47 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Laredo

O.L. Vegetarian Restaurant Vegetarian •
2330 Jacaman Rd #6201, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Tostadas de Ceviche Quinto Sol
Enchiladas Suizas
Chile Relleno

“O.L. Vegetarian Restaurant, also known as El Quinto Sol, is a great spot for those seeking delicious and inclusive meal options. The menu is extensive, helpfully flagging vegan, gluten-free, and spicy dishes. Standout items include guacamole with chips, pico de gallo, posole, and veggie soups. Their crispy cauliflower tacos, served with charro beans that have bits of tofu, are a must-try. The restaurant also offers dishes with faux meat, but many options exclude it. The service is excellent, and the atmosphere is bright and clean. Additionally, they offer vegan-friendly dishes like the fresh Tostadas ceviche. This restaurant is a must-visit for a satisfying and flavorful dining experience.“

4.7 Superb26 Reviews
El Quinto Sol Vegetarian • $
2330 Jacaman Rd #6201, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Chile Relleno Nopales Calabaza Con Elote Y Agua de Pi
Wheat Pancakes with Apples and Pecans
Tacos Rajas Con Queso
Eggplant Vegan Tacos
Vegetarian Spaghetti
Burrito Callejero
Chile En Nogada
Frozen Yogurt
Soy Burger

“El Quinto Sol offers delicious vegetarian and vegan options. Dishes like albondigas, chile rellenos with soy, and nopalitos en chile roja are flavorful and fresh. The restaurant also sells herbal products. The venue is clean with ample parking, including spaces for handicap parking. With a variety of tasty options, this spot is a must-try for veggie lovers.“

4 Good44 Reviews
Tabernilla Tapas Bar • $$
7124 Bob Bullock Loop Ste. 101, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Tabla De Carnes Y Queso Al Gusto Del Comensal
Seafood Paella De Mariscos
Chorizo and Chicken Paella
Goat Cheese and Asparagus
Gambas Al Ajillo
Tablas De Queso
Patatas Bravas
Cured Meats

“Tabernilla offers a delightful tapas experience with a variety of flavorful dishes. The Dátil, Pato membrillo, Salmon montadito, Tortilla Española, and Queso de cabra crujiente are standout favorites, showcasing the restaurant's expertise in blending sweet, salty, and smoky notes. The service is attentive, the decor is beautiful, and the prices are reasonable, making Tabernilla a must-visit spot in Laredo.“

4.5 Superb43 Reviews
Tacos Kissi Mexican • $
4318 San Bernardo Ave, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Una Parrillada de Fajitas Y Tripitas
Mariscada Ala Plancha Con Ajo
Tacos de Guisados Varios
Cocktail de Camarones
Tostadas De Ceviche
Tostada de Camaron
Huevos Divorciados
Tacos Carne Asada
Teppenyaki Mixed
Tostadas de Pollo

“Tacos Kissi offers a phenomenal variety of tacos, with Carne Asada Tacos being a favorite. The Mexico style eggs and breakfast tacos are also highly recommended. The shrimp dishes, especially the shrimp cocktail, are delicious. The service is friendly, efficient, and quick. The restaurant has top-notch security measures in place. Overall, a clean and nice place with great food and service, definitely recommended to others.“

4.4 Superb65 Reviews
La Finca Bruncheria & Cafe Brunch • $
1713 E Del Mar Blvd Ste. 6C, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Chilaquiles Toluqueños Scrambled
Almond Crusted French Toast
Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Machacado A la Mexicana
Crepas Nieve Y Nutella
Cinnamon French Toast
Chilaquiles Toluquenos
Classic French Toast
Salmon Avocado Toast
Huevo A la Mexicana

“La Finca Bruncheria & Cafe offers a delightful experience with delicious food and excellent service. The salsa adds the perfect kick, and the chilaquiles and pancakes are yummy. The atmosphere is lovely, with great music choices. While the parking can be a bit tricky due to popularity, it's worth it for the quality of food and kind service. Perfect for celebrating special occasions or having brunch with friends.“

