15 Best American Restaurants in Mount Clemens

Three Blind Mice Irish Pub Bar • $
101 N Main St, Mt Clemens

Customers` Favorites

Reuben on Marble Ride with a Tot Upgrade
Beer Battered Fish and Chips
Corned Beef & Cabbage
French Onion Soup
Bangers and Mash
Chicken Sandwich
Pretzel Sticks
Michigan Salad
Fried Pickles
Chicken Wings

“First time here. November 18 2022. The food and service was absolutely fantastic. The food was exceptional. The flavors were bursting with the right amount of spice and flavor. The service was exceptional. I will be back and plan on bringing all my family and friends.“

4.6 Superb97 Reviews
Mt. Clemens Grill American • $
39 N Main St, Mt Clemens

Customers` Favorites

Farmers Omelette with Cottage Cheese
Scrambled Eggs with Sausage Links
mt Clemens Combo Sandwich
Corned Beef Sandwich
Reuben Sandwich
Club Sandwich
Pecan Pancakes
Hash Browns
Rye Toast

“This place was a nice place to run and grab something to eat. This is a hot spot for the court room right across the street this food tastes better than the coney island that is next to it as well. The prices are very affordable and they have amazing customer service over and beyond, the day I went there were no seats to sit in , I was just doing a walk in and prior to all those guess my food still came out in a timely manner.Rate Overall: 8|10“

4.8 Superb52 Reviews


Mae's Diner • $
64 Macomb Pl, Mt Clemens

Customers` Favorites

Biscuits and Gravy with Egg and Sausage Links
Corned Beef Hash Poached Eggs Asiago Toast
Avocado Breakfast Sandwich
Tex-Mex Breakfast Bowl
Buttermilk Pancakes
Avocado Benedict
Breakfast Burrito
Mae's Breakfast
Mushroom Soup
Side of Bacon

“Decided to try somewhere I haven’t been before for Sunday Brunch, and the group and I decided on Mae’s.This is a place where you order at the front, and then the food gets brought out to your table once ready. We told the lady at the front counter that it was our first time so she provided us paper menus to sit down and go over so we weren’t pressured to make a decision right away. The atmosphere is super cute and in the heart of downtown Mount Clemens.My friend and I decided on the Avocado Breakfast Sandwich but with sunny side up eggs instead of the friend eggs. My other friend kept it simple with the Mae’s Breakfast with over easy eggs and turkey sausage. Our Breakfast Sandwiches were absolutely huge and the yolk from the sunny side up egg really brought the sandwich together surprisingly without it being as messy as I anticipated. All of our meals came with Red Skin Potatoes which were cooked to absolute perfection making sure each piece was crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside. The Turkey Sausage was really good as well. The Fried Cauliflower was a hit for the table, however some pieces were a bit too batter heavy for my liking.Overall it was a great experience, and it’s always fun supporting a local small business when given the opportunity.“

4.6 Superb63 Reviews
Engine House Bar & Grill • $
309 Cass Ave, Mt Clemens

Customers` Favorites

Fish and Chips w Baked Mac and Cheese
Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese Bites
Grilled Chicken Pasta with Breag
Fish & Macaroni and Cheese
Deep Fried Mac and Cheese
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Corned Beef Egg Roll
Shrimp Alfredo Pasta
Corned Beef Sliders
Engine House Salad

“The food came out when they said it would. I always have a shot while I wait. The customers are always pleasant as well as the staff. Hands down best bar food in the area.Parking: There are two places to park. In the back of the bar. And across the street“

4.4 Superb135 Reviews
John's Family Grill Restaurant Family • $
304 Cass Ave, Mt Clemens

Customers` Favorites

Breakfast Pancakes Bacon and Cheese Omelette with Wheat Toast
Club Sandwich and Cheesy Fries
Mushroom Swiss Omelette
Mushroom Swiss Burger
Johns Big Breakfast
Crispy Chicken Wrap
Veggie Omelette
Fried Mushrooms
Greek Salad

