Waffle House in Conyers

Waffle House - 1820 Ga Hwy 138 N

Rating: 3.8 - 51 Votes

1820 Ga Hwy 138 N, Conyers GA 30013
(770) 602-0562

I love waffle house. I get full no matter what I order and the price is great. My sister and I were visiting in Congers, GA and we went here for breakfast. We were extra blessed when someone in the resturant picked up our tab! How nice was that!

Waffle House - 1886 South GA-20

Rating: 3.8 - 58 Votes

1886 South GA-20, Conyers GA 30094
(770) 918-0202

I took my two grandsons, ages 5 and 7, to the Waffle House close to my home (GA 20 near Honeycreek Road in Conyers, GA) the other day and it was awesome! Our server was named Faith, a beautiful young woman with a big smile and a great attitude! She was so welcoming and took great care of us! She was friendly to my shy...read more

Waffle House - 1100 NorTec Dr SE

Rating: 3.8 - 43 Votes

1100 NorTec Dr SE, Conyers GA 30013
(770) 760-9204

Took friend to get a meal after loosing her beloved furbabie, waitress was so attentive and kind. Food was piping hot, fresh and correct as busy as it was when we entered the facility. Would definitely go back in the future

Waffle House - 1170 West Ave

Rating: 3.6 - 54 Votes

1170 West Ave, Conyers GA 30012
(770) 929-1635

My props to da cook. She cooked tht omelet n da waitress was nun but friendly n kind. Ill continue to come when they are there. I think waitress name was katie mae n i didnt get cook name but i enjoyed..thx ladies

Waffle House - 2020 Flat Shoals Rd SE

Rating: 3.6 - 42 Votes

2020 Flat Shoals Rd SE, Conyers GA 30013
(770) 483-6866

I always really enjoy Waffle House and this experience was not any different. The Cheesesteak Melts are to die for and when you add some Heinz 57 over the top, you have a winner! The service was very good. I cracked jokes the entire time and our waitress was fine with it. She was great, attentive and industrious. Perfect...read more

Waffle House - 2260 Sigman Rd

Rating: 3.4 - 41 Votes

2260 Sigman Rd, Conyers GA 30012
(770) 760-1788

You dont come here cause its clean or good for you, you come here for greasy, middle of the night, home-cooked-esk food while your crying to your waiter like their your sibling about the injustices done to you that day. Cry into the cheesy steak melt Tina, you deserve the love it makes you feel.

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Waffle House

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