3225 Amy Donovan Plaza, Austin

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Phenomenal. The food felt like family. Paco and Maria’s, “Green N Grills”, are the BEST authentic tacos coming from a big guy who eat tacos a way too often. I spoke to Paco and he talks to people like an understanding father. I watched him patiently translate and explain the menu to countless people. I ordered twice for two people and almost went for a third. These are good people with the best food- nothing short of that.Kid-friendliness: A perfect place for a kid. There’ full review

This is my absolute favorite place to eat at the domain! The owners are wonderful, they always put a smile on my face, and the food is so delicious. It seems that they always use the freshest ingredients and I never have any complaints with the service and quality of the food! I definitely recommend eating here:)

Everything is so good! The pico dog, and the chicken bowls are my fav, so delicious! And all their salsa is amazing as well! But the best thing about them is the customer service. They are always so sweet and nice - ??Kid-friendliness: Quesadillas, plain hotdogs, chicken! Also right infront of a yard to play in and a playground!

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3225 Amy Donovan Plaza, Austin, TX 78758
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