58 Best Ice Cream Shops in Phoenix

“Usually very good and friendly service with delicious options, however, they have been out of raspberry sherbet for two months and now they're out of the sun sherbet. It was just seem like they could manufacture some more sherbet, but I'm sure it's due to some raspberry shortage somewhere in Guatemala and now we can't have raspberries here otherwise it's a fantastic place for ice cream.”

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“I would eat the honey lavender out of a shoe.We went back for seconds on the bough melt, dangerous. Butter pecan waffle pieces filling. Excellent customer service, I found Waldo, samples gladly given, and to top it all off it's connected to an amazing little plaza. I'll be back, Yelp yeah.”

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“A cute little spot to take a date. Churn can get really busy later in the day- towards dinner time. It's worth the wait in line I'd say. The peeps here are super sweet and can keep the line moving so you won't be waiting as long. Other then their sweet treats complementing our hot summer, they have some candies & small little toys you probably haven't seen since childhood! I think it's pretty rad & worth taking a look at.”

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“We randomly stopped in here and it was the best decision ever!!!! All of the employees were so friendly and helpful! They answered all of our questions and accommodated my special diet needs. The ice cream and donuts were delicious and fresh. I recommend this place to everyone!”

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“This was my first visit to this quaint little ice cream parlor and I'll be back. The employee was friendly and helpful, the selection was large, the ice cream was delicious and, though sweet, I didn't have the usual blood sugar crash an hojr later. So, it's a place I'd like to bring a friend, next time. Enjoy!”

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“Fantastic. What a pleasant treat after a long, hot day in AZ! The variety of treats made it difficult for me to decide on which scoops to devour. The staff's descriptive explanation of each flavor didn't help the process. I wanted them all!! Lol”

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“They were 15 min from closing time and we were allowed to stay for a bit more. Nice lady at the counter taking care of all customers-very polite and kind. Pops were fantastic-strawberry watermelon and dark chocolate-. Delicious. Will go back!!!”

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“Magical! A MUST TRY WHEN IN PHOENIX. Amazing family owned restaurant! I would like to say we have a favorite flavor, but we have soooo many favs to count! We drive over 30 mins to come here over and over again. We love everything about this place!”

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“The Taro ice cream is TO DIE FOR. FANTASTIC! They're so friendly and nice when we came in. They offered us as many samples as we needed. Their ice cream selection is unique and and high quality. I swear, it tastes like they made it themselves. Yum yum yum yum”

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“Okay. This particular Dairy Queen location is beautiful. Really. It is the FIRST time I've ever decided to stay and eat INSIDE of a Dairy Queen. No stark florescent lighting! No stressed out and grumpy employees! It is easy to enjoy a meal in peace with this ambience. Good for you, Dairy Queen!PS: And double "Yay" on the Christmas decorations!”

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“The creativity, presentation, and flavors got me here! This place is great. The shop itself is a fun, bright place, with a menu that's easy to understand. They have traditional flavor combinations, and they have unique ones for those who want to get outside the box a bit. And they dress up their shakes in a way that makes you want to take a photo before you dig in. The staff was friendly and obviously enjoyed working there. I admit, when we first walked in I had a little sticker shock, but I got over it quickly when I saw what the end product was. In addition, if you are looking for some intrigue, there is a "secret" entrance in the store to some escape rooms. If you book the escape room in advance, you can arrive early and eat your treat in the dining area inside the hidden room. Definitely a fun and unique place to go for a treat!”

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“"DRINK CENTRAL!" Staff is helpful and accommodating.You pay for what you get so expect to spend $$ (I spend on average $8 per drink that includes tax) Location is clean and ambience is nice. Both drinks were good. No complaints. Refreshing and delicious. Definitely coming back to try more drinks!”

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“What a cool concept, and located in a convenient place right next to the sports bar - cuz not everyone drinks with their burger. For some, a shot o' sugar after a meal is just the ticket. Super friendly staff, creative ice cream flavors.”

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“I had a meeting with a friend here to catch up on businesses. We ordered iced coffee and hot coffee. The environment was quiet and comfortable. The plaza that it’s on is “old” and sketchy, other than that the staff was friendly. I may come back from n the future.”

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“Got myself a double flavor dough baked with ice cream. Though it was going to be a cookie sandwich with ice cream in the middle. I got in a cup and it was warm and chewy and so sweet. While I thought the price was a little bit expensive, the price was well worth the experience and the place was so relaxing.”

