28 Best Japanese Restaurants in Katy

Twenty Five Teishoku House Japanese • $$
21784 Katy Fwy ste 100, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Grilled Salted Mackerel
Salmon and Tuna Tacos
Hamachi Kama Teishoku
Yellowtail Jalapeno
Salmon Spicy Tuna
Grilled Mackerel
Pan Fried Gyoza
Salmon Teriyaki
Hamburg Steak
Uni Handroll

“Twenty Five Teishoku House offers a unique and classic take on Japanese cuisine in Katy. The restaurant boasts a well-curated drink menu and attentive service, making it a perfect spot to celebrate special occasions. The decor is beautiful, and the dishes are presented with attention to detail. Diners recommend trying the House hamburger and the Teishoku tray, which includes high-quality sashimi and fresh wasabi. The octopus and blue fin tuna tacos are also a hit, with fresh and balanced flavors. Guests appreciate the knowledgeable staff and the complimentary dessert offered by the chef for special occasions. Overall, Twenty Five Teishoku House provides an impressive dining experience that will leave customers wanting to come back for more.“

4.5 Superb113 Reviews
Donkey Yaki Japanese • $
Inside HMart Food Hall, 23119 Colonial Pkwy bldg b, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Beef Ribeye Teriyaki Dinner
Veggie Spring Rolls 3
Curry Cheese Donkatsu
Ribeye Beef Teriyaki
Gyoza Dumplings 8
Chicken Teriyaki
Potato Croquette
Curry Donkatsu
Ika Kushiage
Pork Katsu

“Donkey Yaki offers great authentic Japanese/Korean food with generous portions at a great price. The Teriyaki Beef Ribeye and Gyoza Dumplings are highly recommended, while the Curry Donkatsu is a must-try. The food is delicious, fresh, and crispy, served with fast and friendly service in a nice ambiance. Worth a visit!“

4.6 Superb40 Reviews
Kokai Sushi and Lounge Japanese • $$
2404 Texmati Dr #101, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Menú Infantil Brocheta de Pollo Teriyaki
Valentine - Aderezo de Ajonjoli
Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva
Sushi Tsunami and Vulcano
Ceviche de la Casa
Lunch Special Roll
Unagi Dynamite
Shrimp Tempura
Caribbean Roll
Tempura Shrimp

“Kokai Sushi and Lounge is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The restaurant is known for its excellent service, with friendly and attentive waiters who provide personalized recommendations. The menu features a range of delicious dishes, including the Caribbean, Tropical, and Mother and Son options. Don't miss the tuna dressing and fried suzuki, or try the primavera roll, house salad, and tsunami roll. With a focus on quality food and drink, Kokai Sushi and Lounge is a 100% recommended destination.“

4.7 Superb311 Reviews


Toki Japanese • $$
5803 N Fry Rd Suite 103, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream
Chicken Crunch Roll 5
Inari Tofu Skin Sushi
Takoyaki & NASA Roll
Spicy Chicken Ramen
California Roll 8
Sashimi Platter
Cheese Sticks
Yakuza Roll
Fried Milk

“Toki Sushi Ramen offers a delightful dining experience with its fresh and flavorful sushi, ramen, and combo meals. The lunch special is a fantastic value, providing a variety of options at an affordable price. The restaurant's inviting ambiance and attentive, friendly service create a comfortable atmosphere, making it a popular spot for sushi aficionados and ramen lovers alike. Whether you're craving the tiger roll, Houston roll, or crazy roll, the combination meals offer a great way to sample multiple dishes. With its clean, kid-friendly environment and wheelchair accessibility, Toki Sushi Ramen is a welcoming destination for a satisfying and enjoyable meal.“

4.7 Superb85 Reviews
RAKKAN Ramen - Katy Japanese • $
1321 N Westgreen Blvd #300, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Hot Brussels Sprouts Salad 460 Cal
Octopus Balls Takoyaki 230 Cal
Spicy Garnet Vegan 580 Cal
Garnet Vegan 560 Cal
Shrimp Shumai 190 Cal
Crispy Chicken Bowl
Avocado Tofu Bowl
Grilled Pork Bowl
Spicy Tuna Bowl
Spicy Beef Gyoza

“RAKKAN Ramen delivers an elite experience from greeting to seating to serving. The ramen is absolutely the best, and the chicken bun is finger-licking delicious. The noodles and broth are delicious, and the crispy beef gyoza has great flavors. Every location consistently impresses, making it a highly recommended chain for a great ramen experience.“

