm. The place was complete empty so I wasn’t even sure if it was open. Thank goodness I came in! I ordered a cheeseburger (like a double patty smash burger) as is with a side of the sweet potato fries……..and let me tell you!!! By far one of the best burgers I’ve ever had in my life! The bun was so soft but held the burger together until the very last bite. I read about the fries before ordering them, everyone who said they were delicious was not exaggerating. Just moved into the neighborhood and so happy to find a locally owned spot that offered such delicious quality food.Just a side note, the place does get really busy. Just depends on the day and time but the people keep flowing in and out.“

4.7 Superb104 Reviews
Crumbl - Hendersonville Bakery • $
280 Indian Lake Blvd Ste 110, Hendersonville - 5.73 miles

Customers` Favorites

Smores Chicolate Chip Buckeye Birthday Cake Buckeye and Sugar Cookie
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk
Chocolate Chip Cookie Box
Butter Cookie Biscoff
Cookie & Cream Cookie
Strawberry Crumb Cake
Peanut Butter Cream
Key Lime Pie Cookie
Pink Sugar Cookie
Cornbread Cookie

“Certainly! Here's a review of the Pink Cookie from Crumble Cookie:The Pink Cookie from Crumble Cookie is a delightful treat that lives up to its name in both appearance and taste. This soft and chewy cookie boasts a vibrant pink hue, making it visually appealing and perfect for those seeking a pop of color in their dessert. Upon taking the first bite, you're greeted with a burst of sweetness and a hint of vanilla, complemented by the subtle crunch of sugar crystals on the exterior. The texture is just right - not too dense nor too crumbly - ensuring a satisfying experience with every bite. Whether you're a fan of classic sugar cookies or simply looking to indulge in something whimsical and delicious, the Pink Cookie from Crumble Cookie is sure to leave you craving more.“

4.6 Superb136 Reviews
Crumbl - Mt. Juliet Bakery • $
401 S Mt Juliet Rd #247, Mt. Juliet - 9.9 miles

Customers` Favorites

Brown Sugar Cinnamon ft Pop Tarts
Chocolate Cookies and Creme
Chocolate Chip Original
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Deep Fried Ice Cream
Milk Chocolate Chip
Catering Cookies
Churro Cookie
Sampler Plate

“Die besten Kekse die ich bis jetzt in den USA gegessen habe, die Bestellung über das Tablet ist total unkompliziert und funktioniert innovativ. Nach der Bestellung kommen die Zutaten frisch auf den Cookie. Alles geht super schnell und zu unserer vollen Zufriedenheit. Die Mitarbeiter sind super nett und Parkplätze gibt es vor dem Geschäft kostenlos!“

4.6 Superb115 Reviews
Jeremiah's Italian Ice Ice Cream Shop • $
2236 N Mt Juliet Rd, Mt. Juliet - 8.15 miles

Customers` Favorites

Orange Mango Tango
Small Italian Ice
Caramel Apple

“Great selection and taste. Staff is also friendly and answers questions about flavours. They provide samples too.. I liked the mango vanilla one..Kid-friendliness: They have small cups which are good for kids and large selection. Staff is also kid friendly.“

4.8 Superb56 Reviews
Mimi's Ice Cream & Coffee Shoppe Ice Cream Shop • $
2400 Music Valley Dr, Nashville - 3.87 miles

Customers` Favorites

Strawberry Cheesecake
Chocolate Ice Cream
Chocolate Brownie
Two Scoop Sundae
Cookies and Cream
Banana Splits
Butter Pecan
Birthday Cake
Waffle Cone
Whip Cream

“We were visiting Nashville from Chicago and decided to stop in to Mimi’s based on the reviews on Google.We were not disappointed!! Ice cream was DELICIOUS and Allison was extremely helpful with her suggestions on which flavors to get! A++!Well worth the detour!“

4.6 Superb99 Reviews
The Nashville Sundae Club Dessert • $
335 11th Ave S, Nashville - 10.46 miles

Customers` Favorites

Cookies and Cream
Orange Dreamsicle
The Elvis

“My daughter and I came to Nashville, TN from Charlotte, NC for a volleyball tournament and as soon as I saw the clever sign called Sundae Club I knew I hit JACKPOT!I was so happy to see such a beautiful ice-cream shop and happy atmosphere I didn’t know what to order so I told Jessica to make me something delicious and it was DELICIOUS! Thank you for such a yummy treat and for making my daughter the best milkshake she’s ever had! We’ll definitely be coming back here when we come back to Nashville!Lauren“

4.3 Superb155 Reviews
Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams Ice Cream Shop • $$
5054 Broadway, Nashville - 9.95 miles