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“I came here for Alkaline water & it was delicious! This is one of the few places in Phoenix that have high alkaline water. I highly recommend getting your water here especially during any pandemic where we want to keep our alkalinity high!!”

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“Smallcakes did my birthday cake recently! First off, they were very helpful in helping me design the cake, as well as fix it when I later decided I was not happy with the design of the cake. They worked very patiently with me to be able to get the best end result of my cake that I wanted. I got many compliments from my family and friends on this cake, as well as how delicious and well made it was. I had the best experience possible with Smallcakes, and will utilize them in the future as well as recommend them to all my friends and family.”

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“I was shocked to look up this place on Trip Advisor and see no one has reviewed it here yet! Well please, let me pop the cherry on the ice cream shop. My fiancée and I walked here from our house in Coronado about a week after moving to the city. We’re ice cream people and all around dessert people (also now desert people), so it was only a matter of time until we got some sort of sweet tooth fix here. The shop, small and assuming in terms of stature, is anything but in terms of culture and flavor. Armando, the owner, walked us through the various different offerings, which extend well beyond ice cream and include various cheesecakes, brownies and fresh baked Mexican pastries delivered daily from a local bakery. We let him pick out a couple of his favorites for us (pictured is a lemon cheesecake with mango ice cream topped with homemade sweet cream as well as a Mexican sweet cake with cookies and cream) and then proceeded to enter sweet sweet sugary bliss. It was honestly awesome and made even better by Armando welcoming us to the city, offering suggestions for other places to eat and giving our dog Broccoli a pup cup of whipped cream. We’re sold and look forward to ruining our diets at this place on a regular basis over the coming years.”

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“The friendly staff make the delicious experience that much sweeter! My mom and I love drinking here and trying new things, or indulging in some of our favorites. It's always a satisfying experience and we'll keep coming back for more.”

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“I don’t know how I missed out on these tasty morsels for so long! Had the pleasure of touring the facility today and finally tried their scrumptious brownies! Where have you been all my life! The owners are absolutely out to make happy and joyful moments by bringing these brownies, right to your doorstep! Not only do they provide an amazing product, they give back to children! A percentage of their profit goes to building playground equipment for kids!. I love a company willing to give back! What a fantastic experience! Thank you, Eileen.”

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“Fantastic delicious desserts in a cup. Not sure I know what the hell is in it but I got the Tirmasu and it was incredible! Lots of chocolate chunks and syrups and I think mine had condensed milk in it. Some have ice cream- some dont- but never had this Mexican gem! Like a combination of a smoothie açaí bowl and frozen yogurt only much better! Small is $10 but it's really big and filling - they have other enticing treats that I must try - price range is $7-$12. In a nondescript strip mall on 7 th street - I live in central corridor and it's a 5 minute drive.”

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“We ate at the restaurant next door and when we left, my wife noticed the Crumbl Cookies next door. I had never heard of it, but she said that everyone she worked with raved about them, so we decided to check them out. Their store was quite clean and bright. The guy there explained the different cookies they had. When we were there, they had 6 to choose from. I had a blondie, which is a regular cookie but with white chocolate chips and some pink sprinkles around the edges. It was good, but I cant say it lived up to the hype. I had a bite of my wife's chocolate chip cookie and thought it was of similar quality. I'd go there again, the cookies were good, but not spectactular.”

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“In addition to their great tasting water , I love all their Drink and Snack options including Thrifty Ice Cream and Shaved Ice .Their water is great for more then just drinking .So many other useful water options filling your Krerig , food prep, clothing iron, Humidifier ,Medical Equipment, watering your household plants and it taste great!”

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“I ordered the Strawberry Banana Protein smoothie, and it's really yummy, though they will ask what type of protein you want in the shake. There's two types. Sorry, I can't remember the other one, but I got the wheat protein.I also got the Kirby Berry Dream Skoop, limited time only, and it's more like a sherbet than an ice cream in a cup. It has strawberry and banana in it. It's super yummy, too. Hope this review helps everyone! Cheers for July 2023!”

