Saskatchewan Restaurant and Dining Guide

The land of living skies, where prairie winds whisper tales of culinary wonders and stunning sights, just begging to be explored. We're not talking about hopping on a tractor for a field tour, no siree! This is about sinking your teeth into a hearty perogy in Saskatoon or savoring a spicy tandoori chicken in Regina, while your eyes feast on awe-inspiring attractions.

Ready to drool over Moose Jaw's pizza, get a food high with Prince Albert's Filipino delights, or cozy up with comfort food in Warman? Then, clear your plate and adjust your belt, because this isn't just a meander through Saskatchewan's gastronomy. It's a delicious dive into the very heart of Canada's breadbasket, where every bite and sight is a love letter to the province's vibrant culture and history. Let's say, 'more, please!' to this lip-smacking, eye-popping adventure. Your taste buds and Instagram feed will thank you!

Saskatoon - 'Paris of the Prairies'

Welcome to Saskatoon, the "Paris of the Prairies"! Founded in 1882, this bustling metropolis is steeped in history and nestled along the South Saskatchewan River. Indigenous peoples have inhabited this area for over 6000 years, and their influence beautifully intertwines with the modern, thriving city we see today.

Saskatoon's food scene, like the city itself, is a vibrant fusion of tradition and innovation. Let's kickstart our culinary journey at The Berry Barn, a charming countryside eatery renowned for its Saskatoon Berry Pie. This delightful dessert bursts with plump Saskatoon berries packed in a buttery crust, served with a scoop of rich ice cream or real whipped cream. Don't forget their Potato & Cheddar Cheese Perogy Pleaser - a heavenly combo of cheddar-filled perogies, sautéed onions, bacon bits, and chives. It’s nostalgia on a plate! For food that's as aesthetically pleasing as it is flavorful, Hearth Restaurant beckons. Their Ploughman’s snack – a delightful ensemble of Andouille sausage, cheddar spread, flax & rye crackers, deviled egg, and pickles – brings the countryside to your palate. Not to be missed is the Beet tartare, a colorful medley of roasted & dehydrated beets, capers, pickles, herbs, cured egg yolk, and caraway potato chips.

Adding an Asian flair to Saskatoon's dining scene, Odd Couple Restaurant serves a mouth-watering Beef Tenderloin + Mango Slaw, cooked with Thai Basil, Garlic, and Thai Chilli Soy Sauce, and topped with Kaffir Lime Leaves. For a veggie delight, don't miss their Lime Green Curry Cauliflower. Talk about a delicious culture collision! Manos Restaurant and Lounge, with its comforting Pappardelle, featuring sautéed Brussels sprouts, bacon, peppers, onion, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and Spinach & Cranberry salad, bridges the gap between healthy and scrumptious in a way that’s uniquely Saskatchewan.

Once your belly is content, venture out to explore. The Wanuskewin Heritage Park, a testament to thousands of years of First Nations history, beckons. Take a detour to the Ukrainian Museum of Canada to appreciate the cultural mosaic that is Saskatoon, and end the day at the Western Development Museum, a step back in time to the province's heritage. Saskatoon, you're one delicious, history-filled, delightful treat!

Regina - The Queen City

Say hello to Regina, the queen city, Saskatchewan's capital, and home to the RCMP Training Academy. Established in 1882 and named after Queen Victoria, Regina embraces its rich past while looking forward to the future.

An integral part of Regina's charm lies in its diverse food culture. Let's whet our appetites at Caraway Grill, the heart of Regina's Indian cuisine. The Caraway Tandoori Chicken, marinated in yogurt and aromatic tandoori spices, served with chutney, is a melody of flavors you won't forget. Try their Paneer Tikka Masala - a creamy, spicy blend of bell peppers and homemade cottage cheese - to keep the taste party going. Next stop, Victoria's Tavern Downtown, where comfort food is the king. Their house-made Reuben Sandwich, featuring corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Dijon mustard, and Thousand Island dressing on grilled marble rye, is nostalgia in a bite. Their Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese is a playful blend of creamy cheese, grilled or crispy chicken, crushed Hawkins Cheezies, and buffalo sauce - a must-try!

ZamZam Wraps offers an authentic Middle Eastern experience with its Middle Eastern Platter - a delectable medley of vegetable basmati rice and chicken or your choice of meat. Their Healthy Grilled Wrap, filled with fresh veggies and in-house sauces, grilled to perfection, is every health enthusiast's dream. Memories Dining & Bar serves Greek classics like the tender Pork Souvlaki and Greek Pork Chop, a double baked delight topped with a unique Greek sauce. It's a delicious trip to Greece right in the heart of Regina!