4.5 Superb129 Reviews
Aji Ramen Japanese • $
1645 Winding Hollow Dr #206, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Skewer Ramen
Kid Tonkotsu Ramen
Aji Fried Rice
Edamame Plate
Chicken Ramen
Miso Ramen

“Aji Ramen is a delightful surprise with delicious and fresh food. The Tonkotsu ramen is flavorful and creamy, offering a satisfying experience. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere, friendly service, and a variety of tasty options like jalapeño poppers, tempura, and robata dishes. If you're in the mood for Japanese cuisine, Aji Ramen is a must-visit spot that won't disappoint.“

4.6 Superb53 Reviews
Torii Japanese Inspired Japanese •
22403 Grand Cir Blvd B102, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Salad with Sesame Dressing
Brussels Sprouts
Sashimi Special
Salmon Sashimi
Spicy Scallop
Duck Breast
Salmon Roe
Miso Soup

“Torii Japanese Inspired offers a unique dining experience, blending Japanese cuisine with influences from Thailand and Vietnam. The restaurant is known for its fresh and delicious dishes, crafted with meticulous craftsmanship. Each piece of sushi is a testament to exceptional quality and flavor, with standout options like Uni and Shrimp Sushi with Caramel Sauce. The owner's personal touch adds a special atmosphere, making every moment feel curated. With a hidden location near H Mart, Torii Japanese Inspired is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, offering an unparalleled culinary adventure for sushi connoisseurs and newcomers alike.“

4.4 Superb113 Reviews
Mafia sushi Sushi • $$
1321 N Westgreen Blvd #500, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Unagi Octopus Red Sanpper Sushi
Lunch Sushi Combination
Super Vegas Nevada Roll
American Gangster Roll
Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen
Seasoned Calamari
Shishito Peppers
Vegetable Tempura
Refreshing Roll
California Roll

“Mafia Sushi is a highly acclaimed sushi restaurant known for its outstanding Omakase experience and deliciously fresh sushi. Customers praise the speedy service, well-designed ambiance, and expertly crafted dishes. Whether celebrating a special occasion or indulging in a sushi craving, Mafia Sushi delivers an exceptional dining experience.“

4.8 Superb192 Reviews
Fuji Sushi Japanese • $
2001 Katy Mills Blvd Suite G, Katy

Customers` Favorites

California Roll
Sushi Rice
Tuna Sushi
Fuji Roll
Poke Bowl
Miso Soup

“Fuji Sushi offers top-notch quality with super fresh and well-made dishes. The restaurant is perfect for a slow, relaxing dinner with kind servers. Expect a longer dining time, but worth it. Prices can average $75 per person. Enjoy a friendly atmosphere with great options like the fuji tartar, rainbow roll, and true love roll. Lunch menu also offers generous portions at a great price, with fresh tuna and salmon options.“

4.4 Superb51 Reviews
Dizihana Japanese •
425 Ripple Edge Ct, Katy

“Dizihana is a restaurant known for its delicious, freshly made food using quality ingredients. The service is friendly and the wait for the order is worth it, as the food is praised for its great taste. Both the chicken and shrimp bowl, as well as the New York steak and jumbo shrimp, are highly recommended. The food truck is considered a hidden gem, leaving customers satisfied and eager to return.“

5 Superb12 Reviews


RaKuu Japanese • $
22635 Morton Ranch Rd Suite 220, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Vietnamese Egg Rolls 4
Spicy Garlic Edamame
Chicken Fried Rice
Shaggy Dog Sushi
Pork Dumplings
Spring Rolls
House Salad
Veggie Pho
Pad Thai

“RaKuu offers an exquisite sushi experience with fresh and beautifully presented dishes bursting with flavor. The menu includes a variety of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese foods at reasonable prices. The staff is welcoming and knowledgeable, providing top-notch service without being intrusive. The ambiance is inviting with a modern Asian influence, making it a perfect spot for a date night.“

4.2 Good55 Reviews
Shing Ya Izakaya Japanese • $
23227 Mercantile Pkwy Ste A-9, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Salmon Sashimi
Chicken Katsu

“Shing Ya Izakaya is a new restaurant with a clean and inviting atmosphere. The ramen is highly recommended, with excellent broth and tasty pork katsu with curry. The service is friendly, with the owner going above and beyond to make the experience enjoyable. The sashimi and chirashi bowl were decent, though slightly fishy. Prices are a bit high, but the quality of the food justifies it. Overall, a great spot for a delicious meal, whether dining in or taking out.“