Customers` Favorites

Salted Peanut Butter and Chocolate Flecks
Coffee with Cream & Sugar Pint
Buttercrisp Waffle Cones
Chocolate Ice Cream
Wild Berry Lavender
Brambleberry Crisp
Gooey Butter Cake
Lemon Bar

“The ice cream flavors here are amazing and you literally have so many options to try. I got the wild berry lavender and my husband got the dairy free lemon pie. He’s trying to watch his figure hahaha. Being 8 months pregnant my senses are heighten and let me tell you, these ingredients fresh, and the place feels good when you walk in the door! Service was great and you can sample everything. 10/10 highly recommend.“

4.6 Superb83 Reviews
Fryce Cream Ice Cream Shop • $
2905 12th Ave S STE 104, Nashville - 12.33 miles

“One of the BEST places in Nashville. The staff is incredible. They have the most AMAZING vegan/DF chocolate soft serve. That's something you can't find ANYWHERE!!! And recently added Gluten free fries to thier menu. Do yourself a favor and check this place out w the kids or w out!! They have craft beer also!!!“

4.8 Superb46 Reviews
Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams Ice Cream Shop • $$
2312 12th Ave S, Nashville - 11.98 miles

Customers` Favorites

Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks Pint
Brown Butter Almond Brittle Pint
Ice Cream Caldwiches
Chocolate Ice Cream
Brambleberry Crisp
Gooey Butter Cake
Texas Sheet Cake
Ice Cream Cone
Sugar Cones
Waffle Cone

“Jeni’s is the best ice cream of all time! Always five stars. We definitely have our favorites but like to rotate a little. Today’s bowl had brown butter almond brittle, salty caramel, and the dairy-free Texas sheetcake. So good!Vegetarian options: Several dairy-free options!“

4.6 Superb76 Reviews
Mike's Ice Cream Ice Cream Shop • $
129 2nd Ave N, Nashville - 9.7 miles

Customers` Favorites

Blueberry Cheesecake
Chocolate Ice Cream
Cookies and Cream
Hot Fudge Sundae
White Chocolate
Banana Pudding
Coffee Fudge
Cookie Dough
Waffle Cone

“The ice cream was delicious, slightly too soft however so by the time it’s placed on your cone, it is already dripping. So my recommendation to the location would be to lower the temperature of their freezers. The white chocolate mint Oreo was delicious like a shamrock shake, I also definitely recommend the pralines and cream flavor. However, the cake batter was ill flavorful and very plain. The homemade sodas were delicious they have dairy substitutes for your milkshakes. Cookies and cream milkshake was good. They have a vegan vanilla as well. Waffle cone was delicious, however, not made when ordered but possibly that morning? They were out or just somehow didn’t have the chocolate dipped waffle cone when I was there. Their one and only bathroom was slightly nasty.When we were there, there was this odd group of 3 30-year-olds, 2 would leave and come back in three times. They seemed to be doing something odd on their computer. They were there for 20 minutes at least- the whole time we were there that is for sure. However, other than them, it seem to be a safe and family friendly location. The seating was clean, wooden and beautiful.“

4.4 Superb115 Reviews
Donut Distillery Donut Shops • $
311 Gallatin Ave, Nashville - 7.78 miles

Customers` Favorites

Coffee Flight Without Donuts Non Alcoholic
Adult Coffee Flight with Matching Doughnuts
All 12 Flavors of Mini Donuts
Mimosa Pairing Flight
The Donut Milkshake
Various Mini Donuts
Assorted Mini Donuts
Death by Chocolate
Signature Donuts
Dreamsicle Donut

“we have been to Donut Distillery on multiple occasions. I personally love the Strawberry Lemonade and the Orange Tang. My only complaint is that the location at Food Assembly Hall is they are becoming much like McDonald's with being able to make the shakes. I love the Boozy Shakes, when you can actually get one. Last night you lost about 5 customers at the same time we were in line because of that.“

4.4 Superb114 Reviews
La Michoacana Deluxe Ice Cream Shop • $
903 Gallatin Pike S, Madison - 3.87 miles

“The ice cream was some of the best I've had in a while. It was fresh and of excellent quality - not airy like the cheap stuff. They had a mix of traditional flavors and unique ones. They also had paletas, fresh made popsicles with fresh fruits. The staff was friendly and the restaurant clean. If you've never tried an authentic Mexican ice cream shop La Michoacana delux is a great place to start!“

4.9 Superb25 Reviews
La Super Michoacana #4 Ice Cream Shop • $$
4038 Lebanon Pike, Hermitage - 4.39 miles

“I absolutely love this place!!! My first time and WOW. They make everything themselves and it really shows. Everything is so good as well as the service. I got mango, strawberry, and passion fruit. He got yogurt with fruit and granola. Both were SOOO GOOD! You can tell they took their time making everything. I will definitely be back.“