4.3 Superb123 Reviews
Bolillos Cafe Central Cafe • $
620 E Saunders St, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Chilaquiles Estilo Bolillos
Enchiladas Sampler Platter
Chilaquiles Verdes
Queso Planchado
Chiles Relleno
Pan Dulce

“Bolillos Cafe Central in Laredo, Texas, is a cozy spot with delicious food and epic service. The varied menu includes options like coffee and huevos divorciados, as well as poblano chicken. The bakery selection is great for breakfast or a coffee break with friends. Despite its small size, the restaurant offers a welcoming atmosphere and top-notch service, making it a must-visit spot in Laredo.“

4.6 Superb25 Reviews
Mariscos Pacífico Seafood • $
6102 McPherson Rd, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Breaded Fish Platter
Camarones Louisiana
Sopa De Mariscos
Coconut Shrimp
Mojarŕa Frita

“Mariscos Pacífico offers delicious food and good specials. Vegetarian options include a refreshing cucumber salad with avocado and black sesame seeds. The menu features unique dishes like the oyster shot and Chipotle salmon, which is praised for its freshness and smoky flavor. The location is clean and inviting, with attentive service despite some minor kitchen coordination issues.“

4.3 Superb69 Reviews
La Carreta Carnes Asadas Mexican • $$
9109 McPherson Rd #4, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

5 Kilo Fajita Arrachera Y Sausage
Ribeye Steak and Tostada
Tampiquena Steak Plate
Enchiladas Callejeras
Arrachera La Carreta
Chicken Fajita Plate
Fresh Flour Tortilla
Carreta Steak Plate
Enchiladas Potosinas
Chilaquiles Carreta

“La Carreta Carnes Asadas is a top-notch Mexican restaurant that consistently impresses with its excellent customer service and fresh, delicious food. The staff efficiently handles large gatherings and busy nights, providing attentive service and ensuring a great dining experience. The menu offers something for every hour of the day, with popular items like parrilladas and a variety of drinks, including Palomas and Micheladas. With a private room available for large groups and reasonable pricing, La Carreta is an ideal choice for celebrations and everyday dining.“

4.3 Superb65 Reviews
El Sombrero Azul Salvadoran • $
1003 E Saunders St, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Pupusas Revueltas

“El Sombrero Azul is a hidden gem serving delicious Salvadoran cuisine. The restaurant, though small, is clean and family-operated, offering great flavors at good prices. Favorites include the pupusas, especially the scrambled and bean pupusas with cheese, paired with tomato sauce. The Platillo Típico Salvadoreño is also a popular choice, featuring a variety of dishes like the Pupusa especial, Combinada, empanada, and pastel. Don't miss the refreshing Horchata de morro drink. With friendly service and generous portions, El Sombrero Azul is a must-visit for a satisfying meal.“

4.7 Superb17 Reviews
Texas Roadhouse Steak House • $$
5722 San Bernardo Ave, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Sirloin & Grilled Shrimp Combo with Green Beans
Monterey Jack Chicken Sandwich
Sirloin Con Papá Al Horno
6 Oz Sirloin Steak Dinner
Extra Fresh-Baked Bread
Lil' Dillo Steak Bites
Country Fried Sirloin
Grilled Chicken Salad
Herb Crusted Chicken
Chicken Caesar Salad

“Texas Roadhouse offers delicious food, particularly the well-cooked and tasty meat. The service is exceptional, making for a great dining experience. However, the restaurant is small and can have long wait times, possibly up to an hour or more during weekends. It is recommended to go without hunger and plan ahead to ensure a table. There is a children's menu with various options available, making it kid-friendly.“

4.2 Good144 Reviews
Mariscos Kissi Seafood • $$
6102 McPherson Rd, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Tacos De Carne Asada
Ceviche de Pescado
Molcajete Fresco
Mariscada Plate
Shrimp Cocktail
Pescado Frito
Tom Yum

“Mariscos Kissi serves delicious seafood dishes with a taste of Mexico's Pacific coast. They offer specials, including avocado salad on their promotions menu from Monday to Friday. The hot molcajete, featuring beef, chicken, cheese, and shrimp, is a popular choice. Freshly made corn tortillas and excellent service make for a great dining experience.“

