Pizza Hut in Virginia Beach

Pizza Hut - 1640 General Booth Blvd

Rating: 4.5

1640 General Booth Blvd, Virginia Beach VA 23454
(757) 721-7859

I love the thick Chicago-style pizza \n\nI just wish they delivered to my neighborhood \n\nTotally worth the drive

Pizza Hut - 1949 Lynnhaven Pkwy Ste 1564

Rating: 4.3

1949 Lynnhaven Pkwy Ste 1564, Virginia Beach VA 23456
(757) 416-9999

Small if your walking in. But manager is very nice. Nice customer service

Pizza Hut - 805 First Colonial Road

Rating: 4.2

805 First Colonial Road, Virginia Beach VA 23451
(757) 362-9999

Personal pan pizza . Just right. Their sauce is so good with cheese covering the whole pizza.

Pizza Hut - 5281 Princess Anne Rd

Rating: 4

5281 Princess Anne Rd, Virginia Beach VA 23462
(757) 473-9999

Everyone loves a well baked pizza for lunch or dinner. I enjoyed the handmade crust.

Pizza Hut - 3884 Holland Road

Rating: 4

3884 Holland Road, Virginia Beach VA 23452
(757) 431-9999

Omg I LOVE this Pizza Hut. Messed up my delivery order once, was easy to get it fixed and replaced. They even redelivered and let us keep the messed up order. Always friendly delivery driver and always comes on time if not a few minutes early. Thanks for always feeding us on “family night” :)

Pizza Hut - 2129 General Booth Blvd Suite 121

Rating: 4

2129 General Booth Blvd Suite 121, Virginia Beach VA 23454
(757) 427-1111

The app messed up our order. I called customer service to let them know something is wrong with the app. The put me on a long hold & then hung up. I called back & they transferred me to this location, without saying anything before the transfer. The girl that answered was very friendly and corrected my order without more

Pizza Hut - 3636 Virginia Beach Blvd Suite 1

Rating: 4

3636 Virginia Beach Blvd Suite 1, Virginia Beach VA 23452
(757) 631-9999

I love there food

Pizza Hut - 3208 Holland Road Suite 116

Rating: 3.8

3208 Holland Road Suite 116, Virginia Beach VA 23453
(757) 563-9999

Great customer service ,Great place ,Fresh food

Pizza Hut - 4425 Shore Dr Ste 103

Rating: 3.8

4425 Shore Dr Ste 103, Virginia Beach VA 23455
(757) 464-9999

Good service

Pizza Hut - 1328 Fordham Dr

Rating: 3.8

1328 Fordham Dr, Virginia Beach VA 23464
(757) 495-9999

Good service..good food..

Pizza Hut - 1830 Kempsville Rd Ste 108

Rating: 3.7

1830 Kempsville Rd Ste 108, Virginia Beach VA 23464
(757) 479-9999

Love pizza. Right around the corner and good price for good pizza.

Pizza Hut - 531 N Birdneck Rd

Rating: 3.5

531 N Birdneck Rd, Virginia Beach VA 23451
(757) 422-2799

GOOD THING THEY ARE NOT OVERPRICED! New York Pizza style! Awesome! They are not taking advantage that they are in a tourist spot! I think the owner thought of being fair so more people will come. I spent $20 for soda and XL pepperoni pizza! Not bad for tourist destination pizza place!

Pizza Hut - 5390 Wesleyan Dr #11

Rating: 3.5

5390 Wesleyan Dr #11, Virginia Beach VA 23455
(757) 518-9999

Food is always hot and never a long wait. Laprece really be running the store the way they should

Pizza Hut - 6633 Indian River Rd

Rating: 3

6633 Indian River Rd, Virginia Beach VA 23464
(757) 938-9999

Indian River Pizza Hut is old school for us. We went away from Pizza Hut years ago when they strayed from quality and quantity. We moved here not too long ago and decided to try since it's close... So to taste how good Pizza Hut used to be makes our tongues happy! We have tried it several times now and it has been more
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut

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