49 Best Food Trucks near Davenport

44039 US Hwy 27, Davenport

Customers` Favorites

Jerk Chicken and Festival with Ripe Plantains
Ackee and Saltfish Fry Plantains Festival
Oxtails Rice and Beans and Mac Cheese
Jamaican Rice & Peas
Brown Stew Chicken
Jerk Chicken Wings
Steamed Cabbage
Fried Plantains
Fried Dumplings
Jamaican Wings

“Simply Delicious Kitchen, located near Champions Gate, offers an authentic Caribbean dining experience, particularly known for its jerk pork, beef patties, and jerk chicken. The owner's hospitality and friendly service add to the enjoyable atmosphere. Due to its popularity, customers are advised to arrive early during weekends as favorites like pork and oxtail tend to sell out quickly. This restaurant is a must-visit for jerk pork lovers and those seeking authentic Caribbean flavors in the Orlando area.“

4.9 Superb67 Reviews


Adlers Hamburger • $
113 Ambersweet Wy, Davenport

Customers` Favorites

Bourbon BBQ Burger and Classic Cheeseburger
Classic Burger with Bacon
Hand Cut French Fries
Fried Cheese Pickles
Pineapple Cream Soda
Fried Mac N' Cheese
Spicy Cauliflower
Kid's Dino Nuggets
Hand Cut Fries
Wings Dozen

“Adlers is a top-rated burger joint with a great atmosphere. Customers praise the homemade soda and classic burger combo. The fresh-cut fries are a hit, along with other tasty sides like spicy cauliflower and fried pickles. Ordering online for pick-up is easy and convenient. Overall, it offers delicious burgers at a reasonable price, making it a highly recommended spot for burger lovers.“

4.7 Superb111 Reviews
Date! con Rolando Venezuelan • $
44039 US Hwy 27, Davenport

Customers` Favorites

Pulled Pork
5 Superb31 Reviews
Flavors of Heaven Food Truck Puerto Rican • $
44009 US Hwy 27, Davenport

Customers` Favorites

Palitos De Mozzarella Mozzarella Sticks
Papas Locas Cuerdas Crazy French Fries
Pinchofongo Pollo Chicken Pinchofongo
Taco Cantinflas - Pollo Chicken
Pincho De Pollo Chicken Kabobs
Mofongo Con Pechuga Al Ajillo
Chuleta Frita Fried Pork Chop
Platanutres Plantains Chips
Mofongo with Octopus Salad
Mofongo Cuerdo De Cerdo

“Flavors of Heaven Food Truck serves delicious dishes with spectacular flavors, including tostones with shrimp and octopus, pizza, meat empanada, crazy fries, and chicken kebabs with a side of plantain instead of bread. The staff is lovely and provides excellent service, making it a 100% recommended spot.“

4.7 Superb80 Reviews
Cushty Burgers Hamburger •
625 Campo Ln, Davenport

“Cushty Burgers offers delicious, fresh burgers with unique soda flavors like black cherry and orange cream. The service is friendly and quick. However, one customer had an issue with the cleanliness of the fries. Prices are on the higher end, with additional charges that may not be clearly communicated.“

3.7 Good11 Reviews
Pal Campo Chickens BBQ Puerto Rican • $
43804 US Hwy 27, Davenport

Customers` Favorites

Pollo Asado Con Papas Fritas
Whole Chicken 1 Side
Pollo Asado Con Yuca
Yellow Rice

“Pal Campo Chickens BBQ offers delicious rotisserie chicken, praised as the best since Puerto Rico and even better than from a chain supermarket. The owners are friendly and welcoming. While the food truck's service is great, the back tables have issues with flies and garbage smell, making take-out a better option. The menu, including bifongo and alcapurrias, offers an authentic Puerto Rican taste, with exceptional quality justifying the price.“

3.8 Good16 Reviews
Mas Q Arepa Venezuelan •
44009 US Hwy 27, Davenport

Customers` Favorites

Empanada Carne Mechada
Cachapa Cochino Frito
Empanada de Queso
Hervido de Res

“Mas Q Arepa offers a flavorful experience with tasty empanadas, delicious arepas with flavorful salsas, and a divine selection of traditional dishes like sancocho and grilled meat. The restaurant provides a clean environment, although the music can be a bit loud for some. With incredible food and attentive service, it's a must-visit spot in Orlando for a taste of authentic cuisine.“