4.6 Superb20 Reviews
Taco Palenque Mexican • $
5726 San Bernardo Ave, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Tacos de Fajita de Pollo
Parrillada Sirloin
Carne Asada Taco
Sirloin Burrito
Super Quesadilla
Refried Beans
Taco Palenque
Fajitas Plate
Pirata Taco

“Taco Palenque is a restaurant that offers a delightful dining experience. The tacos are described as very delicious, with soft fajitas and crunchy tortilla chips served with a rich and varied sauce and salad bar. The food is praised as 100% good, with fast and friendly service. The restaurant is also noted for its kid-friendly amenities, including a play area, and its wheelchair accessibility, featuring a ramp and parking. Overall, Taco Palenque provides a satisfying and comfortable dining atmosphere.“

4.3 Superb48 Reviews
Taquitos Ravi Restaurant Brunch • $
1420 Market St, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Tacos Al Pastor Tacos De Brisket Tacos De Molleja
Parrillada de Carne Asada Familiar
Taquitos de Brisket Y Al Pastor
El Especial Con Complementos
Salsa Rojas and Salsa Verde
Super Taco De Carne Asada
Flautas De Ternera
Super Campechana
Flautas de Pollo
Chips and Salsa

“Taquitos Ravi Restaurant offers an authentic Mexican dining experience with ample parking, quick and polite service, and a variety of delectable dishes. The menu features favorites like the Milanesa de Res (breaded beef steak) and taquitos, as well as delicious burgers. The restaurant is kid-friendly and has a lively atmosphere with music and TVs. Customers praise the excellent service and delicious food, making it a must-visit destination in Laredo, TX.“

4.3 Superb46 Reviews
Casa Lopez Tapas Bar Spanish • $$
2002 Hidalgo St, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Chorizo and Cheese Plate
Gambas a La Vinagreta
Gambas Au Vinagreta
Paella De Mariscos
Tortilla Espanola
Pintxo of Tortilla
Patatas Bravas
Gambas Kapital
Bottled Water
Flan Casero

“Casa Lopez Tapas Bar serves delicious Spanish food in a great atmosphere suitable for all family members. The staff is super friendly and provides fantastic service. The restaurant offers a romantic setting with live entertainment and reasonable pricing. With its varied menu and high-quality food, Casa Lopez Tapas Bar is a must-visit for a truly enjoyable experience.“

4.5 Superb21 Reviews
Sushi Madre Del Mar Asian Fusion • $$
3402 E Del Mar Blvd Suite 300, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Teppanyaki
Cilantro Salmon
California Roll
Mixed Yakisoba
Tuna Tiradito
Gansito Cake
Poblano Soup
Sumono Salad
Fried Rice

“Sushi Madre Del Mar is a clean and inviting restaurant with very good and fast service. The sushi makers are attentive to detail, ensuring the rice is soft and moist. Highlights include the beef empanadas and the Villarreal Roll combo. While slightly on the pricier side, it's worth a visit for delicious food like Gansito cake. Great for a quick lunch or a special dinner in town.“

4.3 Superb31 Reviews
Pino Burger Hamburger • $
4205 Jaime Zapata Memorial Hwy Suite D1, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Hamburguesa Old West with Grilled Jalape
Pino Burger Chico Combo Con Todo
Burrito de Fajita Fajita Burrito
Rodeo Grande Hamburger
Tacos Al Pastor

“The move it guys highly recommend pino burgers from the moment we ordered our burgers to moment I was enjoying it was less than 10 minutes speedy service that was one bomb burger no cap that’s on baby“

4.3 Superb24 Reviews
Tacos Kissi Restaurant Mexican • $
1705 E Del Mar Blvd Suite 110B, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Filete de Pescado Al Mojo de Ajo
Tacos De Trips Y Carne Assad
Quesadilla De Camaron
Torta De Carne Asada
Huevos Divorciados
Salsas Y Frijoles
Caldo De Pescado
California Rolls
Mariscada Fresca
Monterrey Roll

