Burger Restaurants near Annandale

Afghanistan Shawarma and Burger Halal • $
Afghanistan Shawarma & Burger, 7620 Little River Turnpike, Annandale

Customers` Favorites

Fresh Banana Juice
Special Mix Juice
Banana Smoothie
Afghani Burger
French Fries

“Thoroughly enjoyed the large chicken shawarma wrap. We chose the “regular” spice option which had a bit of heat; it would be nice if a small container of plain yogurt was available to lower spice level of the shawarma. Overall, our meal was freshly made, delicious and we will return for the shawarma wrap which easily feeds two people. Not sure if I could have ordered a side of french fries as the menu board doesn’t show it, but I believe they make fries for the only other entree, the Afghan Burger which is really a grilled hot dog.“

4.6 Superb69 Reviews
Big Bite Pizza Pizza • $$
7125 Columbia Pike, Annandale

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Steak & Cheese Sub
Pizza Steak Sub
Gyro Pizza

“The food is better than Domino's, it's competitive pricewise with Domino's, it's right next to a domino's... The only thing I will give Domino's is they have a better parking lot. But probably cuz it's more empty. Do the math.

Parking: it needs to be repaved and it's annandale... so no parking anywhere is good.“

4.5 Superb38 Reviews
Juke Box Diner - Annandale American • $
7039 Columbia Pike, Annandale

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Eggs Benedict and Hash Browns
Corned Beef Hash & Eggs
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Fisherman's Platter
Chicken N’ Waffle
Original Pancakes
Hummus Platter
Home Fries
Chicken N

“Wonderful Diner, great servers!! Good food. Music way too loud outside… a shame one can’t talk without shouting. I do love Elvis though!!“

4 Good69 Reviews
Five Guys Fast Food • $
6546 Little River Turnpike, Annandale

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Grilled Cheese with Extra Patty
Bacon Cheeseburger
Little Fries

“By far one of the best five guys I've been to. Purses a grilled cheese sandwich added a patty bit into it and sweet honey ice tea. I was in heaven but still on earth thanks for the fantastic sandwich. Return the next day and still the same thing. Whut I'm not worthy.“

3.2 Average29 Reviews
Wendy's Fast Food • $
7530 Little River Turnpike, Annandale

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Wendy’S Sausage Egg & Cheese Burrito Seasoned Potatoes and Sausage Biscuit & Gravy
Wendy's Beer Cheese Bacon Double Cheeseburger
Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Wendy’S French Fries

“Food is Wendy’s, it’s what you expect from any other Wendy’s. It tasted fresh and well made no complaints on the flavor/temp on the food. I did however get the wrong order but that didn’t matter because of the next part of my review….Service: service is amazing to put it lightly. I mean when you go into a Wendy’s or any establishment for that matter you expect friendly service etc the usual. But these workers, specifically the lady at the front taking the orders was great. She was attentive, nice, very well spoken and didn’t rush us. I completely disregarded the fact I got the wrong order because they were just that nice. Plus it tasted good anyways! She answered in good detail all my questions on what each menu item had.The atmosphere felt friendly and inviting.I think the one thing that bothered me a bit was the lack of drink choices due to them being out of stock at the self serve fountain machine. But to be fair I did go in later in the evening after dinner rush.“

2.8 Average61 Reviews
McDonald's Fast Food • $
7010 Bradlick Shopping Center, Annandale

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Bacon Egg and Cheese Without the Bacon
World Famous Fries
French Fries

“Good, quick, and accurate service with mobile orders. Seating area was clean and modern.if you like McDonald's, you should definitely like this location.Please understand, The rating is relative to my expectations for a fast food restaurant.

Parking: Shared parking with a strip mall ensures there is almost always ample parking.“

2.5 Average53 Reviews
Burger King Burgers • $
7064 Columbia Pike, Annandale

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Original Chicken Sandwich
Whopper Sandwich
French Fries
Onion Rings
Big Fish

“I like that it is 24 hours perfect for 2 am cravings. Whoppers had too much mayo which made the bun kind of soggy. Fries were perfect. The person at the drive-thru did have great customer service. No greeting , and no eye contact but it was 2 am so not that big of a deal.“

2 Poor82 Reviews
McDonald's Fast Food • $
7600 Little River Turnpike, Annandale

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World Famous Fries
Chicken Mcnuggets
6 Piece Nuggets
Big Mac
Bien Mac

“It was a great thing that they were open on Christmas day. We went every where looking for food. All of them are closed. Without McDonald's we were about to sleep hungry. Thanks McDonald's for staying open on Christmas day. Merry Christmas to all of your workers who helped people at a great time on a very busy night. Almost 5 minutes between submitting the order over the online app and receiving the order.“

2.2 Poor90 Reviews
Hangry Burger Hamburger • $
6699 Frontier Dr Suite G, Springfield

Customers` Favorites

Mushroom and Swiss Cheeseburger
Hangry Chicken Wings
Saucy Chicken Combo
Single Cheeseburger
Fried Chicken Wings
Sweet Potato Fries
Mushroom Meltdown
The Hangry Burger
Burger and Fries
Unlawful Falafel

“Amazing gluten free food. Delicious. I thought I would never have onion rings again“

4.3 Superb146 Reviews
Burger Billy's Joint Burgers • $
3800 Langston Blvd., Arlington

Customers` Favorites

Billy's Ultimate Grilled Cheese with Fries
Billy's Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger
Chef Keshaun's Smoke House Burger
Cheeseburger - Must Add Toppings
Hamburger - Must Add Toppings
Candied Bacon Cheese Fries
Sweeet Potato Fries
Double Cheeseburger
Reuben 86 Burger
Billy's El Loco

“Great food, good service, and nice owners.“

5 Superb58 Reviews