4.9 Superb22 Reviews
Hattie Jane's Creamery at Assembly Food Hall Ice Cream Shop • $
5055 Broadway, Nashville - 9.94 miles

Customers` Favorites

Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream
Waffle Cone
Hot Fudge

“S E R V I C E great service. we were immediately helped. friendly staff. attentive. ambiance was relaxed F O O D honeycomb: honeycomb candy, marshmlow fluff, cocoa nibs buttermilk chess pie milkshake: cookie jar supreme : homemade cookies, brownies, classic oreas milkshake, vanilla bean Googoo and jack: nashvilles googoo candy, fudge, Carmel ripper and Jack Daniel's the flavors are amazing. strong like Jenis. unique. taste test before you commit! milk shakes are too milky. so much so that the flavor is watered down. shame. the ice cream was amazing though! definitely hit the spot P R I C E $10 for double $9 for milkshake 15% tip“

4.4 Superb70 Reviews
Wanna Spoon Cereal Bar Coffee Shops • $
1111 Caruthers Ave, Nashville - 12.05 miles

Customers` Favorites

Frosted Flakes with Strawberries
Honey Nut Cheerios
Cereal Milk Latte
Breakfast Cereal
Fruity Pebbles
Cookie Crisp
Oreo O'S

“Fun spot for something sweet. Great for taking a minute to sit down and hang out. They also have a bunch of fun stuff for kids including corn hole, connect for, putt putt, and a "petting zoo"My wife and I both got shakes and they were great! Pretty good bang for your buck considering a large shake is $8Parking: There are plenty of paid lots close byWheelchair accessibility: Seems like it would be tight but doable. If I remember right the exit to the back lawn requires going down steps though“

4.3 Superb112 Reviews
Marble Slab Creamery Ice Cream Shop • $
200 Anderson Ln N Suite 108, Hendersonville - 5.2 miles

Customers` Favorites

Red Velvet Hot Cocoa Ice Cream
Golden Crust Classic Combo
Dipped Ice Cream Cones
Cookies N' Cream
Ice Cream Cups
Birthday Cake

“Rachel & Alexis were amazing and helped me with everything! I walked in late, and Rachel made my cookie cake slice to order (a beautifully made Christmas tree) and Alexis convinced my sweet tooth to get even more cookies to munch on for the weekend. 10/10 would recommend. Great staff and great service!!“

4.5 Superb34 Reviews
Handel's Ice Cream Ice Cream Shop • $
300 Indian Lake Blvd, Hendersonville - 5.9 miles

Customers` Favorites

4 Scoop Sampler
Medium Dish

“Ice cream is delicious and you get big chucks of goodness. Daughter got upset and crying because she wanted a waffle bowl instead of a cone. I believe her name was Sophie or Sophia (I'm terrible with names), and a few others made sure she left with a smile on her face and help her exchange it into a bowl with sprinkles on top. They went above and beyond to make the experience great for her. Sweet people and sweeter ice cream. 100% recommend giving it a try.“

4.7 Superb20 Reviews
Savannah's Candy Kitchen Ice Cream • $$
310 Broadway, Nashville - 9.78 miles

Customers` Favorites

Rice Krispie Treats

“I loved Savannah's Candy Kitchen they had so much varieties of candy. I purchased caramel apples, I wish the caramel apples had some sprinkles without the chocolate but it was still good. I bought one caramel apple & another one the next day but had it cut up. I prefer the whole apple, the cut up one was stuck to the paper & was way more messy than I thought it would be. They have homemade ice creams that looked super creamy. The servers were nice & patient.“

4.3 Superb63 Reviews
Legendairy Milkshake Bar Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt • $
171 3rd Ave N, Nashville - 9.72 miles

Customers` Favorites

Sweet & Salty Cheesecake
Campfire S'Mores Shake
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Chocolate Ice Cream
Banana Split Shake
Death by Chocolate
The Cookie Dough
Chocolate Chips
Chocolate Icing
Coffee & Donuts

“If you're going for the crazy milkshakes, they are definitely picture worthy. The menu made it a little confusing on how to order just regular ice cream. Overall, the place didn't feel as clean as I'm used to for this type of place, but perhaps it was just the time of day being near close.Parking: Public lot available across the street“

4 Good163 Reviews
Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams Ice Cream Shop • $
900 Rosa L Parks Blvd, Nashville - 9.89 miles