“Tacos Kissi Restaurant offers delicious food at good prices with friendly service. Customers love the salsa provided upon arrival and enjoy a variety of dishes such as shrimp and octopus cocktail, pechuga a la plancha, and breakfast tacos with homemade tortillas. The restaurant is family-oriented, with vegetarian options like cucumber salads. Parking is convenient at the shopping area location, making it accessible for all customers.“

4.1 Good64 Reviews
Lolitas Bistro Bar • $$
6950 McPherson Rd STE C, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Short Rib Loaded Sweet Potato Fries
Slow Roasted Beef Brisket
Fresh Sea Bass Ceviche
Classic Eggs Benedict
Roasted Lemon Chicken

“Lolita's Bistro consistently meets high expectations with its excellent food, reasonable prices, and outstanding customer service. The restaurant's presentation is perfect, and the atmosphere is calm and ideal for dates or family dinners. While one reviewer had a negative experience with a waiter, the overall consensus is that Lolita's Bistro is one of the best restaurants in Laredo. Must-try items include Lolita's Sangria and the Cucumber Martini. With its exceptional service and exquisite food, Lolita's Bistro is a great choice for special occasions and everyday dining.“

4.1 Good49 Reviews

Pho 68

Pho 68 Vietnamese • $
1400 E Del Mar Blvd, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Combination Beef Noodle Soup
House Special Fried Rice
Old Bean Sprouts
Grilled Chicken
Drip Coffee
Egg Roll

“Pho 68 is a highly-recommended restaurant that serves delicious and flavorful pho. The staff is friendly, and the spring rolls are fresh, although they could have fewer vegetables and more balance in their ingredients. The pho is a highlight, with a rich and hearty broth that makes customers want to come back for more. While the meat portions can be small, the overall experience is amazing, with great service and generous portion sizes that justify the price.“

4.1 Good42 Reviews
El Pollo Feliz South Mexican • $
4910 Zapata Hwy, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Quesadilla Combo Fajita
Family Pack Special
Chiles Toreados
Feliz Bowl
Mini Combo

“El Pollo Feliz South offers tasty chicken and a highly-rated beef faljita bowl. Despite price increases due to inflation, customers find it a good value, with deals like the 20-piece leg and family pack, and a fully-loaded bowl with chips, drinks, and extras for only $9. A great option for families and those seeking healthy, flavorful meals.“

4.2 Good19 Reviews
Sushi Madre Sushi • $$
7124 Bob Bullock Loop, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Teppanyaki
Mango Fish Tostadas
California Roll
Mixed Yakisoba
Poblano Soup
Papaya Salad
Laredo Roll
Fried Rice
Egg Rolls
Miso Soup

“Sushi Madre is a must-visit spot in Laredo. While they don't focus on raw sushi, their cooked rolls are excellent. The Chipotle Chicken is a standout, with tender meat and perfectly seasoned vegetables. The Tostada Padre is a new menu item worth trying, while the Mixed Yakisoba is a delicious and generous portion. The Arroz Madre is good too, but not as flavorful as the Yakisoba. Don't forget to ask for eel sauce if you like sweet flavors. A great place for a tasty meal in Laredo!“

4.1 Good32 Reviews
La Unica De Nuevo Laredo Mexican • $
4500 San Bernardo Ave, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Flautas Topped with Quac and Sour Cream
Flautas Doradas de Ternera Y Guacamole
Two Tostadas

“Them Picadillo tacos are the bomb“

4.2 Good16 Reviews
Carlos Tacos Mexican •
McPherson Rd, Laredo
4.8 Superb4 Reviews
550 Pizzeria Pizza • $
2101 Shiloh Dr, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Crispy Lemon Pepper Wings
Buffalo Chicken Pizza
The Pizza Margherita
The Buffalo Chicken
The Pepperoni Pizza
Fried Pickles Half
3 Topping Large 14
Hawaiian Pizza
Chicken Wings
Buffalo Wings

“550 Pizzeria is a popular pizza spot in Laredo, known for its exceptional customer service and delicious pizza. The restaurant's pizza is praised by locals, though some customers find the dough to be lacking in flavor and airiness. Nonetheless, 550 Pizzeria is a community favorite, with customers returning regularly to enjoy the great food and welcoming atmosphere.“

