29 Best Donuts in Phoenix

“I would eat the honey lavender out of a shoe.We went back for seconds on the bough melt, dangerous. Butter pecan waffle pieces filling. Excellent customer service, I found Waldo, samples gladly given, and to top it all off it's connected to an amazing little plaza. I'll be back, Yelp yeah.”

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“We randomly stopped in here and it was the best decision ever!!!! All of the employees were so friendly and helpful! They answered all of our questions and accommodated my special diet needs. The ice cream and donuts were delicious and fresh. I recommend this place to everyone!”

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“This is a one-stop shop for everything of sugary heavenly delightI wish I lived in AZWe visited for a week and went there every dayMy favorites are the churro cupcake, strawberry cupcake, cowboy cookie, and dark chocolate oatmeal (I think) cookieI had other things that were just incredibly deliciousI don't rave about sweet shops very often because I'm very very picky. But this place is one of the best places I've had the pleasure of experiencingI was fortunate enough to discover them the first day of our trip, and now that I'm back home I'm really bummedHonestly these are in the top 10 baked goods I've ever had in my life!!”

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“We love this local donut shop! They have a wonderful selection of "classic" donuts. Our favorites are the blueberry cake, original raised, and old fashioned glazed. These are truly some of the best in town and we love supporting local!”

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“Nice selection of donuts, reasonably priced. I haven’t been here since living nearby in the mid 80’s. My daughter was hankering for some donuts after my visit to the doctors office.Got a dozen including a huge apple fritter. My daughter was excited that they had boba tea. Lots of food options, but we had already picked up Rito’s Mexican food.”

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“I love the doughnuts here, like the names says Best Doughnuts. They are always fresh, the family that owns the shop are always friendly. I like to go right when they open. The crossaint sandwiches are delicious, the doughnuts holes. I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

4.7Superb176 Reviews

“This bakery reminds me of the donut shop we frequented in my hometown, back east. It was a small, sole proprietary shop and the donuts were hand made. Lamrar's is just such a place. Warm , friendly, inviting atmosphere and, oh us, lots of donuts to choose from. The staff are efficient and very kind to everyone.This is my new donut shop from now until the rapture!”

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“Donut fanatic here. Bosa donuts or bashas grocery store has been my go to spot for years. A couple months ago I had someone bring me here. This rainbow donuts location is now my go-to donuts. Other donut shops have given me stall donuts despite them being “just made”. Here they are genuinely fresh and you can taste the quality donut. Customer service here is 10/10 every time they know how to take care of their customers and keep us coming back. Thank you, don’t change a thing.”

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“They're always friendly here. I like how laid back the place is, there's a seating area to wait for a drink or enjoy your donuts with some coffee. Their donuts are amazing, soft, not too sweet, not heavy. One of my favorite places to get donuts on this side of town. They're light, airy, fluffy, etc. they're tasty to cut it short. If you want a donut, come here. They're one of the best places to get one.”

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“My family and I love this place. The mochi donuts are DELICIOUS and many donuts can have cream added inside if you ask at the counter, like the long johns. The cream is so good!What I like most (besides the awesome donuts!) are the people who work here. Everyone has always has a smile when we are inside the shop and have never been anything but really friendly and kind. This is a wonderful small business I recommend whenever anyone mentions donuts!”

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“Hi Hi Donuts was great - we ended up going a little later in the morning so the assortment was running out but that just tells me it is THAT good! I wanted to try their breakfast sandwiches but ran out of time so grabbed a quick donut and coffee and jetted out. It feels busy when you walk in but it's ok. It's not really a place I would go and hang and do some work in, but I don't think that was their intention with it. We ordered a Vanilla Sprinkle donut and Blueberry cake. It was delicious!”

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“The place has been empty for a lot of time but go to that place it's good like I eat breakfast from there and let me tell you a crossaunt with a coffee its worth it I mean coke+sandwich is 5 dollars for meCoffee+Sandwich 7 bucks but not that bad I mean when McDonald's came they have less people coming but overall eat at this place it's worth it.”

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“First time at rainbow donuts 8/16/23 I got 3 dozen assorted for $50. The lady at the window was nice and threw in a big donut for me to try for free. And it didn’t disappoint. It was soft and pillow like without being overly soft and the flavor wasn’t overly sweet. I definitely would come try the more fun flavors”

4.4Superb169 Reviews

“My favorite donut place! Fresh and the nicest people work here. I'm not sure if this is something to brag about but I eat donuts here weekly. They are such a special treat and make any day better. I've had most every donut they sell and my favorites include; extra big fritter, coconut glazed, Boston cream and chocolate holes. They sell something very wonderful here for hot dog fans (yes please!) called kolaches. I've only found these in Texas and Louisiana so it's something truly unique! Recently we've been ordering their BLT on white toast, all fresh ingredients and better than many nice sandwich shops. I love this donut place and am a fan girl!”

