5075 Gosford Rd, Bakersfield


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This is my go to spot for a fast McDonald's fix of the Filet of Fish sandwich, although I get other items with my daughter too. Today's 2 for $5 special was a Filet of Fish and Quarter Pounder w/ cheese....boy was I disappointed with the Fish sandwich! The assembly of my sandwich was hopelessly lopsided and just disappointing. It's a mess whenever you take a bite out of it anyway, but why does the cheese have to be completely off center and fish be off center full review

Definitely not " fast food".. If you're in a hurry then go to a different McDonalds. From breakfast to late lunch there is about 12-14 cars in the drive thru, cars in drive thru block people trying to back out of their parking spaces as well. I dined in today and so far its been over 28 minuets to get my to go order ready! There is also a bunch of flies in here as well. Lastly, if the drive thru line is long expect the workers to mess up your order

Sandra at this location has a bad attitude God forbid you change your order after paying or make a special request , Even tho they were not even busy and standing with there back turned . Poor customer service . I wonder how some ppl even hold a job. She didn't say anything rude when I requested round egg on my mc griddles but her body language said it all. Had I been 10 years younger I would have reached over the counter and slapped her . Sales generate payroll last I full review

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