21 Best Food Trucks in Omaha

Santiago's Mexican Food Food Trucks • $
South 36th and, Jefferson St, Omaha

Customers` Favorites

The Santiago Burger
Carne Asada Platter
Birria Platter
Asada Burrito

“Santiago's Mexican Food offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with a convenient location near the office. The service is fairly fast, with orders ready in no time. The menu features a range of options, including the popular Santiago Burger, which is highly recommended for its delicious flavors and generous portion size. The burger comes with fries, ranch, and ketchup, making it a great value for the price. For those looking for something different, the carne asada and birria platter is a great option, with tender and juicy meat, and a perfect balance of sweet and spicy flavors. Overall, Santiago's Mexican Food is a great choice for anyone looking for delicious meals and friendly service.“

4.8 Superb24 Reviews
T&T: Trucks and Taps, Patio Food Trucks • $
5402 S 108th St, Omaha

Customers` Favorites

Three Kids Lobster Roll and Lobster Bisque
Detroit Style Cheese Pizza
Red Harvest Pizza
Steamed Mussels
Fish and Chips
Waffle Flight
Scotch Egg
Wagyu Lucy
Snow Cone

“T&T: Trucks and Taps, Patio offers a unique dining experience in town, with a combination of food trucks and a bar. The restaurant is quiet and cozy, with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The menu features a variety of delicious options, including a mouth-watering lobster roll and crispy chicken tenders with gluten-free Nashville hot seasoning. The fries are perfectly crispy, and the ranch dressing is a hit. While the Connecticut roll could use a bit more butter, the overall ratio of lobster meat to the toasted roll is great. The bar offers a range of cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks, and liquor/beer options. The establishment's owner is said to be present and friendly. The outdoor seating area with heaters and blankets makes it comfortable to dine even in colder weather, and the variety of food trucks provides a great pairing with the bar. However, some food trucks may have longer wait times, so calling ahead is recommended. Parking is plentiful, and the restaurant is also kid-friendly, with games and blankets available.“

4.6 Superb58 Reviews
Johnny Ricco's Food Trucks • $
346 N 76th St, Omaha

“My absolute favorite pizza and great people!“

5 Superb6 Reviews
Cheese Life Food Trucks • $$
2323 L St, Omaha

“We had them cater our wedding and were SO happy with our experience! Delicious food prepared quickly for our guests. Everyone was impressed with service and taste! Thank you Cheese Life!!“

5 Superb2 Reviews


mootz Pizza • $
8725 Shamrock Rd, Omaha

Customers` Favorites

Meat Lovers Pizza
Margherita Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza
Hamburger Pizza
Mike's Hot Honey
Sausage Pizza
Supreme Pizza
Cheese Pizza
Veggie Pizza
Meat Pizza

“Mootz is a restaurant known for its exceptional service, cleanliness, and delicious food. The staff is friendly, helpful, and always in a good mood, making diners feel welcome. The pepperoni pizza with hot honey is a must-try, with the cup and char peppers being a highlight. The modern and simple aesthetic of the restaurant adds to the overall pleasant dining experience. Whether for dinner or lunch, Mootz is a top choice for pizza lovers.“

4.8 Superb82 Reviews
Hydes Slydes Burgers • $
16859 Q St, Omaha

Customers` Favorites

French Dip Mac & Cheeses Fries
Aksarben Chicken Sandwich
Bacon Cheeseburger Fries
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Heat Chicken Sandwich
The Ghostface Griller
Nebraska Heat Burger
Nebraska Big Rodeo
Surf N Turf Fries

“Hydes Slydes serves delicious burgers, including the popular smash burger, with perfect beef and beautiful buns, accompanied by tasty toppings. Their fries, with a nice coating, are baked to perfection. The restaurant offers fast service, reasonable prices, and a peanut-free environment, making it a new favorite spot for many.“

4.8 Superb76 Reviews
Deviled Egg Co. Cocktail Bar • $
18111 Q St #102, Omaha

Customers` Favorites

Deviled Eggs Any Style
Crab Rangoon Flatbread
Egg Lovers Value Pack
Sriracha Bacon
Backyard BBQ
Walking Taco
Cali Roll

“The Deviled Egg Co. offers delicious food, particularly their variety of eggs and flatbreads. The atmosphere is described as amazing, and the staff is friendly. Service is attentive, with the owner and server helping guests with their orders. It's an excellent place for drinks and snacks with friends. Some visitors even plan to return to Omaha just to dine there again.“

4.8 Superb75 Reviews
Pulled BBQ Omaha Caterers • $
11036 Elm St, Omaha

Customers` Favorites

Southwest Pulled BBQ Chicken Salad
Drunken Pulled Pork Baked Beans
Pulled Pork with 1 Side & Slaw
Cheesy Pulled Meat Fries
Sweet Sticky Sassy Hot
Southwest BBQ Chicken
Omaha Fattie Burrito
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Pulled Pork Nachos
Drunken Baked Beans

“Pulled BBQ Omaha offers a friendly atmosphere with generous portions and unique sauces. Popular dishes include tender ribs, hearty burritos, cheese fries with pork, and pulled pork sandwiches. The mac and cheese is noted for its smoky flavor. Don't miss their distinctive, vinegar-forward sauces, especially the Carolina mustard. The sweet potato tots are a must-try.“

4.7 Superb123 Reviews
Food truck tacos chihuas Tacos • $
1958 S 13th St, Omaha

Customers` Favorites

Extra Salsa Green or Red Extra Salsa Verde O Roja

“Food Truck Tacos Chihuas offers delicious and reasonably priced Mexican food, including tacos Al pastor, chorizo, and the Chihuas burger. The freshly cooked meals are served in a friendly and welcoming environment, making customers feel comfortable and welcomed. The food truck is conveniently located in the 50 Shades of Green parking lot and is an excellent spot for satisfying your cravings.“