4 Good73 Reviews
Chili's Grill & Bar Tex-Mex • $
10601 McPherson Rd, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Crispers with Double Mash
Chili's Secret Sauce Burger
Corn Tortilla Shrimp Tacos
Loaded Baked Potato Soup
Bottomless Chips & Salsa
Bottomless Tostada Chips
Chicken Enchilada Soup
Presidente Margarita
Half Order of Ribs
New Casamigos 'rita

“Chili's Grill & Bar is a reliable choice for a hassle-free dining experience. The restaurant is always clean, and the staff is great. The menu offers a variety of options, including burgers, fries, Crispy Chicken Tenders, Burger Bites, Pepperoni Pizza, and the Santa Fe Chicken Salad, which is a guiltless yet tasty and filling option. While some drinks may not meet expectations, the food and service are generally great. The management is also responsive to customer concerns, ensuring a positive visit.“

4 Good62 Reviews
Taco Tote Mexican • $
5603 San Dario Ave #1, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Libra De Barbacoa Barbacoa by the Pound
Plato de Fajitas Fajita Plate
Fajitas de Pollo Y Sirlon
Tacos Carne Asada
Taco Tote Bowl
Caldo de Res
Fajita Tacos
Pork Adobado
Salad Bar

“Taco Tote is a spacious and clean restaurant with free parking. The staff is welcoming, knowledgeable, and accommodating. The food, including chicken, barbacoa, and veggie tacos, receives high praise, particularly the corn tortillas. The restaurant also offers a variety of sauces, with guacamole being a favorite. Prices are reasonable, with a combo of two tacos, a super potato, and a drink costing $11.99 USD. Some customers have experienced longer wait times for veggie taco orders. Overall, Taco Tote is a highly recommended restaurant.“

4 Good60 Reviews
Zaragoza Grill Latin American • $
1000 Zaragoza St, Laredo

“Went for brunch on Saturday, got there at 11am and it was empty (which was great to have the place to ourselves!).You wouldn't expect a place literally on the border to have amazing pancakes, but they are literally top three best pancakes or my life! Get the pancakes! Super fluffy, huge and delicious! "All you can eat pancakes" comes with 3 pancakes, then when you ask for more they only bring you one at a time, fyi.Same with the mimosas (nothing special, fyi), first one is a tall pretty glass, second one is like a smaller half size glass.Parking is free for the restaurant underground under the hotel, it's the same as the hotel guest parking. Leaving the parking garage is super confusing, there are ZERO signs for the restaurant. You'll have to cross the courtyard to the other side of the pool, past the front desk, and then there it is.I've been twice, once when I was in a wheelchair and this time with my baby in a stroller. It's NOT wheel friendly!! There are stairs everywhere and half the elevators don't work. But once you arrive the food and the service is totally worth it!“

3.9 Good7 Reviews
Obregon's Mexican Restaurant south Mexican • $$
4910 Zapata Hwy, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Mexican Enchiladas
Beef Soup

“Obregon's Mexican Restaurant south offers great deals on healthy and solid chicken, with large portions that can feed a family of four for under $20. The staff is courteous, and the decorations are on point, making it a great spot to return to for a delicious meal.“

3.9 Good14 Reviews
Golondrina Food Park Food Court • $$$
10211 Golondrina Dr, Laredo

“Great cocktails, Great staff, and great atmosphere!!!!“

3.9 Good19 Reviews
Béne Pizzeria Pizza • $$$
5201 University Blvd, Laredo

“Béne Pizzeria is a local pizza establishment in Laredo that has received mixed reviews. While some customers have enjoyed their pizzas, particularly the vegan-friendly "Ellen" pizza, others have had less positive experiences. The dough has been described as bland and lacking airiness, and one customer, who is a pastry chef and sourdough baker, suggested letting the dough proof for 24-48 hours and using less commercial yeast. Additionally, a recent online delivery order resulted in a cold, insect-covered pizza, leaving the customer disappointed. However, those who have dined in or picked up their orders have praised the high-quality ingredients used by the owner, Janet, and the friendly, welcoming atmosphere of the renovated space. Overall, Béne Pizzeria seems to offer a decent pizza option, but customers may want to consider dining in or picking up their orders rather than having them delivered.“

