What Indian Food do Americans Love the Most?

Indian food is bursting with exotic flavors that hit on all the taste senses. It's an extraordinary experience for your taste buds. Over the years, Indian food has slowly begun to gain popularity in America. Here are the Indian dishes Americans tend to go for every time they eat at an Indian restaurant.

Butter Chicken

This delicious Indian dish has a distinctive flavor thanks to a gravy that consists of yogurt, tomatoes and the smokiness of kasuri methi. It's easy to customize on spiciness too so it's a great choice.

Tandoori Chicken

It's coated in special spices and cooked in a tandoor, which is a special kind of oven. The end result is flavorful grilled chicken that you'll crave.

Palak Paneer

This vegetable dish is filled with spinach and often kale, seasonings and robust hunks of a special type of cottage cheese that almost resembles tofu. It's ideal for dunking into with pieces of fresh hot naan, a type of Indian bread.

Rogan Josh

It literally translates to mean "red lamb" and although the sauce looks a bit spicy, it is rather muted thanks to the addition of cream. It's just the right amount of heat and creaminess.


This chickpea curry can please any palate. It's best served hot alongside some fried Indian breads like pooris for dipping.

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