McDonald's in Pittsburgh

McDonald's - 11591 Frankstown Rd

Rating: 4

11591 Frankstown Rd, Pittsburgh PA 15235
(412) 243-0325

This place has improved a lot within the last few years. I love going there in the morning and seeing Kenny in the drive thru he brightens my day!. I also enjoy the other workers in drive thru they are always pleasant

McDonald's - 3708 Forbes Ave

Rating: 3.8

3708 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15213
(412) 687-3747

Very good, nothing like a good smile on your being served.

McDonald's - 505 Smithfield St

Rating: 3.7

505 Smithfield St, Pittsburgh PA 15219
(412) 281-1777

Its mcdonalds.... But i just dircovered you can put hot fudge on mcflurries!! Or caramel, or both!!

McDonald's - 801 Allegheny Ave

Rating: 3.6

801 Allegheny Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15233
(412) 322-6660

They redesigned the room. Now, there are four ordering kiosks and 2 cash registers. If you use a kiosk. You pay with credit card. You take a number and then take the number to your seat. Then the server comes to your table with your food. It is very interesting. This makes service more accessible to people of more

McDonald's - 4557 Ohio River Blvd

Rating: 3.6

4557 Ohio River Blvd, Pittsburgh PA 15202
(412) 734-2580

The staff at this particular McDonald's is always friendly, but the drive-through has got to be the slowest drive-through in all of America! I have NEVER spent any less than 10 minutes in this line. Although the food is generally very good and the employees are very nice it absolutely sucks waiting so long to get more

McDonald's - 7702 McKnight Rd

Rating: 3.5

7702 McKnight Rd, Pittsburgh PA 15237
(412) 364-1138

Was good. Restaurant managers are changing towards friendliness from being very impolite. Always loved McDonald's food. But all the food seems to be shrinking and getting more expensive. Also the new Kiosk machines to order from are stupid. They are just taking people's jobs. Needs a little rearrangement in the more

McDonald's - 500 Liberty Ave

Rating: 3.5

500 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15222
(412) 391-5470

Good staff, they’re quick 👍 👍

McDonald's - 82 Fort Couch Rd

Rating: 3.5

82 Fort Couch Rd, Pittsburgh PA 15241
(412) 854-2230

Great service. And pleasant staff. And, of course, the food was good, as usual.

McDonald's - 6380 Steubenville Pike

Rating: 3.4

6380 Steubenville Pike, Crafton PA 15205
(412) 787-0880

Staff was great. Made sure the food was fresh. Restaurant was very clean.

McDonald's - 148 N Euclid Ave

Rating: 3.3

148 N Euclid Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15206
(412) 362-7479

Food was very good. They did not have milkshakes because machine was being cleaned. It's been remodeled seems to small now with the 2order boards in front. I opted for the young lady at register so did everybody else.

McDonald's - 2925 Freeport Rd

Rating: 3.3

2925 Freeport Rd, Pittsburgh PA 15238
(412) 828-9801

This place got quite the style update overhaul, and I found it quite unique amongst a field of cookie-cutter fat food joints. You can now order your food yourself on large touch screen stations, fully customizable for your meal preferences. Only thing I found lacking was there's no playground for the kids anymore, but more

McDonald's - 100 Davis Blvd

Rating: 3.3

100 Davis Blvd, Pittsburgh PA 15275
(412) 788-1188

I'm not a fan of this place but the kids eat it so from time to time I have to take them there so I can get a peace of mind and I don't have to cook

McDonald's - 250 Summit Park Dr

Rating: 3.3

250 Summit Park Dr, Pittsburgh PA 15275
(412) 494-4514

I'm loving it!

McDonald's - Main Terminal

Rating: 3.2

Main Terminal, 1000 Airport Blvd, Pittsburgh PA 15231
(412) 472-3072

Always friendly staff and consistently good food, no worries!

McDonald's - 4849 McKnight Rd

Rating: 3.2

4849 McKnight Rd, Pittsburgh PA 15237
(412) 364-4773

I like how the bun on the burgers are nice and soft. The ice cream is really yummy and I love it . The smell of the crispy French fires.

McDonald's - 363 Perry Hwy

Rating: 3

363 Perry Hwy, Pittsburgh PA 15229
(412) 931-1511

Clean and the staff was very friendly. Took a long time to get our food but was good

McDonald's - 608 Wood St

Rating: 3

608 Wood St, Pittsburgh PA 15222
(412) 261-2281

Great food but service is slow

McDonald's - 1 Poplar St

Rating: 3

1 Poplar St, Pittsburgh PA 15205
(412) 921-3132

Great the food and coffee were actually hot enough!

McDonald's - 630 Brownsville Rd

Rating: 3

630 Brownsville Rd, Pittsburgh PA 15210
(412) 431-2266

I go to this specific location once a week and the staff may be young kids but they're always very kind and courteous. My food is always delicious. Only once was it made incorrect but mistakes happen! If you decide to use the drive-thru during peak business hours then of course they're going to be busy! But I do often more

McDonald's - 2518 W Liberty Ave

Rating: 3

2518 W Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15226
(412) 668-0311

Like the title says the staff is cool and collected even when the drive through line is out into route 19. Also good food preparation techniques when you go to eat your burger.


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