McDonald's in Rochester

McDonald's - 2341 W Ridge Rd

Rating: 4.2

2341 W Ridge Rd, Rochester NY 14626
(585) 225-1512

Great food, friendly atmosphere and Fox News!

McDonald's - 729 Long Pond Rd

Rating: 4

729 Long Pond Rd, Rochester NY 14612
(585) 225-2550

Food always fresh and warm. Best McDonald's fries ever

McDonald's - 1571 Ridge Rd E

Rating: 4

1571 Ridge Rd E, Rochester NY 14621
(585) 266-0109

Amazing staff and amazing Management. I had a fantastic experience here and management went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you!

McDonald's - 35 Spencerport Rd

Rating: 4

35 Spencerport Rd, Rochester NY 14606
(585) 429-5824

It's great fast meal. But don't eat here to often. Great service and friendly employees.

McDonald's - 820 Culver Rd

Rating: 3.7

820 Culver Rd, Rochester NY 14609
(585) 288-1182

I went in and used the kiosk and then went to the register to pay. The manager was great and very courteous. Her customer service made it an excellent experience.

McDonald's - 1450 Lyell Ave

Rating: 3.7

1450 Lyell Ave, Rochester NY 14606
(585) 254-4840

They are very friendly. Service is very quick. Prices fits my pocket. McDonald provides a lot of coupons in the newspaper or by mail to their customers. Besides the deals they have already in the restaurants the ones we get through coupons helps a lot too.

McDonald's - 45 Jay Scutti Blvd

Rating: 3.5

45 Jay Scutti Blvd, Rochester NY 14623
(585) 292-0060

I go every Monday. Everyone is so nice. and the food is good too! And the coffee.

McDonald's - 2121 E Henrietta Rd

Rating: 3.5

2121 E Henrietta Rd, Rochester NY 14623
(585) 334-3082

Was a bit slow but my oI stop by this location around once a week give or take either for breakfast when I'm headed to work or for something to drink or a snack on my way home.

McDonald's - 3001 S Winton Rd

Rating: 3.5

3001 S Winton Rd, Rochester NY 14623
(585) 292-1942

Pretty great employees working at this location. The wait times are always great and the tables are kept clean. I had to wait a couple extra minutes for my meal and they automatically upgraded my meal to large for free! I checked out their new mushroom swiss and it's pretty great. The fried onions were very crispy. more

McDonald's - 3781 W Ridge Rd

Rating: 3.3

3781 W Ridge Rd, Rochester NY 14626
(585) 720-6010

Their staff here has gotten a lot better about customer service

McDonald's - 3303 Chili Ave

Rating: 3.3

3303 Chili Ave, Rochester NY 14624
(585) 889-3150

Great place to go for a quick bite

McDonald's - 420 Monroe Ave

Rating: 3.3

420 Monroe Ave, Rochester NY 14607
(585) 271-2547

McDonald's customer service has improved tremendously over the years! I truly enjoy going to McDonald's now because the staff is always very pleasant and friendly.

McDonald's - 1422-32 Mt Hope Ave

Rating: 3.3

1422-32 Mt Hope Ave, Rochester NY 14620
(585) 473-7966

Good Customer Service and Restaurant style dinning. Nice change of scenery

McDonald's - 3280 Monroe Ave

Rating: 3.3

3280 Monroe Ave, Rochester NY 14618
(585) 586-1867

Fast, friendly service, food was freshly made and hot to order. Fun play place for kids and nice seating arrangements for parents. Standard McDonald’s fare. Good vibes all around.

McDonald's - 1701 East Ave

Rating: 3.3

1701 East Ave, Rochester NY 14610
(585) 271-3960

Went with my mom after she had a procedure for breakfast and the staff was very nice and the food was good, hot and made with quality.

McDonald's - 3700 Dewey Avenue

Rating: 3.2

3700 Dewey Avenue, Rochester NY 14616
(585) 865-4851

When I do travel to different places, there is either a McDonald's or BK Sometimes do rotate my options. I would like to see McDonald's with a flame grill, that make a big difference flame broiled.

McDonald's - 657 East Ridge Road

Rating: 3

657 East Ridge Road, Rochester NY 14621
(585) 342-3940

Usually pretty slow, but the food is almost always good. Sometimes those chicken tenders are past their prime, but that's my only complaint

McDonald's - 1965 Chili Avenue

Rating: 3

1965 Chili Avenue, Rochester NY 14624
(585) 464-0730

This establishment is Wonderful. I never expected 2 B [email protected] My table in a fast food restaurant. They don't have line's there, staff @ this restaurant take Ur order & give U a number 4 Ur table. Then bring order 2 U!!!!

McDonald's - 788 Lake Ave

Rating: 3

788 Lake Ave, Rochester NY 14613
(585) 254-8960

The waitress in The Mcdonalds on Lake Ave was so sweet and very considerate and thoughtful. She was so helpful.

McDonald's - 275 Upper Falls Blvd

Rating: 3

275 Upper Falls Blvd, Rochester NY 14605
(585) 232-6480

Great place to meet and dine. The Owner provides personal attention to all customers. I would definitely host another business meeting at this newly renovated facility.


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