4 Good41 Reviews
La Criolla Cafe & Restaurant Puerto Rican • $
39895 US Hwy 27, Davenport

Customers` Favorites

Carne Frita Con Pollo Y Arroz Blanco Con Habichuelas Guisadas
Alcapurrias De Carne Beef Alcapurrias
Tostones Locos Loca Fried Plantains
Chicharrones de Pollo Con Mofongo
Mofongo Con Camarones Al Ajillo
Mofongo Con Pechuga Al Ajillo
Mofongo Con Carne De Cerdo
Mofongo Con Pollo Empando
Mofongo Loco Loco Mofongo
Tripleta Triplet Sandwich

“La Criolla Cafe & Restaurant offers an exceptional dining experience that transports guests to the vibrant flavors of Puerto Rican cuisine. The warm and inviting atmosphere, coupled with unparalleled service, creates a welcoming ambiance that makes diners feel right at home. The menu at La Criolla is a culinary masterpiece, showcasing a selection of authentic and delectable dishes. From the moment the food arrives, it's evident that the chefs have poured their passion and expertise into every creation. The flavors are vibrant, perfectly balanced, and a true testament to the dedication and skill of the culinary team. One of the standout dishes is the signature seafood paella, which is an absolute delight. The seafood is cooked to perfection, and the rice is flavorful and aromatic, creating a harmonious blend of spices and ingredients. The staff at La Criolla are attentive and knowledgeable, providing excellent recommendations and ensuring that every customer's dining experience is exceptional. The attention to detail in the service contributes significantly to the overall pleasant ambiance. Whether you're looking for a cozy dinner spot or a place to celebrate a special occasion, La Criolla Cafe & Restaurant is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an authentic and unforgettable Puerto Rican culinary adventure. Highly recommended!“

3.5 Good126 Reviews
Dada's Kitchen Food Trucks • $
413 N 12th St, Haines City - 3.54 miles

Customers` Favorites

8 Piece Wings Combo with Your Choice of Rice
Griyo Fried Pork with Plaintain Pikliz Salad
Chicken Wings 8 pcs with Fries or Plantain
Stew Turkey with Rice and Beans
Turkey Stewed in Sauce or Fried
Buffalo Chicken Wings & Fries
Extra Sauce for Rice
Lime Juice 16 0z
Wings 6pcs Only
Barbeque Chicken

“Dada's Kitchen serves delicious and fresh Haitian food, particularly the flavorful griot. Customers appreciate the quick service and friendly atmosphere. The portions are generous, with a satisfying meat to rice ratio. Overall, it's a highly recommended spot for a tasty meal.“

4.8 Superb76 Reviews
Cravin’ Haven Food Trucks • $
3223 Dundee Rd, Winter Haven - 10.68 miles

Customers` Favorites

Cuban Sandwich Special
Brisket Sandwich Basket
Philly Smash Burger
Chili Cheese Fries
Chilli Cheese Dog
Brisket Tacos
Chicken Wings
Ahi Tuna Tacos
French Fries
Onion Rings

“Cravin' Haven is a cozy restaurant that offers a variety of delectable dishes. The tuna tacos are a standout, with amazing flavors that delight customers. The restaurant is praised for its exceptional service, as they went the extra mile to accommodate a customer who arrived before opening hours. Customers also enjoyed the brisket sandwich and fries, as well as the flavorful coleslaw. Overall, Cravin' Haven is a local gem that takes pride in its craft and strives to make every customer feel valued.“

4.7 Superb44 Reviews
Tropical Flavor Puerto Rican • $
950 Lily Avenue, Haines City - 3.71 miles

Customers` Favorites

Domplines Rellenos Con Tripleta Stuffed Dumplings with Tripletazo
Papas Locas Pequeñas Con Pollo Small Crazy Fries with Chicken
Empanadilla de Pionono de Carne Beef Pionono Empanadilla
Empanadilla De Jueyes Blue Crab Empanadilla
Empanadilla De Carne Beef Empanadilla
Domplines De Camaron Y Pionono Carne
Alcapurria De Masa Dough Alcapurria
Burrimajados De Pollo Y Camarones
Domplines De Pastrami Y Gazpacho
Burrimajado De Pollo Y Camarones