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“We came in around 2 on a Saturday. The place is in the middle of starting a remodel, so there was only three tables available. Worked out for us since we were the only ones here. Service with a smile. A wide selection of donuts to choose from. I had a raspberry filled donut my wife a Boston cream both were very good. We each washed it down a Vietnamese Iced Coffee that was also very good.”

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“For a donut shop, I must say they make a fine breakfast sandwich! I was bummed at first when I was told they were out of English muffins but the croissant was fantastic! I wish they had an impossible meat or add avocado/veggies for a vegetarian option, but thrilled to get just plain egg and cheese. Definitely order again as this is located near work and we ordered together as a team.”

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“Food and customer service are excellent. In this area it is hard to find friendly staff that show they care. They make the food quickly and they open early to better serve the community. I come here very often for this reason. Especially for breakfast having strawberry shake & carne asada burritos. Once I even left my phone on the counter and went home but when I came back they had stored it safely in case I returned. I'll never forget the great times and food I received from here. I do not work here but I wish I did sometimes..”

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“Excellent customer service..I go here for my frappe because everytime i go to the McDonald's near me or Starbucks they never have mocha so I gave up on them after finding this place. The frappes are delicious and the donuts are delicious as well.the prices are affordable as well.”

4.2Good170 Reviews

“Cute spot! The donuts are VERY good - different than your average. Light and fluffy like a marshmallow, but without the super sweetness of a traditional donut. My personal fav was the PB&C.The service was excellent. Side note: Parking is slim due to all the shops.”

4.7Superb42 Reviews

“The hard working couple at this location are the reason this is my favorite Rainbow. Donuts and croissant are always made fresh. The go above and beyond to always give great customer service. They work long hard hours and I am pleased to say it shows in the fresh delicious donuts and treats they serve.”

4.2Good130 Reviews

“Love this place and try to come whenever I am in town. They just moved from 83rd Ave and Camelback near Safeway to a bigger place over on 2929 N 75th Ave (just north of Thomas across street from El Super) near the high school. I've loved about 15 of their 30+ boba drinks, their banh mi and ham sandwiches, their ham and cheese croissants, and every kind of donut I've tried, especially the ones with fruit in them. Whenever I try something new, it's good.”

4.3Superb78 Reviews

“These doughnuts are so good! I can never decide on which flavor, they are all so good. They are fresh and delicious, literally melt-in-your mouth. They have a coconut flake topped custard filled doughnut that is amazing! And the old fashioned cake doughnut, SOOO GOOD! I would definitely recommend visiting!”

4.1Good177 Reviews

“I happen to stumble across Bosa’s when visiting Phoenix and am I ever glad I did! They are fantastic! Some of the best I have had anywhere! I am a bit of a donut snob and am a consumer of plenty of them. I can’t wait to get back to Phoenix so I can enjoy more of them. The staff was very friendly as well.”

4.1Good147 Reviews

“Really delicious food, fantastic donuts probably the best I've had in a long time. I love the double mocha. The breakfast sandwiches for dry in a bit bland. It's the only reason I didn't get five stars. If I ordered them again, I probably ask for something on it other than just the egg bacon and cheese. ( there was nothing else on them)”

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“BoSa Donuts are very good & tasty and moist great with Coffee or Milk or just like it self plus not just me also of my friends & yes Co-workers like them some time our manager will bring 4 boxsof 12 doz Donuts every Friday or Holiday's plus my family likes them too. Keep up the great work BoSa Donuts be back soon Thanks”

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“Great donuts! We came in here randomly and we were not disappointed. We ordered a box of 6 donuts. They have all of the standards: glazed, sugar, chocolate, strawberry, maple, raspberry filled, etc. Nothing unique but we weren’t looking for anything different!The shop itself was so hot, however. We weren’t able to enjoy our donuts there for very long since we were overheating.”

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“I love these donuts. I always pop in when I am in town and I am never disappointed. I usually get apple fritters, some glazed, and cream filled. There are a lot of others to choose from, too. I have been to a few locations now and they are consistent.”

4Good139 Reviews

“Excellent donuts!! Went in shortly after opening, and employees were sweet, cheerful, and kind. I made changes to order, and they were so pleasant about it. Place was super clean. Plenty of seats. Coffee, and ice caramel coffee were very good. Donuts were soft, and oh so delicious!! They melted in your mouth!! Lots of choices for donuts at this hour. Breakfast sandwich was good. We will definitely return!”

4.1Good41 Reviews

“We have always loved Ohso's arcadia location but haven't been there for a while so we were pleasantly surprised to see the addition of little Os! This is a market type concept with fun things to purchase, along with some of their distilled spirits, mini donuts in lots of fun flavors. There is still a large bar and plenty of seating available. The patio has misters and cool lights all along the canal and it is also dog friendly. Service was excellent and we tried the angry Bird and the steak sandwich and both of them were very good”

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