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“I was treated very wonderful by Stephanie I've gone many times and have always been given attitude by others but I've got here twice and she's got such a beautiful and welcoming personality, she gives 5 star service ! The ice cream here is delicious! The owners are also very welcoming people :))”

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“I love this little shop, the ice cream is delicious. We got the hand packed quart and it was definitely worth the money, the scoops were huge and the flavors went together nicely. We got black cherry, butter pecan, bubblegum, sherbet, and cookies & cream.”

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“Oh-my-goodness we are stuffed!! The food was fantastic, those burgers were ooo-weee !! Somehow, we found room for some shakes. Unfortunately ran out of storage room on phone for further delishish food. I mean that steam from the box from the boss hog burger! Ohhh and that Moscow Mule was kicking!”

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“We are from out of state and the service was great, the owner was very generous and we love talking to her. And we really liked that they had a display for free bibles, also religious references were posted and Christian music was played. How nice it would be if many stores did this. I pray that God's blessings be with you.”

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“I am generous giving this a 4 star because their yogurt selection gets smaller each time I come ... They have more machines out of order or for whatever reason (perhaps not enough customers???) they do not want to keep them operable. I hope they stay in business .. their cake batter yogurt is excellent and they have a large selection of toppings, and their staff is consistently helpful and friendly. However, two of the last four times I went there at night in the last three months their sign was off! Each time I wondered if they were closed. Last week there were no cars in front, sign was dark, and I could barely see inside ... nevertheless ... I parked and checked it out and, thankfully, they were open and I got the cake batter yogurt I wanted. While I was there two other sets of customers walked in ... I wondered how busy they would be if they had their sign lit. Makes no sense that they allow potential customers to think they are closed by not simply lighting their store-front sign.”

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“I work for a local food distributor and we order their pastries by the truck load! The baklava is second to none! Always fresh and always tasty! If you love baklava, you have to stop in and have some! If you’ve never had baklava, what are you doing with your life? Stop in today!”

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“I've visited a few times now and am always happy with my selections. Staff is always friendly and inviting. I've never stepped in to an empty space. This place constantly has customers and a lot of places to sit. I love that there's live plants sitting all around the shop.I really enjoyed the Elote Entero and the VIP. The elote is soft, juicy, and flavorful. Cooked perfectly every time. They truly care about their corn and are not shy to show off pictures of it before it's cooked. They have the best white corn hookup. The VIP is a mango sorbet with Tajín and chamoy, perfectly layered. It's so flavorful and refreshing! I'll definitely be going here often!”

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“First time here came because of all the reviews....while it was good, I didn't find it to be great sad to say. They come up with cutsy names for their concoctions but I wasn't overly impressed with some and I sampled many. To me it's just a typical ice cream shop. I tried the highly talked about Thai mango and sticky rice ice cream and it was good but did not knock me off my seat good. My husband got a mixture of a chocolate (can't remember the name) and the strawberry quick, he liked it but said the chocolate ended up being so rich. The inside surprised you, if you go beyond the counter area in back there is a cute seating area with games to play and just a cool vibe, dark but cool. I rate it a 4 out of 5.”

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“Tried this place for the first time today, the ladies working were so upbeat & friendly. I got the mango favor shaved ice and my bf got strawberry both with a scoop of house made ice cream & they were both SOO delicious (mango was my favorite though). I’ll definitely be back to try the other flavors, highly recommended trying this place out the shaved ice texture is so fluffy overall great treat in this summer heat.”

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“MiFamilia Aqua is so much fun...Grabbed some Thrifty Ice-cream in Cups with our water refills. Always great visiting with the family and the customers... It was a blast as usual... we will see you soon... Got a new Water Dispenser with Hot and Cold...”

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“My daughters and I loved our desserts at Dairy Queen. The only reason that I don’t give five stars is that the dining room didn’t appear to be very large. I can’t say that with certainty because it is currently closed. We look forward to coming back to Dairy Queen!”

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“I've been going to this store for water for a long time. Super clean and the owner and all of his employees are great. The reward program really helps with the savings. Great selection of thrifty ice cream also. And when I'm going hunting they have 20# blocks of ice that last a long time. This is the best store for water and ice I have ever been to. If you haven't gotten your water here, you are missing out.”

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“I can honestly say I have never been to a snow cone place with more selection. If you just read the main menu, you will miss some of the options. They do let you make your own but I like the fun of trying something new each time. Hawaiian style with the ice cream on the bottom makes for the ultimate brain freeze.”