“Tropical Flavor in Haines City, Florida offers the best Domplines in the area, along with a diverse menu of amazing Puerto Rican food with a creative twist. The atmosphere is family-friendly and relaxing, with incredible flavors that make it worth the trip. Customers recommend trying the frapes and piña colada. The restaurant is open-air, kid-friendly, and wheelchair accessible. The staff is kind and welcoming, making diners feel right at home. A must-visit for those craving authentic Puerto Rican cuisine without having to travel to Puerto Rico.“

4.9 Superb47 Reviews
El Oriental Venezolano Venezuelan • $
504 Hwy 17, Haines City - 3.41 miles

“El Oriental Venezolano is a highly-recommended restaurant with great service and fast delivery. Must-try dishes include the flancocho, delicious arepas, and areas de pollo or beef arepas with fresh cheese, hot sauce, and cilantro.“

5 Superb29 Reviews
El Rey del Shawarma Venezuelan • $
15 N 5th St, Haines City - 4.02 miles

Customers` Favorites

Empanada De Queso
Shawarma de Pollo
Arepa Con Queso
Arepa Pelua

“El Rey del Shawarma is a restaurant known for its delicious and carefully prepared food. The shawarma is highly recommended, considered the best in Orlando. The falafel and tabbouleh are also popular choices, with everything made with love and attention to detail. They offer vegetarian options, and there is parking available behind the food truck. Excellent service and quality are consistently provided, making it a place worth visiting.“

4.8 Superb49 Reviews
Rincón Catracho Honduran • $
2255 U.S. Hwy 17-92 N, Haines City - 2.48 miles

Customers` Favorites

Fresco de Tamarindo

“Rincón Catracho serves authentic Mexican and Honduran cuisine, including delicious tacos and baleadas, in a family-friendly atmosphere with great service and affordable prices. The outdoor seating adds a pleasant touch, making it a highly recommended spot for a good time and enjoyable dining experience.“

4.8 Superb46 Reviews
The Soul Train Express Soul Food • $
15 N 5th St, Haines City - 4.02 miles

Customers` Favorites

Collard Greens with Smoked Turkey
Jumbo Sweet Cornbread Muffin
Smothered Pork Chops
Fried Fish 2 Fillets
Fried Chicken Wings
Honey Baked Chicken
Baked Mac & Cheese
Smothered Cabbage
Banana Pudding
Fried Chicken

“The Soul Train Express is a highly acclaimed food truck serving exceptional soul food. Customers praise the excellent taste of the dishes, particularly the smothered pork chops, as well as the outstanding customer service. The clean and well-organized truck, coupled with the friendly staff, create a top-notch dining experience. Locals and visitors alike are encouraged to seek out this mobile culinary delight.“

4.9 Superb32 Reviews
La Esquinita PR Fast Food • $
2255 U.S. Hwy 17-92 N, Haines City - 2.44 miles

Customers` Favorites

Papas Supreme Con Sour Cream Y Pico De Gallo on Top
Papas Con Queso Y Bacon Cheese and Bacon Fries
Tripleta Con Maduro Tostones Locos
El Bori Burger Papas Locas
Tripleta Threemeat
Supremas Supreme
Tripleta Triplet
Con Papas Locas
Refrescos Soda

“La Esquinita PR offers delicious food with excellent service and kind staff. Customers recommend trying the tripleta and papas locas fries, along with a piña colada. The restaurant is family-friendly, with a children's menu available. Parking is convenient, making it a great spot to enjoy a meal with loved ones.“

4.8 Superb42 Reviews
Chaufa Mania Food Court •
701 E Main St, Haines City - 3.96 miles

Customers` Favorites

Passion Fruit 24 Oz

“Chaufa Mania is a hidden gem for those seeking delicious chaufa rice. With generous portions and reasonable prices, almost four people can enjoy one plate. The quesadilla is also a must-try, with a good taste and big portion. The staff is friendly and helpful, providing great customer service and recommendations. The clean environment and accommodating atmosphere make it a perfect spot for families. Don't miss out on this amazing place - great for a satisfying meal after a long day at work.“

