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The Most Delicious Sushi Rolls to try

When one eats Sushi for the very first time, it is always important to be selective and one must try to pick the best sushi for the beginners. But how one can say that? It can be difficult as people tastes vary. There are some people who just hate everything while others eat anything. We might have missed a few but below mentioned is a list variety of Sushi delight that is considered to be the most delicious sushi rolls.

Tiger sushi rolls

It includes the shrimp tempura, avocado, and cucumber.

Dragon sushi rolls

These sushi rolls are made up of eel, crab and cucumber inside while avocado outside.

Rainbow sushi rolls

The rainbow sushi rolls are an assortment of fish with avocado on top of the California Roll.

California sushi rolls

The scrumptious California sushi rolls have ingredients like nori, crab, cucumber, and sesame seeds.

Spicy Tuna sushi rolls

These enticing spicy tuna sushi rolls are composed of rice, nori, mayo, tuna, and chili sauce.

Spider sushi rolls

These crunchy sushi rolls are composed of soft shell crab, sprouts, cucumber, and at time spicy mayo.

Hot night rolls

These rolls offer enticing taste with shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, and cucumber.

Philadelphia sushi rolls

These sushi rolls offer alluring taste with avocado, salmon, asparagus, and cream cheese.

Summer sushi rolls

These rolls are rice wrappers wit veggies and sashimi inside.

Mastercard sushi rolls

These sushi rolls are tuna and salmon on top of a California roll.

All these above mentioned are scrumptious sushi rolls that must be tries at least once.