“A must stop while you're in Nashville! This ice cream shop is located at the eateries next to the farmer's market, at the far back wall. The employees were energetic and friendly, offered to let you try as many flavors while giving a basic run down of each flavor. I got the brown butter almond brittle and gooey butter cake ice cream in a waffle cone, and it was DELICIOUS!! My mouth is salivating just thinking about it! Definitely one of the highlights of our trip! (:“

4.5 Superb26 Reviews
Blue Monkey Shaved Ice Ice Cream Shop • $
2611 12th Ave S, Nashville - 12.21 miles

“So delicious! We got coconut, banana, pineapple. After we got back Hawaii we craved some shave ice like we had on the island. We found a perfect treat to satisfy our craving with Blue Monkey! They didn't have ice cream when we went so hopefully they have it next time but they did have the cream for kn top. We loved it! So yummy!“

4.9 Superb12 Reviews
Hattie Jane's Creamery Donelson Ice Cream Shop • $
2418 Lebanon Pike, Nashville - 6.34 miles

Customers` Favorites

Ice Cream Float
Single Scoop
Double Scoop

“Good customer service and great ice cream, the Nana pudding flavor was amazing. Saturday on march 16 I came in and it was very busy, but the 2 kind workers were very fast and efficient and got me my double scoop very quickly with very little wait.“

4.6 Superb18 Reviews
Sip Café Coffee Shops • $
3939 Gallatin Pike, Nashville - 5.18 miles

Customers` Favorites

Hand Dipped Ice Cream
Chocolate Croissant
Frozen Cappuccino
Cheese Danish
Iced Latte

“Unique atmosphere, fun location! Another reason to go to the Post Office across the street. Perfect place to kill time, while your car is getting worked on at Brown's Automotive. Delicious ice cream and coffee location! The staff are more than helpful, just plain honest and friendly!! Kid friendly and pet friendly! Wish they had a slip and slide!!“

4.2 Good77 Reviews
Le Macaron Nashville Macarons •
5006 Broadway, Nashville - 9.9 miles

Customers` Favorites


“I came in here to see what flavors in macarons they had and to see if I wanted to indulge in a treat. They had way more than just macarons! Cakes, chocolates, cookies, macarons, and more. The staff was very friendly and patient as I decided what I wanted. I went with my tried and true chocolate chip cookies and boy did I make the greatest decision of my life. Every time I try a great chocolate chip cookie it feels like I'm rediscovering the dessert for the first time and I fall in love all over again. Who knew that I would fall in love with a French patisseries chocolate chip cookies that are known for macarons! They were $8 for 2 but who knows when I'll be back so I bought another round lol (they came in packs of 2). If you come here for nothing else, COME FOR THE COOKIES!“

4.2 Good72 Reviews
Stompin' Grounds Nashville American • $$
201 8th Ave S, Nashville - 10.19 miles

Customers` Favorites

The Stomp Burger and Sweet Potato Fries
Stomp Burger and Fries
Biscuits and Gravy
Shrimp and Grits

“Was staying at the Westin but did not like their coffee. Stumbled onto Stompin' Grounds at JW Marriott and went there the next four days. Best cold brew I've had, and the service was amazing. I am singling out Opal because she was so awesome. Not only delivering great service, she also had great tips on where to go in what to do in Nashville. Hang onto her Stompin' Grounds.“

4.2 Good69 Reviews
Bruster's Real Ice Cream Ice Cream Shop • $
350 E Main St, Hendersonville - 4.89 miles

Customers` Favorites

Double Chocolate Chunk
Southern Banana Puddin
Turtle Cheesecake
Hot Fudge Brownie
Cookie Dough

“Drove all the way from Chicago,IL to try this ice cream (jk I was visiting and stumbled upon this). I ordered small waffle cone with two scoops of double chocolate chunk— and it was yummy. Will definitely be coming back if I’m in the area. The employees were very friendly and gave a very good vibe.“

4.2 Good67 Reviews
Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Shop • $
170 E Main St Suite E, Hendersonville - 4.22 miles

“Theresa, the owner went out of her way to make my birthday super special. For my 48 birthday my husband asked what cake I wanted as my special request and I said a clown cone from Baskin Robbin’s this was my absolute favorite when I was kid growing up going weekly with my grandparents to Baskin Robbin’s in Madison Square. Theresa, knocked it out of the park and made the most adorable clown cone ever! You surely made me smile and brought back so many precious memories! Thank you again Theresa!????“

4.2 Good17 Reviews
Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Shop • $
McHenry Shopping Center, 1777 Gallatin Pike N, Madison - 4.01 miles

“I stopped by this location fairly late but the young ladies there were so patient with me while i made up my mind. They offered options and offered to let me taste anything i was curious about!Since i was getting my ice cream to go and asked for topping after, they put some toppings in a small cup for me to add later. They were great there tonight!“

4.3 Superb11 Reviews