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“As a part of Indie Week (through Local First Arizona), I read about CHILL Water + Ice Cream and wanted to give it a try. I drove through several neighborhoods to find the plaza of shops that included this hidden gem. The signs outside were very welcoming as was the inside area with a nice ambiance, great customer service, and tasty offerings.The shop is family owned and operated, very proud of their Sunnyslope community, and according to the Local First Arizona website, "convinced that ice cream is the key to happiness," which I certainly would agree with! You can fill up with water (which even has 24/hour access outside the shop), grab a shaved ice, or get some ice cream or a float or shake (plus so much more!). They have a seating area, and while the shop is run by a family, the staff seem to do a wonderful job making everyone feel likely family when they come in. As I came in, I heard a friendly banter between the staff there and the customer before me. I also received some friendly service and great recommendations. I ordered a chocolate cappuccino flavor which was delicious! They also have a seating area though I chose to take my ice cream to go. In fact, they have freezers of ice cream of all sorts to go.You can also order from CHILL Water + Ice Cream through Uber Eats, GrubHub, Seamless, and Postmates. They also have an active social media presence through Facebook (facebook.com/CHILL.phx), Instagram (instagram.com/chill.phx), and Twitter (twitter.com/chillphx). They are currently redoing their website (chillphx.com). As it's now the beyond hot weather in Arizona, I look forward to coming back to "chill" with some tasty treats again soon at CHILL Water + Ice Cream!”

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“Best water store ever! Me and my boyfriend were buying Frys water bottles for a long time and decided to give this store a chance and it’s the best tasting water you’ll ever have! Super clean and pure! Love this store and the owner is very nice!! You won’t regret it!”

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“I ordered Mangoton for only $7! I don't know how they could keep the price so low, as mine came with lots of fresh mangos slices and chunks as well as tamarind and some coated peanuts that were crunchy. This is like a Mangonada "Squared!" Delicious ?”

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“First time trying Rita's Italian Ice and we thought it was delicious! My kids loved their gelati. One got it with cotton candy and the other with pink lemonade and they both devoured them. I got the gelati with pina colada and it was fantastic! The place was clean and not too busy for a Saturday afternoon. The person that served us was nice and helped us immediately. We will definitely be back!”

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“Great frozen custard! A little pricey. Need more kid friendly sizes (unless I missed something on their menu). Since this is "ice cream" in Phoenix, in the summer, it would be nice to be able to sit inside. However, they did turn the misters on for us and that was nice.”

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“Raspados are really good! Authentic ones are hard to come by these days. This is the place to get real authentic Mexican comida chatarra. Ever since I had the mazapan shake I constantly crave it but now I live farther from this place so I miss it. Young lady is always very kind and friendly! Never disappointed with service or quality of food.”

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“My cousin and I went to get ice cream. She had the strawberry and I had the Oreo fudge brownie. Sooo good. And best part, it's made fresh everyday. The person working made it himself and you could tell the pride he felt discussing his ice cream. Heads up: this is inside the pizza place in the shopping center. Tricky and we almost didn't find it.”

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“Wanted to pick up some sweet treats for a last minute birthday celebration and this place came in clutch. We ordered 2 party boxes when we entered and had to wait a bit of time before they were ready. I did notice some of the cookies were under done and fell apart. Not sure if they were supposed to be that way. They were tasty though. I wish they sold birthday candles/accessories. It would have made it easier.”

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“Certainly,⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I had an absolutely delightful experience at Snow Time! From the moment I walked in, I could feel the joy and anticipation of enjoying a sweet treat. I opted for a strawberry waffle cone and a sundae, and they exceeded my expectations.The strawberry waffle cone was a work of art. It was fresh, crispy, and had a lovely strawberry flavor that was both refreshing and indulgent. The perfect combination of textures and flavors made each bite a pure delight.Now, let's talk about the sundae. It was a masterpiece! The ice cream was incredibly creamy, and the toppings were generously piled on. Whether it was the hot fudge, whipped cream, or the cherry on top, every component was a burst of flavor. It was pure bliss in every spoonful.The staff was friendly and provided excellent service, making the whole experience even more enjoyable. The cleanliness and atmosphere of Snow Time added to the overall positive impression.I can't wait to return and try more of their delectable treats. If you're looking for a place to satisfy your sweet tooth, Snow Time is the place to be. Five stars without a doubt!”