“I've gone there a handful of times. I always take my in-laws when they are in town. They love the place food's great portions are awesome. Don't really have any complaints.Parking: There is a parking lot right across the street from this diner it being in Mount Clemens. Sometimes parking can be an issue but this place does not have that.“

4.6 Superb60 Reviews
Golden Greek Greek • $
180 N Groesbeck Hwy, Mt Clemens

Customers` Favorites

Corned Beef Hash Eggs and Toast
Sides from Hot Turkey Sandwich
Patty Melt and Onion Rings
Golden Greek Special Salad
Corn Beef and Cabbage
Eggs and Potatoes
Chicken Stir Fry
Chopped Sirloin
Chicken Noodle
Chicken Pot Pie

“Ordered the chicken kabob dinner with the extra skewer, added tzaziki sauce on the side. Absolutely phenomenal. The marinade on the chicken is perfect and the chicken is so tender..The red sauce for the rice was nothing to write home about but it wasn’t bad by any means. The rice was good but the chicken kabob was the star and the tzaziki makes you not even care about the underwhelming parts of the dish.Our server was GREAT! The place was packed and there was only 3 servers that I could see. I’m glad they don’t overstaff and I’m sure the girls clean up but our server seemed to be a bit nervous because kept apologizing and thanking us for our patience but we weren’t in any rush or angry by any means. They have been in business for a LONG time and there is definitely a good reason for that. I just hope the girls there get treated well by the owners.“

4.4 Superb84 Reviews
Gumbo's Bar and Restaurant Cajun • $
53 N Walnut St, Mt Clemens

Customers` Favorites

Cajun Pasta and Cuban Sandwich
Catfish Voodoo Fingers
Red Beans and Rice
Gumbo with Shrimp
New Orleans Gumbo
Catfish Fingers
Seafood Platter
Mac and Cheese
Chicken Philly
Shrimp & Fries

“Such a gem! This little spot in downtown Mount Clemens is such a great restaurant. The atmosphere is top notch, while it may seem small, it has two nice wings that bring you between bright and cozy to lowly lit and romantic. The food was excellent and very reasonably priced. Best cornbread I've ever had and their hush puppies are what hush puppies should be, at least this far north! Highly recommend you go and go again. The service was friendly and responsive too. Will definitely be going back myself!“

4.3 Superb77 Reviews
O’Halloran’s Public House and Hall Irish Pub • $
112 Macomb Pl, Mt Clemens

Customers` Favorites

Beer Battered Fish and Chips
The Grilled Cheese Sliders
Roasted Brussels Sprouts
The Public House Burger
French Onion Soup
Reuben Sandwich
Slider and Fries
Pretzel Bites
Poutine Fries
Cottage Pie

“Always busy when I go. Great service with a waitstaff and kitchen that was wonderful with working around my fungi/mold food allergies.Vegetarian options: Friendly staff that works well with questions and alternatives.Dietary restrictions: I have a fungi/mold allergy and they were able to hold the balsamic vinegar, parmesan cheeae, and other aged products in making an allergy friendly fresh meal.Parking: The municial parking is not located on Google maps but it is available across the street.“

4.3 Superb55 Reviews


ABBIBO New American • $
76 Macomb Pl, Mt Clemens

Customers` Favorites

Sandwich & Waffle Fries
Salmon Green Beans
Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Fingers
Chicken Marsala
Chicken Piccata
Chicken Strips
Pancetta Mac N
Artichoke Dip
Fattoush Salad

“Excellent Tacos! Service by Jessica was excellent, She knew the menu well!“

4.2 Good83 Reviews
Louie's Ham & Corned Beef Diner • $
165 S Main St, Mt Clemens

Customers` Favorites

Louis Classic Corned Beef and Swiss on Onion Rye
Ham and Cheese Omelet with Pancakes
Corned Beef Sandwich
Breakfast Sandwich
Southern Omelette
Corned Beef Hash
Western Omelette
Reuben Sandwich
Big Breakfast
Hash Browns