3.9 Good19 Reviews
Eduardo's BBQ Steaks & Mexican Grill Mexican • $
6516 Arena Blvd, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

10oz Ribeye Medium Rare
Brisket Sausage Plate
Enchiladas Tejanas
Steak and Shrimp
Chips and Salsa
Chicken Flautas
Tortilla Soup
Baked Potato
Los Mariachis
Hot Bullets

“Eduardo's BBQ Steaks & Mexican Grill offers a mix of experiences. While some diners might have communication issues with the staff due to language barriers, others find the service accommodating for large groups. The steak fajitas with rice and cowboy beans are a popular choice, with some finding the steak quality lacking. Despite mixed reviews, the restaurant is commended for fast service, handling last-minute changes for large groups, and delicious food. Whether a first-time visitor or reserving for a big group, Eduardo's provides a varied experience that might suit different preferences.“

3.9 Good49 Reviews
Tacos Kissi Restaurant Mexican • $$
4402 McPherson Rd, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Combo De Taquitos Con Frijoles Y Refresco
Award Winner Wet Burrito
Enchiladas Callejeras
Huevos Divorciados
Tostada De Camaron
Variedad de Salsas
Caldo De Mariscos
Enchiladas Suizas
Birria de Puerco
Chips and Salsa

“Tacos Kissi Restaurant offers awesome service with immediate attention, starting with a beverage and complimentary chips and salsas. While orders may take some time, the fresh, hot, and well-presented food makes up for it. The remodeled parking lot provides easy access. The authentic Mexican food served at this restaurant is delicious, with good prices and a nice enclosed patio area. Customers enjoy the complimentary salsa and a variety of tasty dishes like shrimp and octopus cocktail, pastor, and steak tacos. Overall, a satisfying dining experience for families.“

3.9 Good66 Reviews
Rudy's Barbecue • $
7305 McPherson Rd, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Brisket Moist Baby Back Ribs Jalapeño Sausage and Coleslaw Salad
Loaded Baked Potato with Brisket
Brisket and Baby Back Ribs
Brisket and Sausage
Brisket and Turkey
Costillas Asadas
Frijoles Charros
Fuente de Sodas
Banana Pudding
Moist Brisket

“Rudy's "Country Store" and Bar-B-Q offers a variety of meats and sides, with reviews highlighting the flavorful BBQ ribs and the moist brisket. The ribs are described as tender and the brisket as cooked to perfection. The potato salad is also mentioned as a tasty side dish. However, there were some complaints about the lack of baked potatoes and drinks not being offered with dinner. The prices were considered high by some, with a comment about paying more for moist brisket that has a lot of fat. The beer selection is limited. Despite some issues, the overall impression is positive, with one reviewer praising the food as "incredible" and the best they've ever had.“

3.9 Good67 Reviews
Danny's Restaurant Mexican • $
4402 San Bernardo Ave, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Papa Con Chorizo A la Mexicana
Enchiladas Poblanas Plate
La Famosa Tampiqueña
Machacado Con Huevo
Chilaquiles Verdes
Enchiladas Suizas
Huevos Rancheros
Papa Con Huevo
Chips and Salsa
Pancake Combo

“Danny's Restaurant is a pleasant dining destination known for its fresh, generously portioned meals and friendly service. The Mexican dishes, such as the chile poblano, are highly recommended for their authentic flavors and quick service. Although there may be occasional mix-ups, the staff is generally attentive and the prices are reasonable for the quality of food. The clean and comfortable atmosphere adds to the overall positive dining experience.“

3.9 Good68 Reviews
Hungry Howie's Pizza Pizza • $
2019 E Del Mar Blvd Suite 500, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Home of the Original Flavored Crust Pizza
Extra Sauce and Ranch Crust
Pepperoni Pizza
Cheese Pizza
Fresh Salad

“Hungry Howie's Pizza is a popular spot for pizza lovers. They offer a variety of menu items, including the All Meat Pizza and wings, as well as salads like the Cobb salad. The staff is friendly, polite, and patient, making for a pleasant dining experience. The pizzas are hot, fresh, and full of flavor, without being greasy. With affordable prices and options like personal pan sizes, Hungry Howie's is a great choice for a quick bite or a celebration.“