4.2 Good26 Reviews
Zake Sushi & Ramen Japanese • $
23119 Colonial Pkwy, Katy

Customers` Favorites

zn1 – Zake Special Ramen
Black Garlic Ramen
Braised Rib Ramen
Colorado Roll
Chicken Ramen
Spider Roll
Fried Rice
Miso Soup
Miso Ramen
Takoyaki 5

“Zake Sushi & Ramen is a great destination for Japanese cuisine. Their Tonkotsu Ramen is flavorful, and their chashu is delicious. The service is exceptional, with friendly, attentive, and responsive servers. The menu offers a variety of dishes, including Gyoza, Eel Rice, Seaweed Salad, and Fried Rice. The Chicken Ramen is also a standout. Despite being in a busy location, parking is manageable with some planning.“

4 Good83 Reviews


Tobiuo Sushi • $$
23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd Suite H130, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Sashimi Set Three or Five Kind
Off All Specialty Rolls
Cereal Milk Panna Cotta
Diced Shrimp Tempura
Soft Shell Crab Roll
Miso Butter Scallops
Valrhona Mousse Cake
Chocolate Lava Cake
Tobiuo Tasting Menu
Spicy Edamame V

“Tobiuo is a restaurant that serves fresh and delicious sushi, with huge rolls that are a great size. The servers are kind, attentive, and willing to help with menu suggestions. The restaurant has a clean, dark, and pretty atmosphere with a vintage look, and a full bar. It's also kid-friendly, with crayons and coloring available. Recommended dishes include the Oki Sake, Shiso Crunchy sushi rolls, oshinko crudo, spicy garlic edamame, hot stone waygu beef, and short rib. The presentation of the dishes is beautiful, and the flavors are incredible. Overall, Tobiuo is a must-try restaurant that will leave a lasting impression.“

4.6 Superb132 Reviews
Sushi Hara Japanese • $
23119 Colonial Pkwy Building B, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Salmon Avocado Roll
K 01 Chicken Katsu
Seafood Udon Soup
Seafood Yaki Udon
Salmon Teriyaki
Clam Miso Soup
Shrimp Tempura
Rainbow Roll
Salmon Poke

“Sushi Hara is a restaurant located in a food court, known for its cleanliness and friendly employees. The Salmon Don and Don Katsu Bento Box are popular meals, as well as the Shrimp Tempura Roll and Katsu. The Gimbap has received high praise, but the Miso Soup is described as salty with a small portion. The Salmon Don has been criticized for having too much rice and thin slices of salmon, with a price that is not considered worth it for the amount of salmon given. The restaurant provides a buzzer for customers when their food is ready and serves filling portions.“

3.8 Good27 Reviews
Sushi Hana Japanese • $
1638 S Mason Rd, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Shrimp and Veggie Tempura Appetizer
Snow Crab Mango Roll Cooked 8pcs
Hawaiian Roll Black Forest Roll
Shrimp Tempura Appetizer
Tempura Lunch Bento Box
Philadelphia Roll
California Roll
Sushi Hana Box
Octopus Salad
Fried Rice

“Sushi Hana offers a delightful experience with delicious food and attentive staff. The "TONY roll" is a standout, along with fresh sushi and tasty Spicy Ponzu sauce. Known for being kid-friendly, this clean restaurant has a wide variety of reasonably priced options. With loyal customers returning for over 16 years, Sushi Hana comes highly recommended for a fantastic sushi dining experience.“

3.9 Good120 Reviews


Ichiban Teppanyaki • $$
23523 Katy Fwy Ste.111, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Chicken and Vegetable Hibachi
Hibachi Steak and Shrimp
Steak & Chicken Hibachi
Fried Rice Combination
Seafood Combo Hibachi
Vegetable Spring Roll
Chicken Teriyaki Box
Fried Baby Squid
Side Fried Rice
Sashimi Regular

“Ichiban is a nice place to celebrate special occasions with delicious food and amazing staff. Although some found the food a bit salty, the experience was overall positive. The chef is highly recommended for a great dining experience. The manager and bartender, Peter, stands out for his friendliness and excellent service, making unique and satisfying drink recommendations. Despite some issues with customer service and being rushed to leave the table, Ichiban is a good spot for enjoying food, drinks, and conversation.“

