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Fast Food Restaurants in Whiteville

4.6 - 103 votes

Hours: 6AM - 2PM

807 Jefferson St, Whiteville
(910) 640-3692

Cruzer's Drive Thru

Just grabbed my favorite custom sandwich from Cruzers! BLT add fried egg add Swiss! Always delicious! More reviews

4.4 - 109 votes

Hours: 9:30AM - 4PM

917 S Madison St, Whiteville
(910) 642-4738


I had a burger and fries and it was good!! Need to try this place out for yourself!! Keep up the good work employees!!! More reviews

4 - 83 votes

Hours: 11AM - 9PM

103 S JK Powell Blvd, Whiteville
(910) 642-7477


We visited Pig foots today for lunch at 2:00 pm and ordered(2) plates of: 2 chicken legs, short thigh with hush puppies. The cashier at the window offere... More reviews

3.6 - 117 votes

Hours: 9AM - 12AM

602 N JK Powell Blvd, Whiteville
(910) 207-6690

Sonic Drive-In

This is like the 10th time in a row I have given this Sonic another chance. Every time I go, no matter how I order or what I order, it takes way too long... More reviews



3.6 - 94 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 10PM

709 N JK Powell Blvd, Whiteville
(910) 642-3054


KFC is and probably always will be classic eat out fried chicken!! It's my preference when I don't feel like cooking it at home! More reviews

3.5 - 131 votes

Hours: 6:30AM - 1AM

311 Washington St, Whiteville
(910) 642-6412


Food was delicious and hot! Really love their hot fries! The service was excellent for the drive-thru I highly recommend this restaurant. More reviews

3.5 - 121 votes

Hours: 5:30AM - 10PM

1406 N JK Powell Blvd, Whiteville
(910) 640-2224


Their always running out of chicken. No one has an idea of what's going on. No leadership. We stopped at one bojangles in Whiteville N.C. lots of ch... More reviews

3.5 - 113 votes

Hours: 5AM - 12AM

1408 S Madison St, Whiteville
(910) 642-6871


I ordered a bacon egg and cheese Mc muffin and they put a sausage and cheese in the bag we were several miles down the road before discovering the mistak... More reviews

3.4 - 115 votes

Hours: 5:30AM - 10PM

265 Washington St, Whiteville
(910) 642-5397


Poor customer service, very rude cashier always asks to pull up when nobody else is in the line I see why this store stays empty all the time very sorry ... More reviews



3.4 - 132 votes

Hours: 10AM - 11PM

1201 N JK Powell Blvd, Whiteville
(910) 640-2299


Terrible, no napkins, didnt put all the order in the bag, we ordered a classic roast beef and a fish and they didnt tell us about the 2 for $6. Would not... More reviews

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