“A real treasure here in downtown Mt. Clemons. I have always been a huge fan the 9 mile location in Warren. Glad to add this location to my restaurant rotation.Ham, Ham & some more Ham. Toss in some fries, that ranch, some chicken strips, pickles, a couple ice cold colas & this duo is back to trying to catch some Pokemon.Waitstaff is always friendly. Food is always delicious. My only complaint is the prices are high, but it doesn’t keep me away, so they must know what they’re doing.“

4.2 Good69 Reviews
Louie's Towne Grille American • $
79 N Main St, Mt Clemens

Customers` Favorites

Sliders and French Fries
Grilled Chicken Pita
Hash Browns or Grits
Country Fried Steak
Corned Beef Hash
Chicken Sandwich
Burger and Fries
Chicken Strips

“Excellent, excellent, excellent! From the beginning, walking in, to the dream waitress, to the food (compliments to the cook), to paying and leaving immensely satisfied with full belly and leftovers to take home...What more needs to be said? I WILL BE BACK!!!!Vegetarian options: They accommodate by removing ingredients a vegetarian can't eat.“

4.2 Good45 Reviews
Orleans Sports Cafe American • $
100 Macomb Pl, Mt Clemens

Customers` Favorites

Pepperoni Detroit Style
Orleans Famous Nachos
Detroit Style Pizza
The Cheeseburger
Pepperoni Pizza
Orleans Special
Orleans Salad
Cheese Pizza
Caesar Salad

“Love the staff here, great environment. Pool tables are always clean. Food and drink always hits the spot, the Parmesan garlic wings are my favorite and have yet to disappoint. The monthly specials are always good and keep me coming back. Need more places like this around “

4.1 Good39 Reviews
Bath City Bistro American • $
75 Macomb Pl, Mt Clemens

Customers` Favorites

1 2 lb Sirloin Steak Burger
Michigan Cherry Chicken
Mediterranean Salad
French Onion Soup
Fish 'N Chips
Lemon Chicken
Coconut Shrimp
Steak Bites
The Pizza

“Had a Southwest Chicken Wrap. It was a little drippy, but very good. Fries were also good. Server was very good but they weren't busy at all. My wife had 4oz. Filet with Shrimp. Ordered medium rare and came out with no pink but still very good. Hard to cook a steak that small. Overall great experience. Got a reservation 20 minutes before we left home, ate quick, ate good, and back home.“

4 Good104 Reviews
Your Mothers Food & Spirits Bar • $
61 N Walnut St, Mt Clemens

Customers` Favorites

Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza
Hamburger with Onion Rings
Pineapple and Bacon Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza
Hawaiian Pizza
Chicken Wings
Loaded Fries
Chicken Parm
Hot Wings

“We came in fri 30th for a quick lunch. It was very very busy. I watched the bartender/waitress Kelly running around waiting tables serving preparing drinks. That women is amazing. Kelly did not skip a beat. Whatever she's getting paid is not enough lol.i guess she's been their several years. My biggest complaint has been the soup. I've been their at night girls eating talking with 2 to3 girls on floor having issues either with each other. They put someone like Kelly on nights. They would have a great business. Thank you Kelly your amazing.Jim and Jenny“

3.9 Good57 Reviews
Gus' Mt. Clemens Coney Island American • $
55 N Main St, Mt Clemens

Customers` Favorites

Chilli Fries with Shredded Cheese
Chili Cheese Fries
Southern Omelette
Chicken Pita
Coney Island
Hash Browns
Big Beakfast
Chili Fries
French Fries
Patty Melt

“Gus Coney Island always has a different atmosphere which is friendly and caring. Their servants aim to please and their food is well prepared. Apparently their cooks are the boom! I would highly recommend this restaurant as I have been eating here for close to five years and always feel welcome.Parking: Parking is safe, but bring change.Kid-friendliness: There are plenty of action figures of creative art on display to visually see and add more communication amongst a family setting.“

3.6 Good89 Reviews