3.9 Good123 Reviews


Taizzi Sushi • $$
1997 Katy Mills Blvd #900, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Spicy Garlic Edamame
Fatty Salmon Squid
California Roll
Salmon Sashimi
Shrimp Tempura
Seaweed Salad
Beef Bulgogi
Dragon Roll
Fried Rice
Spicy Tuna

“Taizzi is a small, well-designed, and clean restaurant with exceptional service that prioritizes customer satisfaction. The food is superior, with fresh and delicious options. Their all-you-can-eat sushi menu offers a wide variety of choices, including unique specialty rolls, with no limits on nigiris and sashimis. While some dishes may not impress, the salmon sashimi, mixed O, ono sashimi, and unagi pieces are standout favorites. With charming and welcoming staff, Taizzi is a top recommendation for sushi lovers.“

4.5 Superb116 Reviews
Uncle Tetsu Bakery • $
23333 Grand Cir Blvd, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Japanese Oreo Cheese Cakes
Original Cheese Tarts
Ube Cheesecake
Black Sesame
Ube Halaya

“Uncle Tetsu offers a Japanese Cheesecake with a soft and fluffy texture, like a cloud. The cheesecake is available in different flavors, including a Burnt Basque Cake with a slightly stronger lemon flavor and aroma. The price is decent for the size of the cheesecake.“

4.6 Superb78 Reviews
DARUTORI - Nagoya Style Wings & Boba Chicken Wings • $
5102 FM 1463 STE 600, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Crispy Chicken Sandwich Combo
Divine Bird Chicken Sandwich
Original Chicken Wings
Divine Bird Sandwich
Boneless Chicken
Ice Cream Sample
Popcorn Chicken
Chicken Tenders
Fried Mushrooms
Chicken Strips

“DARUTORI - Nagoya Style Wings & Boba is a restaurant known for its delicious chicken dishes. Located in Fulshear, it offers a variety of options such as tenders, popcorn chicken, sandwiches, and wings. The golden curry sauce and divine bird seasoning are highly recommended. For every $30 spent, customers get a free token for gatcha pon machines. Ordering a combo allows for a free drink, including boba. The menu is simple, and the restaurant is kid-friendly. The sandwiches and popcorn chicken are popular items. The service and cleanliness of the restaurant are commendable. It is an excellent place to enjoy a meal without cooking.“

4.6 Superb54 Reviews

Sushi 9

Sushi 9 Sushi • $$
1830 S Mason Rd, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Salmon and Unagi Hand Roll
All You Can Eat Sushi
Spicy Edamame Beans
Green Tea Ice Cream
Pepper Tuna Tataki
Chicken Teriyaki
Salmon Sashimi
Seaweed Salad
Salmon Sushi
Dragon Roll

“Sushi 9 is a restaurant known for its all-you-can-eat sushi and sake bombs. The server, Henry, is mentioned as providing excellent service. The price is over $30 per person for adults, with kids priced at $1 per year up to 11 or 12 years old. The shrimp tempura is specifically recommended as a hidden gem. The restaurant offers a variety of rolls, with fish of good enough quality that the reviewer's family, who lived in Japan, enjoyed it. For those who do not want sushi, there are plenty of baked options. Vegetarian options are available, but there may be concerns about potential contact with meat or fish. The restrooms are noted as small and in need of maintenance. Overall, Sushi 9 offers a good deal for the variety and quality of food provided.“

4.4 Superb97 Reviews
Krazy Katsu & Udon Korean • $
4747 FM 1463 Suite 800, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Shrimp Katsu Udon Set
Curry Udon with Pork
Udon Noodle Soup
Pork Katsu Curry
Macaroni Salad
Katsu Chicken
Cheese Katsu
King Katsu
Fish Katsu

“Krazy Katsu & Udon is a modern and clean restaurant that serves good food at a reasonable price. The katsu goes well with the sauce, lettuce, and rice, making for a satisfying meal. The udon soup is comforting and the katsu udon combo is a popular choice. The service is friendly and attentive, with staff eager to ensure customers have everything they need. The chicken katsu & udon set with a side of katsu cheese is particularly recommended, with the katsu being described as the best ever had.“

4.5 Superb51 Reviews
Tsukiji Fusion Sushi - Katy Sushi • $
24449 Katy Fwy #400, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Charizard Roll and Shaggy Dog Roll
Miso Soup