4.9 Superb20 Reviews
Chef Duane's Soul Creations Soul Food • $
4002 NE-64, Omaha

Customers` Favorites

Philly Cheese Steak

“Chef Duane's Soul Creations is a renowned food truck in Omaha, known for its exceptional Soul Food. The catfish, Mac and Cheese, Candied Yams, and Pinto beans with cornbread are highly praised. The truck offers generous portions and a small but powerful menu. Customers appreciate the polite service, with food even delivered to their car. Although some find the fries lacking, the overall dining experience is highly recommended. Located beside a gas station, it's easy to find and a favorite for repeat visits.“

4.8 Superb26 Reviews
The Best Teriyaki Food Trucks • $
4809 S 72nd St #2, Omaha

Customers` Favorites

Shrimp Beef Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl
Shrimp Teriyaki Bowl

“The Best Teriyaki offers a limited menu with delicious teriyaki options served with rice or noodles. While some find the prices a bit high, others praise it as the best teriyaki they've had in years. The food is made fresh, with a short wait time. Vegetarian options are available. The parking area is a food truck located in a parking lot.“

3.8 Good21 Reviews
Dos de Oros Taco Truck Fast Food • $
3310 S 24th St, Omaha

Customers` Favorites

Carne Asada Tacos De Asada
Frijoles Clqueso
Pollo Chicken
Asada Burrito

“Dos de Oros Taco Truck is a hidden gem with incredible food and great service at fair prices. Located in an O'Reilly's parking lot, it's a perfect spot for breakfast and lunch. The friendly owner/operator couple prepare authentic and delicious tacos, with vegetarian options like bean and cheese. Open until 2 am, it's a great place for a late-night bite. Whether you're a local regular or just passing through town, Dos de Oros Taco Truck will leave you craving more of their amazing tacos.“

4.6 Superb50 Reviews
The Modern Waffle Waffles • $
5402 S 108th St, Omaha

“The Modern Waffle is a popular food truck that serves delicious waffles and French fries. The owner provides exceptional service and creates a welcoming experience. Their waffles are light, bouncy, and can be customized with toppings. Gluten-free options are available, and the staff is happy to accommodate special requests. The menu offers a variety of options, including the "Nutella and Churro" waffle and "The Kong." With great food, good prices, and amazing service, The Modern Waffle is a must-visit spot in Omaha.“

4.7 Superb22 Reviews
El Sultan Food Truck Turkish • $
9815 M St, Omaha

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Shawarma Plate
Falafel Plate
French Fries
Falafel Wrap
Kafta Plate
Gyro Plate
Gyro Wrap

“El Sultan Food Truck serves freshly prepared meals with large portion sizes and exceptional customer service. The chef is friendly and knowledgeable, offering authentic flavors, including the city's juiciest chicken. The menu features popular items like gyro and falafel, with crispy fries as a side. While some dishes may be salty, the truck's kindness and willingness to correct mistakes make it a recommended go-to spot.“

4.7 Superb21 Reviews
El Viejon Restaurante Mexican • $$
5132 L St, Omaha

“El Viejon Restaurante offers a great quantity and quality of food at a reasonable price. The menu features a variety of delicious Mexican dishes, including Colombian empanadas, and an extensive drink selection with deals like $5 margaritas. The staff is friendly, helpful, and attentive, providing exceptional service. With a lively atmosphere that sometimes features live music and shows, El Viejon is a highly recommended spot for authentic Mexican cuisine. While some dishes may have minor flaws, such as oily taco shells, the overall experience is enjoyable and filling, making it a great value for the price.“

4.5 Superb33 Reviews
Taqueria la barca Mexican • $
6052 L St, Omaha
5 Superb3 Reviews
New York Halal Food Halal • $
2475 N 90th St, Omaha

“New York Halal Food offers amazing, flavorful dishes such as shawarma over rice and lamb over rice. The service is fast and friendly, with lots of smiles from the owners. Customers enjoy delicious chicken on rice, made fresh and juicy. Some wish for seating near the food cart.“

4.4 Superb25 Reviews
Viejon taco truck Tacos •
3229 S 24th St, Omaha
5 Superb2 Reviews
Javi's Tacos Mexican • $
2559 S 171st Ct, Omaha

Customers` Favorites

Hard Shell Taco Platter
Javi's Taco Street Taco
Street Taco Platter
Birria Taco Platter
Breakfast Burrito
Birria Hard Shell
Chips and Salsa
Creamy Habanero
Birria Platter
Charro Beans

“Javi's Tacos is a great place to eat with good food and a nice atmosphere. The prices might seem a bit high, but the experience exceeds expectations. The menu offers vegetarian options like rice bowls, potatoes, and salads, with everything clearly labeled for dietary restrictions. The restaurant is kid-friendly, clean, and easily accessible for wheelchair users. The owner, Javi, is hands-on and has built a strong community around his business, making it a must-visit spot for delicious tacos.“

4.3 Superb100 Reviews
Dos De Oros Mexican • $
4134 S 24th St, Omaha

“Dos De Oros offers fast service and great food, perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. With friendly staff and fair prices, this place is highly recommended for delicious tacos. Customers keep coming back, even traveling from afar, just to enjoy their incredible food.“

4.3 Superb20 Reviews
La Cabanita Taco Truck Tacos • $
11108 Sapp Brothers Dr, Omaha

“La Cabanita Taco Truck offers delicious food, excellent customer service, and a clean environment. Their tortas and tacos are a hit with customers, who appreciate the fresh ingredients and great flavors. The truck's food is always fresh and tasty, making it a great choice for large groups or special occasions.“

4.3 Superb14 Reviews