4.9 Superb30 Reviews
Pal' Balcón Puerto Rican • $
2255 U.S. Hwy 17-92 North, Haines City - 2.53 miles

Customers` Favorites

Grilled Chicken Breast
Bolitas de Mofongo
Churrasco En Salsa
Fries with Bacon
Fried Plantains
In Cheese Sauce
Fried Pork Meat
Tostones Locos
Garlic Shrimp
Carne Frita

“Pal' Balcón is a highly-recommended eatery serving delicious Puerto Rican food that reminds customers of street food from the island. Their menu features popular dishes like the Happy Plate, which includes pinchos, garlic bread, and a choice of mofongo or tostones. The food is cooked to perfection, and the owners provide a friendly atmosphere.“

4.7 Superb58 Reviews
Fancy Cakes Boutique on Wheels Cupcake shop • $
32959 US Hwy 27, Haines City - 6.23 miles

“Best dessert/frappes spot in the area! Food is delicious! Quality of taste is amazing ???? Freshly made and manes you want to keep eating more of the various products there are to serve. They have a pretty good variety of options on their menus that you won’t regret trying! GO CHECK THEM OUT ???? Don’t let no one tell you, go try it out yourself with your loved ones in a great family atmosphere ????????????????????????????“

4.9 Superb24 Reviews
5 Hermanos Baked Potatoes Food Court • $
620 Dundee Rd, Dundee - 9.97 miles

Customers` Favorites

5 Hermanos Supreme Baked Potatoes
5 Hermanos Baked Potato Supreme
Nacho with Meat & Cheese
Ground Beef Baked Potato
Hermano 1 Baked Potato
La Nacho Baked Potato
La Nacho Sweet Potato
Steak Baked Potato
Nachos with Cheese
Nachos Supreme

“5 Hermanos Baked Potatoes serves high-quality baked potatoes with generous toppings. Their everything potatoes and La Nacho Baked Potatoes are popular options. Expect heavy portions, fresh ingredients, and hot food made to order. The friendly staff provides excellent service. While prices may be higher, the quality and quantity justify the cost. A must-try for baked potato lovers!“

4.8 Superb32 Reviews
Donde Wilking Latin Food Truck Fast Food • $
915 Dundee Rd, Dundee - 10.09 miles

Customers` Favorites

Camarones En Salsa Criolla Mofongo Camerones Plantains
Mofongo Con Pechuga Empanizada Y Salsa De Queso
Mofongo Con Camarones En Salsa De Queso Fundido
Mofongo De Churrascos Skirt Steak Mofongo
Chicharrón De Pollo Fried Chicken Rinds
Mofongo De Camarones Shrimp Mofongo
Churrasco 10 Oz Skirt Steak 10 Oz
Ensalada de Pulpo Octopus Salad
Tostones Fried Green Plantains
Mansposteao Con Carne Frita

“Donde Wilking Latin Food Truck offers a wide selection of delectable Dominican and Hispanic cuisine. Customers praise the pleasant seating, excellent service, and generous portions of dishes like Fried Pork with Tostones and Salad. The menu features a variety of options, from seafood to steaks and mofongos, all praised for their exceptional flavors. Whether dining in or ordering takeout, this food truck is highly recommended for an enjoyable and satisfying dining experience.“

4.6 Superb88 Reviews
El Establo de la Arepa Venezuelan • $
2255 U.S. Hwy 17-92 N, Haines City - 2.55 miles

Customers` Favorites

Arepa de Pollo Y Carne Mechada
Arepa Cabimera

“El Establo de la Arepa is a must-visit for Venezuelans and foodies alike. This restaurant offers excellent value for money, with combos like 3 Empanadas and a Cocola at a fair price. The arepas, such as the Establo, are a highlight, packed with flavorful ingredients like chicken, beef, and smoked sausage. Friendly staff, delicious food, and a welcoming atmosphere make it a place to return to.“

4.8 Superb24 Reviews
El Saborinqueño Food Truck Cuban • $
2255 U.S. Hwy 17-92 North, Haines City - 2.49 miles

Customers` Favorites


“El Saborinqueño Food Truck serves authentic Puerto Rican cuisine that's worth every cent. With generous portions and explosive flavors, dishes like the mixed seafood cup with skirt steak and tostones, and the tripleta sandwich, are a must-try. The passion fruit juices are enormous and refreshing. The owner, Darleen, is warm and hospitable, ensuring a welcoming experience. This food truck is a gem in the heart of Kissimmee, FL, perfect for families with kids, who can play outside while you enjoy your meal at the picnic table.“

