Taco Bell in Norfolk

Taco Bell - 2011 Monticello Ave

Rating: 4.2

2011 Monticello Ave, Norfolk VA 23517
(757) 622-5565

The best taco I had from there in a while, and the staff is a lot better!!!

Taco Bell - 1113 N Military Hwy

Rating: 4

1113 N Military Hwy, Norfolk VA 23502
(757) 461-3148

Quick, got my order right.... however when I’m shuffling through a large bag full of tacos and burritos, at the drive through, looking for a loaded griller. Lady at the window took offense to me being hungry... not trying to ruin the drive through time, or insult anyone.

Taco Bell - 3690 Sewells Point Rd

Rating: 4

3690 Sewells Point Rd, Norfolk VA 23513
(757) 853-3221

I felt so sorry for the cashier she was new and she didn't have anybody to train her I don't know who the lady was that was training her but she was doing a good job

Taco Bell - 649 Newtown Rd

Rating: 4

649 Newtown Rd, Norfolk VA 23502
(757) 461-3289

Always friendly and fast service. Even more convenient that you can now order online and just say your name at the drive thru! No more having to waste anyone's time trying to think of what you want lol

Taco Bell - 199 W. Ocean View Ave

Rating: 4

199 W. Ocean View Ave, Norfolk VA 23503
(757) 588-8604

Most of the summer this was our go to for dinner or a fast lunch. The drive thru is so at times , they get lots of walk ins being across from the beach. So a very hot spot for Vacationers Same menu as all taco bells so easy to find what you want. And the prices are the same .

Taco Bell - 8411 Hampton Blvd

Rating: 3.9

8411 Hampton Blvd, Norfolk VA 23505
(757) 489-8770

Sometimes you gotta make a late night sober run because #yoqierotacobell

Taco Bell - 227 E Little Creek Rd

Rating: 3.5

227 E Little Creek Rd, Norfolk VA 23505
(757) 583-8077

They messed up my food.. I was highly upset and demanded a refund the (area coach) was so polite and offered to personally make it herself. Her kindness made me feel like I may have overacted. Great management!

Taco Bell - 4009 Hampton Blvd

Rating: 3.5

4009 Hampton Blvd, Norfolk VA 23508
(757) 423-0825

Sophistocated yet laid back. Helpful, friendly staff. Food was delicious. We had the muscles. AND they had pink brut cava! My favourite!

Taco Bell - 2469 E Little Creek Rd

Rating: 3.4

2469 E Little Creek Rd, Norfolk VA 23518
(757) 583-4210

This is one of the better ones. They keep the sauces stocked, the young ladies who work there are very sweet. There's yet to be a problem with my order. - I have no problem coming back to change this review if necessary. The reason be it's given a 4 instead 5 bc of the very creepy Indian man who. He's always hovering over...read more
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