Waffle House in Montgomery

Waffle House - 2635 Cong W L Dickinson Dr

Rating: 4.1

2635 Cong W L Dickinson Dr, Montgomery AL 36109
(334) 260-2948

This place is a staple for a different lunch. The staff is friendly. Worst time to go depending on what you prefer is Wednesdays at lunch. This is truck day and options tend to get slim around that time for obvious reasons.

Waffle House - 2615 Zelda Rd

Rating: 4

2615 Zelda Rd, Montgomery AL 36107
(334) 265-6138

Great food and great service clean restaurant

Waffle House - 9225 Boyd-Cooper Pkwy

Rating: 4

9225 Boyd-Cooper Pkwy, Montgomery AL 36117
(334) 271-6779

Perfect place for a late night meal

Waffle House - 5532 Atlanta Hwy

Rating: 3.9

5532 Atlanta Hwy, Montgomery AL 36117
(334) 244-1621

Quick service at reasonable prices.

Waffle House - 8075 Vaughn Rd

Rating: 3.9

8075 Vaughn Rd, Montgomery AL 36116
(334) 215-6854

No surprise, the waffles are amazing! Service is quick and you can have plenty of time for an hour lunch break. The hashbrowns are awesome with cheese, mushrooms, and onions!

Waffle House - 301 Madison Ave

Rating: 3.7

301 Madison Ave, Montgomery AL 36104
(334) 293-9939

I love the country ham.

Waffle House - 5180 Carmichael Rd

Rating: 3.7

5180 Carmichael Rd, Montgomery AL 36106
(334) 277-3952

Picked up to go order of new Hashbrown bowls. Staff at door to open & greet me. She was there to make sure folks got a seat quickly 😊. Thought it was nice touch. Received my order Hot and Ready within 2 minutes and was happy it was NOT sitting there completely ready getting cold when I came in. This was refreshing! Food...read more

Waffle House - 985 W South Blvd

Rating: 3.6

985 W South Blvd, Montgomery AL 36105
(334) 288-2699

Great food great service

Waffle House - 90 Folmar Pkwy

Rating: 3.5

90 Folmar Pkwy, Montgomery AL 36105
(334) 281-1677

First visit, our waitress Britt was very nice and friendly she's going to be my fav. Food was good too.

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Waffle House

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