4.8 Superb22 Reviews
LA TRI COLOR “Antojitos Colombianos “ Colombian • $
444 U.S. Hwy 17-92 N, Haines City - 3.48 miles

Customers` Favorites

Natilla Y Buñuelo Typical Colombian Dish
Hamburguesa Especial with Fries
Bistec Con Tostones Y Ensaladas
Perro Caliente Hot Dog
Hamburguesa Hamburger
Con Arepa O Toston
Empanada Y Pastel
Pinchos Skewers
Con Bocadillo

“La Tri Color "Antojitos Colombianos" is a food truck serving delicious Colombian dishes, including empanadas, fried ribs, and mini paisa trays. The owners, Lina and Luis, provide friendly and polite service, making customers feel like family.“

4.7 Superb23 Reviews
VIDAL'S GRILL (Tu Sabor Boricua) Puerto Rican • $
2255 U.S. Hwy 17-92 N, Haines City - 2.53 miles

Customers` Favorites

Tostones Rellenos De Ceviche De Camaron
Mofongo Relleno Con Churrasco
Papas Fritas French Fries
Churrasco Skirt Steak
Mofongo Con Camarones

“VIDAL'S GRILL (Tu Sabor Boricua) offers a rich variety of Puerto Rican cuisine, including seafood salads, octopus salad, pulpo al ajillo, tostones, mofongo, and shrimp ceviche. Customers praise the excellent customer service, with the restaurant responding promptly to inquiries and accommodating orders even when they are about to close. The restaurant serves a delicious passion fruit juice and has some special dishes available on Fridays. While it is a food truck and lacks indoor seating, the outdoor setup with tables and benches under a big tent provides a comfortable dining experience. The food truck park also offers a variety of other food and drink options.“

4.8 Superb14 Reviews
Mi Patria Restaurant Sobre Ruedas Puerto Rican • $
2255 U.S. Hwy 17-92 N, Haines City - 2.54 miles

Customers` Favorites

Arroz Mamposteado Puerto Rican Fried Rice
Camarones En Ensalada
Papas Fritas Fries

“Mi Patria Restaurant Sobre Ruedas is a place where you can find excellent food with great taste and quantity. Their mofongo with chicharrón de pollo is a popular choice, but the trifongo is a standout dish. The owners are very friendly and attentive, creating a welcoming family atmosphere. The prices are reasonable for the quality of food served. Customers travel from far distances to dine here and are never disappointed, enjoying all the flavors they need in a single visit.“

4.8 Superb13 Reviews
The Smokin´OX Premium BBQ Barbecue • $
204 6th St SW, Winter Haven - 12.61 miles

Customers` Favorites

Smoked Wings Loaded Mashed Potatoes Corn Pudding
Pulled Pork Sandwich Fat Fries Coleslaw
Pulled Pork Sandwich & Corn Casserole
Sweet Original Hot Mustard BBQ Sauce
Pulled Pork Sandwich & Baked Beans
Ribs Fried Okra and Green Beans
Brisket and Potato Salad
Buttermilk Pound Cake
Chopped Pork Sandwich
Chopped Brisket Taco

“The Smokin' Ox Premium BBQ is a highly recommended restaurant for BBQ lovers. The food is delicious, with favorites including fried green tomatoes, brisket, fried pickles, and "fat fries." The service is excellent, with staff going above and beyond to ensure a great dining experience. The restaurant has a sentimental value for many, as it was a favorite of a late brother and has been the caterer for graduation parties. The prices are described as decent.“

4.4 Superb86 Reviews
Cox's Chophouse Cheesesteaks • $
413 N 12th St, Haines City - 3.54 miles

Customers` Favorites

Philly Cheesesteak Eggrolls
Mac & Cheese

“Cox's Chophouse offers delicious and flavorful dishes at reasonable prices. The philly steak & buffalo chicken eggrolls are a must-try, with generous portions that won't disappoint. The owner is knowledgeable and friendly, ensuring a great dining experience. Easy parking access adds convenience to this gem.“

