Edo's Squid

411 N Harrison St, Richmond
(804) 864-5488

Recent Reviews

Sean Todd

Amazing food and service. Also, y'all should bet Uncle Dave he can't run a 5k.

Maria Medas

Been going to Edo’s since high school and it’s always so dependably and consistently good. I usually make a reservation- it’s always busy but easy to get a seat if you can plan a little ahead. Its sweet to go with a couple other people and order food and wine family style. I love edo’s

bubba mack

Greetings again my friends, Bubba "Big BM" Mack back with you for likely the last time - more on that in a moment. First, let me say my experience at Edo's was terrific, The food was great, the portions ample and the service extraordinary. I was more than satisfied and give this place my highest five star rating.The lighting was low and at a volume not too high and not too low I basked in La boheme. A wonderful opera in four parts it is and I think probably Puccini's greatest work. And I do like Puccini, but I am also quite partial to Manicotti and Rigatoni. And that is why this will be my last review for a while. I have, after hearing La boheme, decided to write an opera myself titled "La BM." It is a two part opera, the meal and the BM aftermath, but I don't want to spoil the story entirely.I am also attaching to this post a chart for grading BMs. This came directly from the BM Institute, an authoritative source if ever there was one, and is used with permission. I think most people know what to do with this, but I must express one word of caution. Do not, under any circumstances, take this chart into a port-a-potty and attempt to grade BMs. I can tell you, having tried this, it will only drive you nuts and fill you with self doubt. Go ahead and have fun grading your own, but we should keep this grim business on a higher plane and not digress into voyeuristic behavior.Lastly, I want to than all my followers and supporters, near and far, and thank you all for your feedback and constructive criticism. These reviews would not have been possible without my army of fellow BMers and to each and every one of you I say "thank you." So I sign off now, humbled by the support I've received, and knowing that BM education has been advanced by light years. I wish you good luck my friends and, for the last time, good BMs. This is Bubba "Big BM" Mack, signing off.

Sydney G.

Ordered food to go and had a delicious dinner! I got the Con Ricotta (with spaghetti) and my boyfriend got the mussels. Both were amazing. Highly recommend!

Angela G.

This hole in the wall italian spot that makes up for its curb appeal with flavor! When I'm in the mood for some good pasta in Richmond, this is my go to spot. The carbonara is to die for, and I have also enjoyed the mixed seafood pasta. The broccoli rabe pasta is also a secret winner here - super simple with broccoli, garlic, and olive oil but absolutely DELISH. The ingredients here are simple, but cooked very well and flavors balanced perfectly. Don't leave without finishing your meal with the tiramisu! I often just get the tiramisu takeout when I have a sweet tooth, it's THAT good :)

Emily Sayles

Probably the most authentic Italian in Richmond, but it’s definitely casual Italian.Much better wine selection than you’d expect as well.Can be hard to find, you go up through very sketchy looking stairs with bulk food stacked and through a curtain into the dimly lit restaurant.

Catherine M.

Pleasantly surprised that a whole in the wall Italian place did basic Italian so well. We ordered take out and were welcomed by a huge serving of pasta for a cheap price (14-18$ range). I enjoyed the sausage and rabe, and the carbonara was great too. I loved the tiramisu we ordered as well and it had a heavy amoretto flavor which I can't complain about.

Natasha U.

During COVID times, Edo's is only offering takeout. You call in your order and they give you a time to come pick up your food. Easy enough, prices reasonable and portion size is huge. You only have a choice between spaghetti and penne for all the pasta dishes. I don't understand all the rave reviews of the food here, but my puttanesca was so extremely salty that I could barely eat it. I deemed it officially inedible after a few minutes of trying to get through it. It was by far the worst dish of pasta I have ever had. This is so sad. Then they made absolutely no attempt to make a red sauce for my husband's clams with red sauce. It was basically crushed tomatoes on top of spaghetti with clams thrown on top. That's it. It was so bizarre. I knew it was suspect that you had to get it with spaghetti because they don't serve linguini which is the typical pasta served with this type of dish. I could not have been more disappointed with the food from Edo's. I was so excited to try them too. Big pass.

Alexis P.

This food was amazing and really fresh and authentic in my opinion. The staff was also nice. I didn't even get a chance to take a picture of my playlet because I ate it but just know it hit.

Nancie Rathbun Raymond

Favorite restaurant in RVA. A special experience!

Chris H

IMO the best/most authentic in town. Fra diavolo is amazing, and huge portions. Broccoli rabe is excellent, probably the best thing on the menu. Tiramisu is great. Only complaint would be that the pasta is nowhere close to al dente, for those who like it that way.

Candice M.

One of my very favorite restaurants in Downtown Richmond. We've been multiple times just my husband and I for date night and with our family of six. There's usually a wait without reservations but it's definitely worth the wait!

Liz A.

Been here several times. Everything is good. My very favorite menu item is the Crustini with beans and arugula. Next time I'm going to try rockfish. I hear it's amazing. Make sure you make a reservation, that are very busy!!!!

Campbell Chatterjea

While on a few occasions dining at this establishment i was not taken care of properly by the wait-staff overall the service has been adequate. But the service isn't why i'm giving the place 4 stars, the food is what it makes it a fruitfully memorable experience. Granted i never was fortunate enough to bring a hot date there, but i did enjoy the food enough that i even have eaten there alone on several occasions. :) thats life c'est la vie. DEFO TRY IT OUT

Marissa A.

Favorite restaurant in Richmond, hands down. Expect a wait, and to be cramped in the corner of the room. But once the food comes and the wine starts pouring? Any irritation you had while waiting, disappears as you eat another, probably unnecessary, slice of bread. You really can't go wrong with anything on the menu, and order family style because that's half the fun of this spot. 10/10 (duh)

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