Fast Food Restaurants near Orland Hills


Subway Sandwich Shop • $
9283 W 159th St, Orland Hills

Customers` Favorites

Cold Cut Combo

“This is the best subway in the area by far! I was having a pretty terrible day and subway has always been my feel better sandwich and the staff was friendly, offered suggestions and even gave me a free cookie! I won’t go to any other subway around, this is the one!“

4 Good28 Reviews
Burger King Burgers • $
9279 W 159th St, Orland Hills

Customers` Favorites

Whopper and Onion Rings
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Fries

“Service has gotten load better than previous years, new management and new employees. I was in and out of the drive through in 5 minutes with a large order. The fries were crispy and warm. The burger and the chicken sandwiches were fresh. This was during the lunch rush. The drive through employee was kind and nice, and in general my recent experience with this Burger King location have gotten light years better than before.“

2.6 Average31 Reviews
Wendy's Fast Food • $
16737 South La Grange Road, Orland Hills

Customers` Favorites

Wendy’S Baked Potatoes
Spicy Chicken Sandwich

“Wendy seems to be picking up the pace lately. The burgers were freshly made and the fries were quite hot. Also I like their fountain drink selection which is too many to mention. They need to work on stocking their condiment section, such as catch up napkins as well as straws. If you're eating inside I prefer the cups of ketchup versus packets. Restroom was clean. Also the parking lot was maintained well. The service was timely and I received everything I purchased. Keep up the good work!“

1.9 Poor80 Reviews
Taco Bell Fast Food • $
9281 159th St, Orland Hills

Customers` Favorites

Cheesy Gordita Crunch Combo
Chicken Quesadilla Combo
Crunchy Taco Supreme
Hash Browns

“If you follow my reviews at all you will notice that I am big on "categories" or "levels" of food. I believe that its very important. So I don't compare a Taco Bell with a Casa Del Mar Mexican Bar and Grill.That being said this location is very good. From order taking to collecting the cash its a great flow. What I like is that they always have the specialty or temporary items that are not even on the app yet.Look, for low cost and some decent tasting fast food you can not go wrong here.“

1.6 Poor85 Reviews
Just Kabobs Kebab •
14747 S Cicero Ave, Midlothian

Customers` Favorites

Chicken and Steak Kabobs Pita Bread Salad
Combination Plate with Chicken Kabob
Lemon Chicken Rice Soup
Chicken Kabob Plate
Greek Potato Wedges
Rotisserie Chicken
Shrimp Kabob Plate
Roasted Potatoes
Grilled Veggies
Gyro Sandwich

“I was absolutely amazed after a friend recommended this place to me. The way he talked about the food I thought it was a little mom and pop shop. The way this place runs is a well oiled and extremely tasty machine!!! I only regret that I don’t live near by - I would eat this very often. (Great prices too and very friendly staff!!) food tastes like a small mom and pop place but you are in and out in 5 mins if you want to go but they have a lot of seating area for you to eat there. I recommend getting the house dressing on the salad if you decide to get the plate (I got the priciest one - beef kababobs and it was only under $13 and I am also eating my leftovers for dinner tonight - you get 2 kababobs rice a couple of potatoes (which are amazing!!) salad and pita bread) enough said please just try this place!!!“

4.7 Superb135 Reviews
Damascus Falafel Fast Food • $
10s410 Kingery Hwy #3, Willowbrook

Customers` Favorites

French Fries with Chipotle Mayo
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
Steak Wrap and Falafel
Chicken Shawarma Bowl
Chicken Shawarma Wrap
Falafel Damascus Way
Crunch Wrap Supreme
Hummus with Falafel
Shawarma Fajita
Hummus and Pita

“This place holds a special place in my heart as we had our office moved from the city to Woodridge area 2 years ago, now moved out of the state so here we are. Went here consistently with colleagues for lunch and it has never failed me. The wraps, bowls and special menu items are all fantastic with a variety of options/toppings to choose from and you can’t forget about the crispy seasoned fries w that fry mayo. Sam and his staff are awesome, always friendly! I’ll be back eventually when visiting the area “

4.6 Superb123 Reviews
Hello Shawarma Fast Food • $
10272 S Harlem Ave, Bridgeview

Customers` Favorites

Kiddo Lamb Shawarma Meal Mini Pita
Shawarm Wrap Shrak Bread
Shawarma in a Fluffy Pita
Shawarma over Rice Bowl
Chicken Shawarma Wrap
Shawarma in Baguette
Mansaf in a Cup
Beef Rice Bowl
French Fries

“Came here for the first time and made the hour long drive from Chicago. I got the chicken shawarma wrap and a beef shawarma in a pita. The chicken shawarma was very good and had lots of flavor. The fires were fresh and crispy. The beef, however, had no flavor at all and was super bland. Was disappointed with the beef. I’d recommend the chicken to anyone.“

4.6 Superb122 Reviews
Shawarma Bros Fast Food • $
12658 S Harlem Ave, Palos Heights

Customers` Favorites

Butter Chicken Shawarma Bowl
Chicken Shawarma Wrap
Chicken Shawerma
Mansaf in a Cup
Arabic Pickles
Shawarma Fries
Baba Ghanoush
Chicken Wrap
Small Salad
Lentil Soup

“The food here is phenomenal! I would give this place ten stars. I got the butter chicken bowl, full of hummus, baba ganoush, veggies, sauces, feta etc! The bowls are a nice portion. I will ALWAYS go to this place I swear. The taste? VERY GOOD! The way they place the portions in the bowl, sets me on an actual journey when I eat. Spoon after spoon after spoon, omg, I have to slow down, damn this food is good. The taste is fresh. The taste is refreshing. The meat is seasoned just right. The meat is clean; no bones or gristle or fat. Next time I will get the steak bowl. I've been eating while typing this entire time. Im so full and I just ate one third of this bowl.I can only imagine all the other food, and this was just the butter chicken bowl. Im sure they will get tired of seeing me in there because this is now THE place for me.“

4.8 Superb73 Reviews
Fry the Coop (Oak Lawn) Fast Food • $
5128 W 95th St, Oak Lawn

Customers` Favorites

Nashville Chicken Sandwich with Coleslaw
Spicy Butter Fried Chicken Sandwich
Nashville Fried Chicken Sandwich
Spicy Butter Chicken Sandwich
Donut Fried Chicken Sandwich
Chicken and Waffles
Chicken Fingers
Seasoned Fries
Messy Fries
House Fries

“Service was excellent mac and cheese was a little bland for me i chickened out and got a medium on the spice chart and it wasn't hot at all Other than that I like this place I'll definitely go back and swap the Mac for some coleslaw.“

4.3 Superb133 Reviews
Billy Boy's Fast Food • $
6400 95th St, Chicago Ridge

Customers` Favorites

Gyros & Fries with Jarritos Mexican Soda
Gyro Sandwich N Fries
Double Cheeseburger
Steak Sandwich
Greek Chicken
French Fries
Pizza Burger
Garlic Bread
Gyro Platter
Onion Rings

“A really great little place. My go-to for grilled burgers. If I had to say anything negative, maybe the sides of feta are a little small for the price. But I can always get that at the grocery store.It's somewhat greasy, good food when you have a taste for it.Dietary restrictions: I have a fish allergy, and I've never had a reaction from any of the food. So they do a good job keeping the fish/shrimp separate.“

4.4 Superb93 Reviews
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