4.7 Superb14 Reviews
Churro Factory - Xurro Dessert • $
2255 U.S. Hwy 17-92 N, Haines City - 2.42 miles

Customers` Favorites


“Churro Factory - Xurro offers excellent churros at good prices, with a variety of flavors including chocolate, vanilla, and dulce de leche. Customers also praise their delicious piña colada and other desserts like funnel cakes and frozen bananas. The food truck provides seating at picnic tables and is highly recommended for those looking for the best churros in the area.“

4.7 Superb13 Reviews
Rico QQ Rico BBQ Barbecue •
413 N 12th St, Haines City - 3.54 miles

Customers` Favorites

Habichuelas Beans

“Rico QQ Rico BBQ is a hidden gem in Haines City, serving up delicious home-style food and BBQ. Their smoked chicken and ribs are must-try items, with huge portions and a variety of sides to choose from. This family-friendly and pet-friendly restaurant also offers authentic Puerto Rican dishes, including cuajitos with guineos, fried meat, and tostones made to order. The BBQ chicken and ribs are tender and flavorful, with a smoky flavor that will leave you wanting more. With indoor and outdoor seating, this restaurant is a great place to stop by and enjoy a meal.“

4.7 Superb13 Reviews
Legacy Craft BBQ Barbecue • $
320 Niblick Cir, Winter Haven - 9.79 miles

Customers` Favorites

Smoked Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage
Brunswick Stew

“Legacy Craft BBQ is a popular spot for delicious smoked meats and flavorful sides. Their menu features mouthwatering options like smoked jalapeño-cheddar sausage and Boss Hog BBQ sandwiches, as well as tender pulled pork with a side of excellent Cole slaw, featuring shaved Brussels sprouts. The restaurant also offers a variety of accompaniments, including chips and a signature BBQ sauce.“

4.8 Superb10 Reviews
El Bunker del Sabor Venezuelan • $
2255 U.S. Hwy 17-92 N, Haines City - 2.55 miles

“El Bunker del Sabor is a Puerto Rican and Venezuelan fusion restaurant that offers a delightful dining experience. The owner is described as a "sweet heart" who provides excellent customer service. The menu features popular dishes like the tripleta sandwich, tequeños, and Venezuelan empanadas, all of which are praised for their exceptional flavors. Customers appreciate the pleasant atmosphere and the blending of two distinct culinary cultures.“

5 Superb6 Reviews
Don martin modern mexican cuisine llc Mexican • $
15N S 5th St, Haines City - 4.01 miles

Customers` Favorites

Birria Quesadilla
Chicken Quesadilla
Chicken Burrito
Tacos De Birria
Gobenador Taco
Birria Flautas
Birria Tacos
Shrimp Tacos
Street Corn
Cheese Dip

“Don Martin Modern Mexican Cuisine LLC offers delicious street tacos, made fresh and served with limes and two sauce options. The salsa that comes with the chips is amazing. The service is friendly, quick, and accommodating, even for late-night visits. The biria nachos and tacos are highly recommended. More hot sauce would be a welcome addition.“

4.4 Superb34 Reviews
IDLY Latin Cafe Cuban • $
703 E Main St, Haines City - 3.96 miles

Customers` Favorites

Pulled Pork

“The food brought me back to Miami.
The service 0 to None.
Will definitely be back.

Kid-friendliness: The kids love it.
The Doughnut burger is the best I’ve had.
The new fried dough is phenomenal.
If you know you know!!!!“

5 Superb5 Reviews
Saborealo y Algo Mas Inc. Fast Food • $
344 E Main St, Haines City - 3.97 miles

“I loved it waoooo unique flavor like the Puerto Rican flavor I loved the place it's good quiet unique Puerto Rican flavor the hot dogs ? I'm missing the hamburgers and the skewers but if the hot dogs taste good the hamburgers and the skewers I also recommend it to everyone who stop by ally with the family or with your neighbors with whoever is the best place to eat“

5 Superb5 Reviews
Ticas cuisine Haitian • $
1699 E Hinson Ave, Haines City - 4 miles

Customers` Favorites

Stewed Vegetable White Rice Black Bean Sauce Fried Plantain and Hot Cabbage Slaw
Plat Komplet One Size
Macaroni Au Gratin
Serve with Salad

