Waffle House in Mobile

Waffle House - 4959 Moffett Rd

Rating: 4.5

4959 Moffett Rd, Mobile AL 36618
(251) 217-4244

It was ok but our eggs was not cooked fully at all

Waffle House - 5448 US-90

Rating: 4.2

5448 US-90, Mobile AL 36619
(251) 660-1167

Service was great and the food delicious.

Waffle House - 3428 SpringHill Ave

Rating: 4

3428 SpringHill Ave, Mobile AL 36608
(251) 342-3856

Friendly service great food typical menu

Waffle House - 5610 Old Shell Rd

Rating: 4

5610 Old Shell Rd, Mobile AL 36608
(251) 344-9495

Loved every rain drenched min of it. Great friends. Late night food, coffee, excellent. We had b-rad as our waiter. Lol, he was nice and got all our confusing and speciality orders correct. Aces. All in all good job. Food was good as always!

Waffle House - 3671 Government Blvd

Rating: 4

3671 Government Blvd, Mobile AL 36609
(251) 666-6056

My daughter and I went early one morning and the staff was extremely sweet which made the meal even more enjoyable!

Waffle House - 1754 Dauphin Island Pkwy

Rating: 4

1754 Dauphin Island Pkwy, Mobile AL 36605
(251) 476-5349

The waitress was cleaning the table when we arrived. She swept under the table as well. Excellent service from Verna. The place usually has good service and clean. Today was outstanding from service to food.

Waffle House - 5011 Cottage Hill Rd

Rating: 3.9

5011 Cottage Hill Rd, Mobile AL 36609
(251) 661-3547

Comfort food! Yummy! Consistently friendly service. Clean!

Waffle House - 3262-B Dauphin St

Rating: 3.9

3262-B Dauphin St, Mobile AL 36606
(251) 473-8427

Always the best place for a 3 am munch fest

Waffle House - 2423 Schillinger Rd S

Rating: 3.8

2423 Schillinger Rd S, Mobile AL 36695
(251) 634-4943

Great place friendly service was a little slow but it was super friendly

Waffle House - 560 Schillinger Rd S

Rating: 3.8

560 Schillinger Rd S, Mobile AL 36695
(251) 607-9823

Love my Waffle House. Consistently good at any location.

Waffle House - 1269 Hillcrest Rd

Rating: 3.8

1269 Hillcrest Rd, Mobile AL 36695
(251) 635-0930

It was so scrumptious. The waiter was very polite and food was really good. It was cheap and the food was so yummy. Good music and food was great

Waffle House - 3651 Airport Blvd

Rating: 3.8

3651 Airport Blvd, Mobile AL 36608
(251) 342-8701

Great location. They have friendly but understanding waitresses. At 1-3am not everyone wants conversation. And i really appreciated not being rushed or hurried to leave.

Waffle House - 1851 Government St

Rating: 3.5

1851 Government St, Mobile AL 36606
(251) 479-0079

Always loved this Waffle House. Definitely one of the cleaner and friendlier staff. Remember to take care and tip your waitress well if he or she deserves it! So many people do not tip! These people don't get paid much they rely on your tips. So next time after a long hard night of drinking give them a $5 tip. In the long...read more

Waffle House - 3030 Airport Blvd

Rating: 3.5

3030 Airport Blvd, Mobile AL 36606
(251) 476-6019

Gotta love the all American breakfast

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