3.8 Good23 Reviews
Mariscos Costa Azul Seafood • $
3201 Jaime Zapata Memorial Hwy, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Camarones Con Pasta Alfredo
Kids Chicken Tenders Plate
Large Shrimp Cocktail
Mariscos Enchiladas

“Mariscos Costa Azul in Laredo offers the best seafood experience. The restaurant is exceptionally clean with freshly painted decor. Each dish is fresh and delicious, especially the habanero mango Agua chile and the ceviche. The shrimp cocktail and jaiba stuffed shrimp are also highly recommended. The service is top-notch, with friendly staff always checking in. The seafood platter is a must-try with huge portions. Even the spaghetti was surprisingly great. With a recent restaurant upgrade, the vibe is fantastic. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an amazing dining experience.“

3.8 Good24 Reviews
Sushi Madre Asian Fusion • $
8610 McPherson Rd, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Salmon & Spicy Green Beans
Chicken Avocado Salad
Mixed Teppenyaki
Villarreal Roll
Cilantro Salmon
Poblano Soup
Sushi Madre
Fried Rice
Miso Soup

“Sushi Madre offers a delightful dining experience with top-notch service and delicious food. The menu features a variety of sushi rolls, rice dishes, and seafood plates, all prepared with care and attention to detail. Customers praise the fair pricing and the overall quality of the food, from the temperature and flavor to the presentation.“

3.8 Good41 Reviews
Sal's Pizza Pizza • $
3220 San Bernardo Ave, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Large Pepperoni Pizza
New York Style Pizza

“Sal's Pizza, a long-standing favorite for many, is known for its consistent and tasty pizza. Recently, there have been some changes due to the owner's health, resulting in slower business. Despite this, the pizza still impresses with its delicious flavors, reminiscent of New York-style pizza. With ample parking available, visitors can easily enjoy a taste of nostalgia with each visit. While there may have been a slight inconsistency in the dough, loyal customers are willing to overlook this and continue supporting this local gem. Let's rally together and revive Sal's Pizza to its former bustling glory.“

3.7 Good21 Reviews
LongHorn Steakhouse Steak House • $$
5301 San Dario Ave, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Longhorn's Steakhouse Mac & Cheese with Applewood Smoked Bacon and Four Cheeses
Nolan Ryan Beef Chicken Fried Steak
Caesar Salad with Dressing Cal 250
Ribeye Steak Loaded Baked Potato
White Cheddar Stuffed Mushrooms
Grill Chicken Strawberry Salad
Parmesan Crusted Chicken
Longhorn R Caesar Salad
Fresh Steamed Broccoli
Hamburguesa de la Casa

“LongHorn Steakhouse is a restaurant that offers a generally positive dining experience. It is suitable for various occasions, including family meals and private dates. The restaurant is known for its great steaks, cooked to perfection according to customers' preferences. The smoked mac and cheese is particularly recommended. While the menu may not be very extensive, it covers all the standards. Prices are reasonable considering the quality of the food. However, there have been some inconsistencies in service and food quality. Some customers have reported long wait times for their orders and refills, as well as issues with plates being dirty or not arriving at the same time. There have also been complaints about food tasting burnt or not matching the ordered doneness. The lighting in the restaurant has also been criticized for being too dim. Despite these issues, many customers still enjoy dining at LongHorn Steakhouse for special occasions. However, it is recommended to double-check the order and the cleanliness of the plates and to bring any issues to the attention of the waitstaff.“

3.8 Good87 Reviews
Taqueria Mi Mexico Mexican •
7572 TX-359, Laredo
3 Average5 Reviews
Chico's Comida Casera Mexican • $
2329 Jacaman Rd, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Enchiladas With
Chile Relleno

“Chico's Comida Casera is a popular Mexican restaurant in Laredo, Texas, serving delicious food. The menu features mouth-watering dishes, such as the highly-recommended birria taco, which is considered one of the best in town. While the service can be inconsistent, with some waitresses lacking in manners, the owner is aware of the issue and is working to improve it. Overall, Chico's Comida Casera is a must-visit for anyone looking for authentic Mexican cuisine.“