“Ticas Cuisine offers a delightful Haitian dining experience. Customers praise the restaurant's excellent customer service, diverse menu featuring tasty patties, and exceptional culinary skills. With a welcoming atmosphere and high-quality dishes, Ticas Cuisine is a must-try for those seeking an authentic Haitian gastronomic adventure.“

4.4 Superb27 Reviews
Los goldos fast food Latin American • $$
32959 US Hwy 27, Haines City - 6.23 miles

“No Recomiendo El Sandwich De Bistec, Solo 2 Pedacitos Y Mas Finos No Podían Ser. Ni Sabor Casi Tenía. Espero Que Mejoren Pero A Mi No Me Vuelven A Coger.“

4.5 Superb13 Reviews
Rico Rico Bakery Bakery • $
621 Ingraham Ave, Haines City - 3.88 miles

Customers` Favorites

Scrambled Eggs with Ham & Toast Revoltillo Con Jamón Y Tostadas
2 Huevos Jamón Tostadas Y Papas 2 Eggs Ham Toast & Fries
Mallorca O Bocadillo Jamón Y Queso Ham & Cheese
Mallorca O Bocadillo Huevo Y Queso Egg & Cheese
2 Huevos Jamón Y Tostadas 2 Eggs Ham & Toast
Tocino Huevo Y Queso Bacon Egg & Cheese
Pechuga a La Milanesa Breaded Chicken
Batata Frita Fried Sweet Potatoes
Papas Fritas French Fries
Pastrami Sandwich

“Rico Rico Bakery offers a delightful variety of meals like corn flour, eggs with ham, toast, and Mallorca with ham and cheese. The coffee is top-notch. The guava and cheese donuts are a must-try, filled generously. The ham cheese and egg sandwich is a good deal for its size. Despite loud music, the food presentation and atmosphere are beautiful. Customers praise the friendly staff and peaceful vibes, making it a favorite breakfast and lunch spot.“

4.3 Superb38 Reviews
Como Hecho En Casa Fast Food •
413 N 12th St, Haines City - 3.54 miles

“buen servicio comida exelente“

5 Superb3 Reviews
Taqueria La Guadalupe Mexican • $
2511 U.S. Hwy 17-92 N, Haines City - 2.37 miles

Customers` Favorites

Street Tacos De Bistec a La Mexicana

“Taqueria La Guadalupe in Davenport is praised for having the best Mexican food in the area. Customers appreciate the quality, freshness, and friendly service. The aroma alone convinced one reviewer to turn around and try the delicious food. Parking is also easy, making it a convenient stop for a tasty meal.“

4.3 Superb23 Reviews
Rico Rico Bakery Foodtruck Bakery •
2255 U.S. Hwy 17-92 N, Haines City - 2.55 miles

“Rico Rico Bakery Foodtruck serves authentic Puerto Rican treats, boasting real sugar and rich flavors. From breakfast to pastries, including the must-try "farina", every bite is a delight. With tasty food, great coffee, and a cozy ambiance, this food truck is a go-to spot for a satisfying meal and drink.“

4.3 Superb23 Reviews
Skys breakfast mobile cafe Mobile caterer •
875 S Lake Shore Way, Lake Alfred - 9.51 miles
5 Superb2 Reviews
Parada Tropical Puerto Rican • $
207 FL-17, Dundee - 8.35 miles

Customers` Favorites

Tostones Lokos Lokos Fried Green Plantains
Mofongo Con Camarones Y Mijo De Ajo
Ensalada De Pulpo Y Mofongo
Chuleta CanCan Con Tostones
Empanadillas Y Cheese Dog
Arroz Con Pollo Al Horno
Carrucho Con Tostones
Pinchos De Pollo
Pollo Chicken
Papas Locas

“Parada Tropical is a restaurant that offers a delightful and delicious dining experience. The food is so good that it makes you feel like you're on the island of Puerto Rico. The staff, such as Brian, are known for their friendliness and attentive service. The menu features options like pastelillo de pulpo, a favorite among many. The restaurant also serves refreshing drinks like piña colada frappe, topped with a cherry. The smell of the food is amazing and the atmosphere is fun and enjoyable. Whether you're in the mood for seafood or just looking for a yummy place to eat, Parada Tropical is highly recommended.“