After the gastronomic adventures, delve into Regina's rich heritage at the RCMP Heritage Centre. Stroll in the serene Wascana Place, and get your geek on at the Saskatchewan Science Centre. Regina's culinary and cultural treasures are waiting to charm you, leaving you filled, thrilled, and oh-so-grateful!

Moose Jaw - The Friendly City

Let's march into Moose Jaw, a city with a fun moniker that carries an intriguing past. Established in 1881, this lively town became a crucial rail junction and agriculture distribution center. Now, it's known for its historic charm and unique culinary attractions.

First on our culinary tour is Rodos Pizza. Known for their secret family sauce and fresh ingredients, the star dishes include the Pepper Chicken Sauté, which is a medley of chicken, peppers, and spices, and the Rodos Special, a delicious concoction of various toppings that make every bite an adventure. For a place where comfort food meets creative flair, head over to Rosie's on River Street. The Spinach Artichoke Dip is a creamy, cheesy heaven perfect for sharing. Their Antojitos, a unique mix of cream cheese, jalapenos, and seasonings, wrapped in a tortilla, will have you coming back for more. NITS THAI FOOD, known for their authentic Thai dishes, serves Meing Com, a delightful wrap of veggies and flavorful sauces, and Paape’id Tod, a well-seasoned fried Thai snack. Don't forget to visit Jame's Chinese Restaurant, famous for its varied and delicious menu.

Tour the Tunnels Of Moose Jaw, stroll in the tranquil Wakamow Valley, or unwind at the Geothermal Spa at Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa. Moose Jaw's blend of history, flavors, and relaxation offers a distinctive Saskatchewan experience.

Prince Albert - The Gateway to the North

Prince Albert, named after Queen Victoria's consort, has its roots in the fur trade era. It's a bustling city with a rich history, beautiful natural surroundings, and a vibrant culinary scene.

Indulge in authentic Indian cuisine at The Spice Trail and The Lounge Trishna, where Channa Bhatura, a spicy chickpea dish served with puffed bread, the Naanini Meal, a scrumptious sandwich made with naan, and the crispy, delightful Paneer Pakora are must-tries. At Bistro Filipino Prince Albert, dive into the flavorful Filipino cuisine with Lechon Kawali, crispy pork belly served with liver sauce, the Crispy Pata, a deep-fried pork knuckle, or the Sizzling Sisig, a tangy and spicy pig's head and liver dish. Vu's Garden offers an array of Chinese and Thai dishes like Thai Lemongrass Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken & Broccoli in Black Bean Sauce, and Almond Chicken & Diced Vegetables on Rice, each one a palate pleaser.

Explore the Prince Albert Arts Centre or immerse in nature at the Prince Albert National Park. With its diverse food offerings and cultural attractions, Prince Albert is truly a city where tradition meets taste.

Warman - Saskatchewan's Fastest Growing City

The city of Warman, established in 1904, sits just north of Saskatoon. Known as one of Canada's fastest-growing cities, Warman combines the comforts of small-town living with a vibrant food culture.

First on your culinary map should be Darbar Restaurant Warman, where the aromatic spices of Indian cuisine come to life. Indulge in their succulent Butter Chicken or the fragrant Chicken Biryani, a perfect medley of tender chicken and flavorful rice. The Cork and Kettle offers a homey setting for a Patty melt sandwich or Paul's Canadian Pizza, a feast of flavor on every slice. Skychef Family Restaurant & Banquet is a family favorite, with their sizeable Warman Big Nachos and the tender Baby Calf Liver that's cooked to perfection.

Try your swing at The Legends Golf Club or watch a game at Warman Diamond Arena. In Warman, the charm of small-town hospitality intertwines with exciting culinary experiences.

Saskatchewan - A Tasteful Goodbye

The culinary trail of Saskatchewan is a tapestry of tantalizing flavors, cultural richness, and breathtaking sights. From the piquant Indian curries of Warman's Darbar to the traditional Filipino delights of Prince Albert's Bistro Filipino, the province is a global palate wrapped in Canadian charm. Add to this a bounty of unique attractions, such as the captivating Tunnels of Moose Jaw or the peaceful Prince Albert National Park, and your visit to Saskatchewan becomes an unforgettable adventure.

Exploring Saskatchewan's local cuisine and attractions is like opening a treasure chest of experiences. It's more than just a journey; it's an immersion into a vibrant culture, a history-laden landscape, and an exploding culinary scene. So grab your forks and lace up your walking boots, the prairies are calling, and trust me, you're going to want to answer.

Must-Try Restaurants in Saskatchewan