Burger Restaurants in Grand Junction

Jimmy'z Hamburgers Hamburger
1840 N 12th St, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Mushroom Swiss Burger with Fries
Avocado Bacon Burger with Fries
Pastrami Burger and Fries
Avocado Bacon Burger
Blue Cheese Burger
Green Chili Burger
Natural Cut Fries
Pastrami Sandwich
Onion Rings
Jimmy Sauce

“Super great experience, highly recommended. Great customer service and food. We got welcomed in with a smile, and left being thanked. The prices were really good, and the quality of the food was on par with high end restaurants. Thank you for serving us“

4.3 Superb264 Reviews
Carl’s Jr. Fast Food
2842 North Ave, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Western Burger and Fries
Chicken Sandwich
Fried Zucchini
Waffle Fries

“I love that Carl’s has a vegetarian patty optional, which makes fastfood available again to me as a vegetarian. Not many other chains or local burger joints offer this, unfortunately. And the reported cleanliness is not exaggerated, one staff member was actually frantically cleaning the seats and tables when we came in, kudos.“

3.8 Good192 Reviews
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews Burgers
2530 Rimrock Ave, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Bottomless Gluten Free Fries
Royal Red Robin Burger
Whisky River Wraps
Sweet Potato Fries
Burger and Fries
Root Beer Float
Fish and Chips
Veggie Burger
French Fries
Steak Fries

“Food and service were excellent. It was crowded so my husband and I were seated at a table for two in between two tables for four. It was a bit too close for our comfort. It was also very dark for reading the menus and seeing each others faces.“

4 Good96 Reviews
Handlebar Tap House Bar & Grill
417 Monument Rd #1, Grand Junction

Customers` Favorites

Mushroom Swiss Burger
Lunch Loops Burger
Classic Poutine
Onion Rings
Cheese Curds
Bison Burger
Elk Burger
Fry Sauce

“I love this place but it has some growing pains, which is to be expected. Location is excellent. Concept is great...I've read the reviews of people complaining about having to go up and order. These people have clearly never been outside of Junction...(and seem to have no problem going up to order at Chick-fil-A). This concept is standard fare for a bier garden type of restaurant. I've been at some that the line is out the door (that usually means it's a great place to go!) The beer selection is awesome. The atmosphere and patio area are also amazing.One other thing....I always judge bathrooms. This was clearly put together by a man without input from a woman. Please put some hooks in the bathroom for our bags (at a height for an average female). There's nothing, not even a place for a mother to set her diaper bag. Setting things on a nasty bathroom floor is unacceptable and unnecessary. It was an otherwise clean and well supplied bathroom. ***ETA: they added hooks in the bathroom woot***“

4 Good80 Reviews
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