3.5 Good14 Reviews
Scratch Sandwich Company Sandwich Shop • $
1713 E Del Mar Blvd #6534, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Sandwiches and Fries
Waffle Chicken Fried Chicken
Beignets and Waffles
Adult Grilled Cheese
Classic Breakfast
Scratch Pancakes
Choriqueso Fries
Avocado Toast
Fried Pickles
Eggs Benedict

“The Scratch Sandwich Company offers great sandwiches and exceptional service, according to reviews. Customers praise the "when pigs fly" sandwich and fried pickles, as well as the kind and service-oriented staff. The restaurant is known for its marvelous food, superior service, and friendly atmosphere, making it a top choice for sandwich lovers.“

3.7 Good57 Reviews
Burgerim Laredo Hamburger • $
2413 Jacaman Rd Unit 7, Laredo

Customers` Favorites

Sweet Potato Fries
Angus Beef Burger
Burger Im Drink
Spanish Beef

“Burgerim Laredo is a great spot for burger lovers, offering a build-your-own option and vegan choices, including a falafel patty and Impossible brand patty. The food is fresh and tastes great, with popular items like Angus cheeseburgers, sweet potato fries, and garlic aioli fries. The prices are accessible, and the service is quick, making it a great option for those in a hurry. Although the restaurant has had some temperature control issues, the delicious food and welcoming atmosphere make it a recommended spot to visit.“

3.6 Good30 Reviews
Doña Salsa Mexican • $
4502 McPherson Rd suite # 2-3, Laredo

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Huevo a La Mexicana Y Papas Con Chorizo
Tacos Mañaneros

“Doña Salsa offers delicious food like tortas de ternera, with good service at an affordable price. The beef dish is tender with a not too thick breading, served with rice, beans, fries, and salad for $10.99. The restaurant provides a family-friendly environment and opens early for working individuals, although the service and coffee cups could use some improvement.“

3.3 Good21 Reviews
Rincón Mexico Mexican • $
5511 McPherson Rd, Laredo

“Rincón Mexico is a restaurant that offers delicious and fast Mexican cuisine in a comfortable atmosphere. The service can be hit or miss, with some reviews praising the friendly and attentive waitstaff, while others found the service to be slow and lacking in customer service. The menu features tasty dishes like the torta pambazo and gordita, though the milanesa was reported to be tough. Overall, the restaurant provides a good dining experience, especially when you "order right."“

3.3 Good25 Reviews
Chopsticks Japanese • $
313 W Village Blvd #110, Laredo

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Chicken Tepanyaki
Monterrey Roll
Monterey Roll
Egg Rolls

“Chopsticks is a beloved sushi spot in Laredo, serving up delicious dishes like the popular Chopsticks Rice, California roll, and mixed vegetables with chicken. The food is consistently tasty, and the service is quick. The restaurant is happy to accommodate dietary restrictions and offers vegan/vegetarian options like edamames, fried tofu, and veggie sushi. While the ambiance may not be fancy, the sushi itself is outstanding and well-priced. Be prepared for tight parking, but know that take-out orders are always well-packaged. Overall, Chopsticks is a top choice for sushi lovers in Laredo.“

3.3 Good30 Reviews
Wings and Rings Chicken Wings • $
9651 McPherson Rd, Laredo

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Buffalo Lemon Pepper Wings or Lemon Pepper Buffalo
Blueberry Chipotle Barbecue Chicken Sandwich
Spicy BBQ Buffalo Hot and Aioli Fries
Traditional Wings and Onion Rings
Traditional Wings Mild Sauce
Traditional Wings Fried
Bacon and Cheese Fries
Wings and Rings Combo
Cauliflower Wings

“Wings and Rings offers tasty, fully cooked wings with a crispy exterior. However, there is room for improvement in maintaining the temperature of their buffalo wings. The restaurant provides great service, with helpful staff and a lively atmosphere, making it a suitable place for families. Wheelchair accessibility is available. On the other hand, parking lot lighting and service could be enhanced for better customer experience.“

3.3 Good41 Reviews