“Tsukiji Fusion Sushi is a restaurant that offers a great dining experience with its spacious and beautifully decorated interior, ample parking, and exceptional service. They have a variety of options on the menu, making it a nice quiet restaurant for couples or families. Even pregnant women who choose not to have raw fish can find suitable alternatives. The sushi and sashimi, particularly the sashimi combo from the lunch special menu, are highly recommended. Portion sizes are generous, with a diverse selection of fish, and the quality is top-notch, featuring fresh and thick slices of sashimi. Complementing the meal are tasty sides like gyoza, fried rice, and California rolls. For those who enjoy desserts, their chocolate spring rolls with ice cream are a unique and delightful choice. The restaurant caters well to kids, providing highchairs and balloons when requested. Overall, Tsukiji Fusion Sushi is a fantastic place for a meal, and it's worth returning for more of their excellent sushi and service.“

4.2 Good53 Reviews
Fuji Sushi Sushi Bar • $
5215 FM 1463 Suite# 950, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Fried Vegetable Egg Roll
Sashimi Appetizer Sampler
Spicy Garlic Edamame
Salmon Avocado Roll
Rainbow Naruto Roll
Steak Fried Rice
Chicken Yakitori
Combo Fried Rice
California Roll
Spicy Tuna Roll

“Fuji Sushi is a highly recommended sushi restaurant known for its fresh and delicious food. The customer service is exceptional, making it a go-to place for many. The lunch specials offer great value. The Tiger Roll, Pink Lady, and Dynamite Rolls are particularly popular. While parking can be limited, the sushi is consistently good and worth the visit.“

4.1 Good74 Reviews
Fusion Wok Sushi and Stir Fry Asian • $$
2731 FM 1463Suite 300, Katy

“Fusion Wok Sushi and Stir Fry is a quick and confident sushi shop with incredible food and service. The ambiance is on point, and the staff is respectful and helpful. The menu features popular items like the 1463 roll, chopped scallop nigiri, sunset roll, and salmon platter, all of which are consistently fresh and reasonably priced. However, some customers have noted that recent price increases have resulted in smaller portions, making it less value for money. Despite this, the food remains amazing, with some dishes, like the combo fried rice, being a highlight. Overall, Fusion Wok is a great spot for sushi lovers, but be aware of the potential pricing and portion issues.“

3.9 Good41 Reviews


Akashi Sushi • $
9550 Spring Green Blvd, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Rock & Roll Shrimp Tempura
General TSO's Chicken
Godzilla Roll
Orange Chicken
Sushi Combo B
Miso Soup

“Akashi is a convenient restaurant serving delicious sushi and other dishes. While they excel in sushi, their Chinese dishes may not meet expectations. Popular options include the Volcano Roll, Chop Chop Roll, and New Orleans Roll, all made with fresh ingredients. The Tiger Eye Roll and garlic broccoli dish are also highly recommended. The lunch special is a great value, offering two rolls, miso soup, and salad for under $15. With friendly service and a quiet atmosphere, Akashi is a great spot for a pleasant dining experience. Be sure to save room for the strawberry mochi dessert!“

3.5 Good53 Reviews
Teriyaki Madness Asian Fusion • $
25705 Katy Fwy #110, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Spicy Chicken Teriyaki Bowl
Side of Teriyaki Chicken
Spicy Chicken Bowl
Chicken Katsu Bowl
Mad Spicy Chicken
Mad Spicy Steak
Chicken Eggroll
Orange Chicken
Crab Rangoons

“Teriyaki Madness offers delicious and filling meals, known for its well-cooked chicken, steak, and beef teriyaki. The staff is friendly and accommodating, even for late-night orders. A great place to dine in or take out, suitable for families and individuals.“

3.1 Average50 Reviews
Atami steak and sushi Teppanyaki • $$
549 S Mason Rd, Katy

Customers` Favorites

Side Order Hibachi Fried Rice
Hibachi Steak Chicken Shrimp
Hibachi Steak Shrimp
Yakitori Don Bowl
Chicken Teriyaki
Hibachi Chicken
California Roll
Miso Soup

“Atami steak and sushi in Katy is a family-friendly restaurant known for its delicious hibachi filet mignon and entertaining chefs. The hibachi lunch menu offers a variety of options like salmon, shrimp, and crab puffs, all highly rated. While the decor could use a refresh, the great food, service, and accommodation of dietary restrictions make it a great dining experience. The ambiance is casual and perfect for kids and families, with plenty of parking available. Enjoy a show while dining on tasty Japanese cuisine at Atami! Total bill around $85.“

3.1 Average82 Reviews