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“This is what I expect out of a frozen yogurt shop. Lots of flavors, help yourself to yogurt & toppings. The cashier was helpful & friendly; she helped us with samples. Bummed they did not offer hot fudge. Had everything else I would expect. Also- seasonal oatmeal cookie flavor was very good and unique! During our visit an employee was underway with an interview in the customer seating. It was awkward to hear the interview, the way he was speaking to the prospective employee was off-putting, and it made us feel like we were not welcome to stay.”

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“I thought place would have more stuff to choose from, but overall it was cool. (No photos allowed of inside) Tons of ice cream to choose from (only boxes) not single serving (only some single serve items available), staff didn't engage enough to say how they were personally. Place was clean, busy and inexpensive.”

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“Love going to this place! They have several flavors and toppings to choose from. Highly recommend you using the topping "thug life" Because why not lol Their cleanliness is top tier and the employees are super helpful. Be careful because they charge BY WEIGHT of your final creation....but YOLO lol”

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“(Translated by Google) Very good service, good prices but the volume of the television was very high. Very difficult to have conversations with the family.(Original)Muy Bien servicio, Buenos precios pero El volumen del televisor estaba muy alto. Muy dificil poder tener conversaciones con la familia.”

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“Discovered this place not long ago and can I say I happy we did ? everything is super good but let tell ya the Frosted Animal Cracker ice cream with bits of cookie is uuuuuuweee so delicious!!!! Raspados are also very good and they alot of Mexican candy on counter which is a plus. Definitely returning!! Customer service is great too, muchas gracias ?”

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“(Translated by Google) Super friendly girls. The ice creams, the snows and everything in general is very rich and fresh. My favorites are strawberries with cream and mangonadas. All delicious and with a lot of variety! The place is clean and with good weather. I was also able to take a picture of my baby in a nice space that they have in the store. I recommend it ☺️??.(Original)Las muchachas súper amables. Los helados, las nieves y todo en general está muy rico y fresco. Mis favoritas las fresas con crema y las mangonadas. Todo delicioso y con mucha variedad!. El lugar limpio y con buen clima. También pude tomarle foto a mi nena en un espacio lindo que tienen en la tienda. Lo recomiendo ☺️??.”

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“Came during a busy moment when the card machines were down, was impressed to see the employees working extremely hard to take orders, serve customers, and keep everyone happy, even as hectic as it was for them at the time. One of the male employees (probably a manager) absolutely amazed me by taking my order while also having to handle the fryers, help other customers, and assemble orders. He went out of his way to check on me several times while I was waiting, even including several free ice creams with my order, helping me get my food to the car when my hands were super full, and treating me with a level of kindness that you would never expect from fast food places. I will absolutely be returning!”

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“Friendly service, a beautiful atmosphere with retro Phoenix vibes, delicious popsicles.Tried the PB&J, which has bread in it. It was a little strange, but tasted just like an Uncrustable. Husband had the Cherry Cheesecake. Next time I’ll get the Forks Up (dole whip & raspberry).A small indoor seating area, but the outdoor seating is cool and intimate.”

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“Oh My Goodness! Such great gelato! They have gluten free flavors and so much variety! Tastes like a dream-so smooth and flavorful! Thank you Joshua for your donation to New.Vision Center and for the support of our LGBTQIA Community for our event tonight!!!! We are Grateful for your Grateful Spoon Gelato!!!”

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“This place is super cute! Interior is great. There’s Wi-Fi and lots of outlets. It’s not too busy during the week. I had a green tea cheese foam with 25% sugar and a mango mochi. They also let us order a couple of scoops of ice cream on the side. The drink was great! The cheese had a little salt and it didn’t leave a layer film that cheese foam sometimes does. The mochi was amazing! Super fresh and soft. Matcha ice cream hit the spot.”

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“My recent visit to Pop 'N Tea Bar was a flavorful adventure. Their bubble tea selection is extensive and delicious, with unique toppings and customizable options. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff made the experience even better. A perfect spot to satisfy your bubble tea cravings. Can't wait to return!”

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“This place is so yummy !!! I love their fresa con crema and that is hard to find ,not all places have good crema for the fresas. Everytime I go ,is usually in the afternoon for a pick me up snack at work . Everyone gets their chamoyada ,tostitos and raspados .Its a cute small place . The owner is very humble and funny .”

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