Traditional Italian Food by Region

Italian food is so hearty and satisfying. As Italy is a big country with many regions, there are lots of different tastes to discover. Here are a few regions and what to try from each of them.


This region is famous for risotto, that creamy rice dish that will make your taste buds sing. Also, osso bucco, a veal shank braised in white wine with vegetables and broth, which is something you simply have to taste to believe!


The capital city of this region is Naples, a place famous for giving the world something it loves so dearly pizza! Calzones are also from this region. If you've never had one, it's like a giant pizza baked into a pocket with the oozing cheeses, sauces and meats mingling inside.


One of the most famous dishes to come from this region is veal marsala. Boneless cutlets of veal simmer lovingly with mushrooms and marsala wine for a perfect flavor.


Tortellini comes from this special place. Similar to ravioli, these enclosed circles trap in cheeses, meats and vegetables for a truly special dish. Sauces can vary which makes enjoying tortellini so easy.

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