4.2 Good48 Reviews
El Rinconcito Sabroso - Manys Bar Puerto Rican • $
323 US-92, Haines City - 3.52 miles

“(Translated by Google) I come from Wisconsin and I did not know about that place until today omg I went for the first time in search of oats and farina but they did not have the girl tells me that they are so rich they take them quickly ... So I bought cassava and masa alcapurias Triple dumplings and chicken and steak with cheese and acerola juice mmmmmm people recommended 100% Rich everything And they are very friendly they are open from 7am from Tuesday to Sunday. It is in front of the Zocalo market ...(Original)Vengo desde wisconsin y no sabia de ese lugar hasta hoy omg fui por primera vez en busca de avena y farina pero no tenian me dice la muchacha que de tan ricas que son se las llevan rapido.... Entonces compre alcapurias de yuca y masa empanadillas de tripletas y pollo y bistec con queso y juguito de acerola mmmmmm gente recomendado 100% Rico todo Y ellas son muy amables estan abiertos desde las 7am de martes a domimgo. Queda frente al Zocalo market...“

4.3 Superb9 Reviews
Taqueria Y Neveria Acambaro Mexican • $
5714 Kalogridis Rd, Haines City - 4.32 miles

Customers` Favorites

Tortilla Bowl

“Taqueria Y Neveria Acambaro is a hidden gem that serves authentic Mexican cuisine. The food is made fresh with fresh ingredients, and the tortillas are even homemade. The menu offers a variety of dishes, including chorizo burritos, asada tacos, empanadas, and sopas. The chorizo tacos are a must-try, and the red and green sauces add an extra layer of flavor. The restaurant also serves traditional Mexican drinks, such as aguas frescas, and even offers SpongeBob popsicles from the adjacent gas station. The service is fast and friendly, and customers can choose to dine in or take out. The outdoor seating area is covered and comfortable, making it a perfect spot to enjoy a meal.“

4.2 Good23 Reviews
Taqueria El campesino Mexican • $
302 E Main St, Dundee - 9.67 miles

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Tacos De Carne Asada
Al Pastor -Carnitas
Flautas De Pollo
Enchiladas Rojas
Choice of Meat
Grilled Meat

“Taqueria El Campesino serves amazing, authentic Mexican food that's worth every penny. Their tortas, nachos, and queso BIRRIA are always fresh and flavorful, with the best cilantro and onions. This family-owned business offers homemade dishes at low prices, with polite and fast service, making it a must-try local spot.“

4.1 Good18 Reviews
El Rincón Isleño Puerto Rican •
2255 U.S. Hwy 17-92 N, Haines City - 2.41 miles

“I've been searching for that Puerto rican great food for a few months. This place for sure is worth it and then some. Great Mofongo, Alcapurrias, etc etc. Really great food truck and the service was amazing. I've found my PR food truck Gem.. Gracias El Rincon Isleño“

3 Average1 Reviews
El Sabor Ponceño #2 Puerto Rican • $
2255 U.S. Hwy 17-92 N, Haines City - 2.56 miles

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Mofongo Con Churrasco En Salsa De Guayaba
Mofongo Con Carne Frita
Cono de Pulpo
Cono Mixto

“El Sabor Ponceño #2 is a restaurant that offers delicious Puerto Rican cuisine, including seafood dishes like octopus with shrimp, as well as the popular tripleta sandwich. The restaurant is known for its welcoming atmosphere, with the owner Darleen providing a hospitable experience. Customers praise the perfect lemonade and the free Wednesday afternoon events called Vibra Alto, which promote personal and business growth. Overall, El Sabor Ponceño #2 is a beloved establishment in the Haines City community, offering authentic Puerto Rican flavors.“

3.8 Good33 Reviews
Uncle Taco Mexican •
413N N 12th St, Haines City - 3.54 miles

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Pastor Marinated Pork Taco
Carnitas Pork Taco

“Uncle Taco Food Truck offers delicious Mexican street food, with standout dishes like birria tacos and chicken bowls. Customers appreciate the fresh, homemade quality of the food, as well as the friendly and efficient service. Whether ordering in person, over the phone, or through a delivery app, the service is consistently excellent. Highly recommended for those who come across the food truck.“

3.7 Good22 Reviews