Things You Should Know About Japanese Food

Things You Should Know About Japanese Food

Typically, most people think of sushi when Japanese food is mentioned. And while that's a very large part of it, there is so much more to the cuisine in Japan as well as its food culture overall. Here are the things you really need to know about Japanese food.

It's all about simplicity

Japanese chefs work with fresh and seasonal ingredients. In this way, very little needs to be done to the food to bring out the flavors. It's truly amazing how such simple things can taste so incredible!

Leaving a messy plate is considered rude

If you're lucky enough to find yourself dining in Japan, don't cover your finished plates with your dirty napkins. It's considered a sign of disrespect. Instead, fold your napkins neatly on the side or even fashion them into a bow.

Condiments play an important role

Condiments are used to enhance the flavors of the food. You'll find citrus, light dipping sauces, wasabi, miso, and soy sauce often served with the items you order. Try them out to see the differences in tastes with each dish you eat.

It's one of the only food traditions recognized by the UN

The cultural organization of the UN recognizes traditional Japanese cuisine as something that must be preserved for the culture of Japanese life. French cuisine was the first to make this short list. The traditional way of eating in Japan is essential for the continuation of the culture.

Food etiquette is extremely important

This ties in with the last point and is something everyone that dines at a Japanese restaurant should know. Knowing how to be polite and how to avoid doing something rude is of utmost importance. For example, don't ever stick your chopsticks standing upright into a bowl of rice or lay them across a bowl you are eating from.

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